Hodgdon Announces New Upgraded Hodgdon Load Data Center

hodgdon load data
Hodgdon Upgraded Reloading Data Resource
Hodgdon Powder
Hodgdon Powder

Shawnee Mission KS, –-(Ammoland.com)-  Hodgdon has upgraded the performance and look of its free on-line reloading data resource.

Already the most comprehensive on-line searchable and sort-able listing of reloading data available, this easier to use upgrade now puts the Reloading data Center (RDC) at your fingertips on your smart-phone or tablet.  In addition to reload data, the new RDC will be your source for reloading tips, tricks, and how to information.

“It has been seven years since Hodgdon revolutionized reload data availability with the Reloading Data Center” said Chris Hodgdon.  “This upgrade makes it easy to look up data on your cell phone, which is very handy on the range or sitting at your reloading bench.”

Chris also explained that the RDC will soon be your source for learning about reloading as well as finding data – a complete reloading source.

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Go to hodgdon.com and click on the Reloading Data Center link to see the new RDC.

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  • 55 thoughts on “Hodgdon Announces New Upgraded Hodgdon Load Data Center

    1. Need load information for 35 Whelen 180-250 grain bullet with Super performance powder to equal the superperformance Hornady ammunition withe 200 grain bullets

    2. I have superformance powder loading for 270 win.
      I would like to use superformance in my 22 inch barrel 308 win with 150-165gr bullets.
      could you provide data please?

    3. Looking for load data for Hornady 178 gr ELDX, to match Hornady Super Performace Ammo. Hunting deer in North West Texas. Shooting Remington Model 700, 24″ barrell

    4. I’m not finding any data for Barnes Tipped 180 grain bullets in .300 win mag using H1000 poweder they have a min/max charge for the 200 grain bullet but nothing for H1000 and a 180. Is this data available somewhere ? Not in the Barnes manuals either. Just bought 5 lbs of H1000 and don’t have a starting point to load it. Using Remington cases, 9 1/2 M primers. Everything the same as the Hodgdon tests with their powders except no data for the bullet weight I shoot.

    5. How come when I select 12 gauge Remington 2 3/4″ Nitro, What I get is 1 1/4 and 1 3/8 Bismuth
      I want trap loads and cannot find them.

    6. I have I Remington Sendero stw. If like to reload 139 grain hornady gmx. What would the best powder be for high velocity and accuracy.?

    7. Is there any manuals, or information on loading for the encore rifle? I know it is different than regular bolt action rifles, and especially if you are using MGM barrels, but none of the manuals cover this loading information. Thank you for your attention on this. Rod Disbrow

    8. Can someone give me the loading data with the Hornady superperformance powder with 70 grns of hpbt bullet and 100 grns of sp bullets. Thanks. Merwan

    9. I have 400 rounds of 30-06 180 grain loads manufactured by Alpine in Colorado in the ’70s. The powder seems to resemble Hodgdon Superperformance. The loads I pulled averaged out to 59.7 grains of spherical powder. Can you verify the powder used is Superperformance? Research indicates that Bruce Hodgdon worked with Alpine to develop their loads.
      Clarence Eck

    10. I’d like to use CFE 223 in a .358 win, using the Hornady 200g Sp. interlock bullet, CCI large rifle peimer, and Hornady brass.. thank you for your attention, Paul

    11. I have a mec sizemaster reloader, I am going to reload some 20 Guage 2 3/4 AA winchester shells for 8 shot 1 oz. My charge bar is a 302/100. I have a number 24 bushing. Does anyone have any recipes for this set up? Thanks

    12. I would like to have load for my 7.62×25 pistol . Using Hodgdon CFE Pistol powder for 85 gr .cast bullets, and 90 gr hornady HP Thank you

    13. I have a lot of ammunition .30-06 springfield 180 grains, SSt bullet, Superformance. Can I change the SST bullet for the INTERBOND bullet, 180 grains, with de same powder charge?

    14. I have a number of rifle calibers. Would you please give me reloading info on your superperformance powder. I have some and it just sets on a shelf with no available information.

    15. need load data for 130 grain barnes tsx bt 300 blackout (.308) and 130 grain ttsx bt 300 blackout (.308)

    16. Why is there not any load data for Superformance powder in .223, .22-250 and .243 with .53gr, 55gr, and 58gr Hornady BT bullets?
      They are sold loaded on the shelf at the local sporting goods store in the above mentioned calibers and bullet weights in Superformance.
      Is the Superformance powder sold at the retailer different than what the factory Superformance loads are loaded with?

      1. Has anyone got ANY load data on .223 hornady 55g FMJ BT using Superformance powder?
        Is this a forbidden area for Hodgdon/Hornady or what? Why the silence about it?

    17. Need data for 7x .223. Case formed .223 remington necked up to 7mm and fire formed. Same case capacity as 300 blackout. 120, 139 & 150 grn. Bullets.


    18. Why cant I find Hodgdon clays on the shelf at the sporting good stores anymore? A few years ago I could always buy a jar of it. Now I cant even find it to use for my reloads for my 45 long colt cowboy guns.

      1. 47.5 gr Superformance, 95 gr projectile (doesnt seem to matter what brand) out of a 20″ Tikka barrel. cloverleaf at 100yards. No pressure signs etc. Great on deer!

    19. Harry SP Will not work with the 358 Win. LVR Will I have used it with the 7-08 but only with 100Gr bullets I have used 50 Gr SP and can probably go hotter

    20. Need superformance loads for .22/250, 7mm-08, .243, 6.5 creedmoor,25-06, .358 win. Most of all the 6.5 creedmoor, come on hodgdon, it’s your powder and hornady’s round.

      1. I need superformance loads for 308 win 168 gr. A-MAX bullets, 308 cal 208 gr A-MAX bullets and 30 cal .308 Barnes 200 GRLRX BT/Barnes TSX 30 cal 168gr bthp.

        1. I shoot a 308 win. 168 gr CT bullet (win. silvertip). I’m looking for more velocity with good accuracy. ( 1 MOA).Will your superformance reloading powder be good or not. Thank you.

        1. I am having a custom rifle made. It will be a .257 weatherby magnum necked up to 6.5. Decision has not been madeas to bullet. Either 127gr or 120gr tsx type bullet .Would this be feassible? Want to load wwith superformance. 24.5″ barrel
          Need abas starting place to work up most accurate load. Would you help pleae?

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