NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney Tweets ‘He Will Never Support Concealed Carry’

By Fredy Riehl

NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney Tweets 'He Will Never Support Concealed Carry'
NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney Tweets ‘He Will Never Support Concealed Carry'
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Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- In an ongoing twitter tweet battle between the New Jersey State Senate President, Steve Sweeney and members / supporters of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society over New Jersey's unconstitutional and archaic gun laws, the Democratic Senate President stated “I will never support carrying a concealed weapon”.

This statement cuts right to the heart of the problems with New Jersey's existing concealed carry law.

As some would claim, NJ has a law on the books allowing Concealed Carry, but the facts are that it is conditioned on something called “Justifiable Need”  an impossible standard that concealed carry applicants must meet when applying for their “permit to posses”.  And for this reason NJ judges rarely approve concealed carry documents, and if they do they only go to those that are well connected to politicians in the state.

Sweeney's statement demonstrates the complete lack of support for correcting this ill conceived and unconstitutional law as well as complete lack of understanding of the recent SCOTUS court rulings supporting the right to keep and bear arms outside the home.

As @Tony_Rock01 points out “don't worry mr president u don't have to support Nj will be dragged kicking & screaming by SCOTUS!!”

Much to the Senate Presidents dismay this looks to be true as there are several cases winding their way through the courts that seem poised to force our elected representatives to sort out this legal swamp of gun laws that is New Jersey.

Lawyer Evan Nappen has an interesting case going before the New Jersey Supreme Court that takes on the unobtainium that is “Justifiable Need” and the court documents for this case are well worth the read. http://tiny.cc/p8g8ax

Just a short excerpt sums up the problem well:

The United States Constitution does not contain a Bill of Needs. It contains a Bill of Rights. No “need,” justifiable or otherwise, should ever be required for an individual to exercise the rights guaranteed by that document.

The average private [NJ] citizen who wishes to possess a handgun in his or her home, whether for protection, target practice, hunting, collecting or any other legitimate purpose, can not meet such an absurdly burdensome need requirement. It is a defacto ban.

The justifiable need a requirement has to be struck as unconstitutional, and average citizens must to be granted  permits to possess.  Otherwise, New Jersey’s handgun possession law, N.J.S. 2C:39-5b, is itself unconstitutional because it converts a right into an exemption.  Rights may have exemptions, but rights themselves must not merely be exemptions.

Thank you Mr. Sweeney for making clear where you stand on our Second Amendment rights, I am sure you will throw up another wall of legislative BS when the courts force you and your cronies in Trenton to recognize a god given right.

  • 11 thoughts on “NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney Tweets ‘He Will Never Support Concealed Carry’


    2. Only way this nut and NJ learns is to “keep them in Court”. People that are crime victims in NJ should begin sueing the State for making victims of them. Just as the Attorney at Short Hills Mall that was executed in front of his wife.

    3. You guys need to get RID of Sweeney.

      Then, perhaps you also need to can your Do-Nothing leader,
      Frank Fiamingo. What was his last advice, go tell Mall Owners
      that you will not shop there if they don’t allow concealed carry?
      HINT: Frank, its the state that disallows it, not the mall owner.
      Once you get concealed carry, the money follows. Unless the
      mall owner doesn’t want ALL of our business, he will rethink
      the policy. But while our participating numbers are as relatively
      small as they are now, its no mystery why the owners are hesitant.

      Don’t put the cart before the horse. Capisce?

      1. Im a decorated marine, law abiding and can carry in 33 states in the us. I live between two of the most crime ridden cities. Newark nj and paterson nj.

        All the thugs carry but ill go to jail in nj if I carry to protect myself. Make any sense mr Christie?

        Ill answer for you. No. It makes no sense whatsoever.
        Good luck getting nj votes again. Enjoy the State police protection you get.

    4. Sweeney has been arrogantly mocking NJ2AS Members all day long & this was just the icing on the cake. We sent him links to 6 different studies that all prove that more guns = less crime and Concealed Carry lowers crime every place it’s exercised. We can only assume he either completely ignored these FBI/CDC/Harvard/Quinnipac/CRS/Leiden studies or he couldn’t understand all those big words. Either way, it’s time for NJ to join the rest of this great country and be able to both KEEP and BEAR arms.

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