FoodSaver GameSaver Silver Vacuum Sealer Review

FoodSaver GameSaver’s Silver
FoodSaver GameSaver’s Silver
Glen Wunderlich
Glen Wunderlich

Lansing, Michigan – -(  Any outdoorsman, who’s ever bagged any game or landed a fish, understands the time, effort and expense of getting it to the table.  There’s travel, all manner of expensive gear, manual labor, packaging, freezing, and finally cooking.  If done properly, the reward is summed up in one word:  taste.

Nothing is worse than to have spent hard-earned cash and put in all the effort, only to have wasted meat or fish, because it hadn’t been taken care of properly.  Please don’t ask me how I know this, but I’ll let you know how to avoid it:  vacuum sealing.

My first vacuum sealer got little use, because it was too small and cumbersome to operate.  I've since given it away and upgraded to a FoodSaver GameSaver Silver appliance, which has been designed with the sportsman in mind.  It has a rugged build with integrated carrying handle and large, rubberized buttons. This new design has intelligent sealing control, and includes a bonus 15-foot 12V power cord, extra-large drip tray and built-in storage compartment.  It’s well thought out and easy to operate.

The first thing I noticed is how the entire unit is self-contained, including the bag roll, which remains inside the unit.  The power cord stores neatly in a recess and the lid locks shut for transport.  Plus, the 12-volt cord included makes it useful when you are on a remote adventure away from the power grid.

If you’ve ever had fish in the cooler with anything else, you know what happens;  everything tastes like fish.  Imagine packaging your catch on the spot with bags many times stronger than typical zipper bags and then storing them without stinking up the contents of the cooler.  And, speaking of being on the water, what a great way to keep clothes, cameras, or phones dry when on the water – or, worse yet, when in the water.

As you may know, I handload ammunition.  Storing powder and primers and even loaded ammunition is now done with the FoodSaver.  The suction on this machine is so powerful that I’ve collapsed cardboard packages to the point of deformation.  But, by watching the vacuum process carefully, and then pressing the sealing button manually instead of letting the machine take it too far on the automatic setting, it works fine.

Like similar units on the market, it won’t seal properly when liquid is sucked to the sealing point.  FoodSaver makes some special bags for this purpose, but they are costly.  As an alternative, just place a paper towel near the sealing line to capture the juices.

The FoodSaver GameSaver Silver also has an automatic shut-down mode, when it becomes over-used and takes some time to cool down to the point it can be used again.  A bit frustrating, but understand this is not a commercial unit costing thousands of dollars like professionals use, but for $200 or less, it will pay for itself in short order.

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