Gun Banning California Democrat Senator Busted Selling Illegal Guns To FBI Agent

Leland Yee
Gun Banning California Senator Busted Selling Illegal Guns To FBI Agent
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Southern California –-(  Democrat State Senator Leland Yee was arrested for firearms import violations, wire fraud and political corruption.

That is the tip of the iceberg in this FBI probe into gun running. Yee and former school board president Keith Jackson were the go-between between the undercover FBI agents and the gangster Raymond Chow. Keith Jackson and his son, Brandon Jackson, sold bullet proof vests, and guns, and offered stolen credit cards, cocaine and murder for hire.

State Senator Yee, San Francisco, was against civilian firearms before he was for them. He claimed that California citizens would be safer once rifles dating back a hundred years were outlawed and citizens were disarmed. Yee authored bills like SB 47, SB 108 and SB249 to regulate and eliminate magazine fed firearms in California.. except the guns Yee sold to undercover FBI agents, of course. Yee sought publicity for his anti gun stance.

Yee tweeted-

Leland Yee @LelandYee
Thank you @KamalaHarris for supporting #SB249. Together we will strengthen #CA assault weapon law & help protect public

Leland Yee Anti Gun Tweets
Leland Yee’s Anti Gun Tweets

Senator Yee often used the used car salesman’s trick of selling appearance rather than performance. To the public, Yee sold the flat black of a plastic rifle as being “a military style weapon”. Yee knew better. To the FBI buyer, Senator Yee was precise when he asked and guaranteed delivery of fully automatic weapons along with shoulder fired missiles.

Yee sold public safety to the public media while seeking to privately profit from public violence. Stated simply, Yee sought to disarm ordinary citizens while he funneled guns to criminals.

Senator Yee is not the first corrupt politician to profit from gun regulation. In fact, this scam dates back to the corrupt New York legislator Tim Sullivan in the early 1900s and continues with the Obama Administration’s Operation Fast and Furious in 2006. Yee’s activities were part of a long term plan for imbedded political corruption that rivals the famously corrupt organizations in Chicago and New York.

Senator Yee was termed out of office and was running for Secretary of State. The FBI agent told Yee that the agent’s family in New Jersey wanted to support Yee’s bid for Secretary of State, to which Yee responded, “I can be of help to you for 10 months or I can be of help to you for eight years. I think eight years is a lot better than 10 months.” Yee issued a prophetic press release when he started his run for Secretary of State. Yee said he will “expand access to the ballot box.” We didn’t know Senator Yee meant illegal gun money would displace the votes of California citizens.

Senator Yee is to blame for these criminal actions, and so are others. Yee’s San Francisco district is deeply in debt. Gun control has failed over and over. Despite those facts, the news media will continue to champion big government and gun control. Corrupt politicians will continue to play the willing media like a musical instrument and tell them what they want to hear.

California citizens are guilty too. Too many California voters will continue to support corrupt Democrat politicians who make expensive promises using other people’s money. That is particularly true of Senator Yee’s district of San Francisco. California voters will soon forget that some of that political money is from criminals.

Yee is the third Democrat California legislator indicted in the last 18 months.


About Rob Morse:
By day, Rob Morse works in Southern California as a mild mannered engineer for a defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Gun Rights Magazine, and writes the SlowFacts blog. . He also loves the M1911 and shoots combat handgun on the weekends.

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He needs to to go to Jail like Everybody else, Shame, shame, Shame and u hold a Public Office!!!! SMFH


If a man talks out of both sides of his face, should he not be punished twice? once for each face.


HA HA!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!


I hope none of suprises anyone, Politicians have doing the, “do as I say not as I do” thing for ever! If the good citizens of california want Yee to get real punishment then we shouldn’t become complacent! Keep this case out there and talked about!

Capn Jack

There must be a shortage of rope in Komifornia.


If you don’t think there is systemic corruption, watch what the honorable senator draws for a sentence. God Bless America. Another country would have him shot. Today the California Senate is voting on kicking his sorry ass out.


This CRIMINAL Democrat anti-Constitution anti-Second Amendment Chinese mainland born jackal was also preparing to run for Secretary of State in California. That position controls and manages elections in that state, just think about that for a minute. Yee sponsored or advanced more anti-Second Amendment and hunting laws in that state than any other senator. Just another totally criminal liberal caught (finally). Also, have you noticed NONE of CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC talked of this–and it is big news. It is about time we showed their total compliance with liberals, socialists and worse unless it suits them somehow and took them… Read more »

D. Murphy

Democrats, do as we say, not as we do. Hope this goes all the way to Holder and Obama!!


When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns and you better believe there will be plenty of corrupt criminals like Leland Yee in high positions trafficking guns into many countries. In many countries such as Mexico armed gangs will call you and demand you pay them or they will kidnap or kill you. The people are defenseless and have to pay. In America however its criminals who need to fear the Armed citizenry. God Bless our country and our Constitution. I hope Leland Yee rotts in prison. As a law abiding gun owner theres nothing I despise more than… Read more »


All the liberal media are in a frenzy to keep this out of the spotlight! Most of us in Kommiefornia know that this guy is one of the primary players in the assault against law abiding gun owners, the 2nd Amendment, and the US Constitution. Yes sometimes there is a silver lining, but our struggle is far from over.


I don’t think this is what she had in mind when Nancy Pelosi made some kind of a comment about draining or cleaning up the “swamp”. LOL