Ivory Ban Update Coalition Letter Sent to Fish and Wildlife Service & Congress

Knife Rights Leading Knife Community Coalition Letter Effort.

Antique Civil War Era Unwin & Rodgers Sheffield Ivory Handle Clip Point Bowie Knife
Banned By Executive Order: Antique Civil War Era Unwin & Rodgers Sheffield Ivory Handle Clip Point Bowie Knife

Gilbert, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- A coalition letter opposing the Ivory Ban has been sent to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Daniel Ashe from 31 organizations representing a wide variety of impacted communities opposed to the ivory ban.

(Editors Note: Ban Effects firearms with Ivory parts as well.)

As one of the founders of the coalition, Knife Rights was honored to be joined on the letter by the Custom Knife Collectors Association, the National Knife Collectors Association, the Professional Knifemakers Association and The Knifemakers’ Guild, as well as the industry’s American Knife & Tool Institute.

You can read this letter here: www.kniferights.org/Ivory_Coalition_Letter_4.4.14.pdf

The purpose of this letter was to put the Administration, the Fish and Wildlife Service and the House Appropriations Committee, as well as Members of Congress, on notice that this ivory ban will adversely affect a large number of Americans.

These organizations stand ready to work with this Administration to combat poaching and the illegal ivory trade in a manner that does not unnecessarily infringe on American citizens’ rights and investments.

Call or Write Today: Please contact your Representative and Senators and let them know you oppose the Administration’s new total ban on commercial sale and trade of pre-ban ivory that unfairly impacts millions of law-abiding Americans and which they have not shown will have any positive effect on poaching or the trade in illegal ivory. Click here for more information on the ivory ban and how it will adversely effect millions of U.S. ivory owners and likely make matters worse, not better, for the elephants it is supposed to save.

The next step in our strategy to oppose the Administration’s ivory ban is for each of the various impacted communities to present FWS with their own letter, which can be more specific. Knife Rights is leading this effort for the knife community and has drafted a knife-centric letter for the many knife organizations and companies to sign onto.

Time is not on our side. This endorsement MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN APRIL 14, 2014.

Knife Related Organizations that are interested in signing onto this letter opposing the Administrations’ ivory ban can find more information at:

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One hundred elephants are murdered everyday for their tusks. And, yes, this does matter for “antique” ivory because allowing selling of any ivory opens the door to illegal ivory. As we know, there is no good way to tell what is new and what is antique. That’s how the poachers get away with it. And that’s what is going to kill all the elephants. We must end all ivory trade.


Ivory is a bad investment as many learn the bloody, awful truth…elephants are slaughtered to get it and now they could be extinct if everything possible isn’t done to stem the trade.


I agree with MB. I’d rather see ivory on an elephant. That’s where it belongs. NOBODY needs ivory other than an elephant!


Would you rather see the wood ON A TREE?


Sure, that’s a nice knife….I like knives. I’d rather see the ivory ON THE ELEPHANT