Maryland: General Assembly Adjourns Sine Die – No New Anti Gun Legislation


Charlotte, NC –-(  The Maryland General Assembly adjourned its 2014 legislative session at midnight on Monday.

As state legislators leave Annapolis, Maryland gun owners can now rest easy knowing that no anti-gun legislation was passed this year.  Positive action was taken to include budget language that requires an examination of, and report on, Maryland’s ballistic fingerprinting program in an effort to eliminate entirely this ineffective and costly burden on firearms manufacturers and dealers.

In the coming months, the NRA will be working diligently to expand on Sunday Hunting legislation that would allow Maryland hunters to both teach and enjoy their sport more avidly.  With the number of hunters decreasing, Sunday Hunting would allow for future hunters to have more time in the field and enjoy the rich tradition of hunting in Maryland.

Having stalled this session, House Bill 890, sponsored by Delegate Anthony O’ Donnell (R-29C), sought to allow deer hunting on private property on specified Sundays.  This bill brought hunters in Maryland to blows with the Maryland Horse Council and non-hunting horse enthusiasts, who are now looking to introduce legislation in 2015 that would repeal all forms of Sunday Hunting.

Most importantly this year, NRA members and Second Amendment supporters must keep memories of the egregious and draconian “Firearm Safety Act of 2013,” alternatively known as SB 281, fresh in their minds as state elections approach.  Elections are decided by those who show up, and this November will be key in proving that Maryland citizens will not stand idly by while their rights are trampled in Annapolis.  It is vital that every freedom-loving Maryland citizen do as much as they can to ensure that anti-gun incumbents lose their seats, and are replaced with elected officials who respect your fundamental right to keep and bear arms.  Please get involved locally!

Your NRA-ILA will continue to keep you updated on Maryland activities and action throughout the year.

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