Survival Psychology: When Human Nature Goes to Hell

By Dury’s Gun Shop

Mark Dean Veca “When The Shit Hits The Fan”
“When The Shit Hits The Fan” by artist Mark Dean Veca
Dury’s Gun Shop
Dury’s Gun Shop

San Antonio, Texas – -( When prepping for worst-case scenarios, most survivalists focus on physical needs like food, medicine, and self-defense.

This makes sense, of course, but being fully prepared for a post-disaster world must also include dealing with the human element.

After all, it’s likely that homo sapiens will continue to be the dominant species on the planet, even if a global catastrophe occurs.

So you must give some thought to how you will get along with others after society’s collapse.  Thumbing your nose at the rest of humanity isn’t practical, unless you plan to store enough firepower to take on the rest of the planet – which is most likely not possible.

Dealing with others can be challenging enough when civilization is functioning.  It will be many times harder when it’s not, due to factors like these:

  • Lack of external controls – imagine what would happen in the United States if every law enforcement officer in the country went on strike for a week.  Whether you lived in Mayberry or Manhattan, you would see the level of violence in your area skyrocket.  What will happen when the forces that maintain law and order disappear entirely?
  • Fear – Humans usually behave fairly well so long, as they expect their days to be relatively predictable.  Imagine how this will change if they have no ATMs, IRAs, 911 service, hospitals, food markets, gas stations, etc.  In a world where life truly is a day-to-day affair, people will do anything to feel more secure.
  • Tension – How would people react if caffeine, tobacco, TV, air conditioning, pizza, soft drinks, sugar, music, and (God forbid) Wi-Fi disappeared overnight?  Now add hunger and cold to the picture—enough said.

With these facts in mind, here are some tip for how to win friends and influence people in a world with no rules:

  • Forget the “Rambo” strategy – If you’re not part of a bonded, coherent group, then you likely won’t last too long.  The time to form such a fellowship is now.  It’s unlikely you have enough blood relatives to form a team from family members alone, so you’ll need to reach out to others with similar values, goals, and backgrounds.
  • Understand what triggers human aggression – Humans act aggressively when they feel threatened or when they sense fear in others.  So when dealing with people, try to approach them as equals, not as a predator, and never, ever as prey.
  • Have something to offer – While all great religions teach altruism, in the real world people usually act from self-interest.  In order to get what you want from them, you must be able to offer something in return.  This doesn’t have to be anything tangible.  The ability to tell a good story or think creatively may impress others enough for them to see you as an asset.

True self-sufficiency is difficult, if not impossible, even in a world where you’re on your own.  Take some time to learn basic people skills now, before you really need them.

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Anything that gets people to look at a wider plan for preparation is good. Details are for you to decide. Durys is a good store, IMHO.


What would happen if cops went on strike for a week?

Armed civilian vigilantes would take out the garbage and when the cops came back to work we could afford to lay half of them off.


What he says is pretty good advice and will work–for about a week or two at the most, remember how quickly Katrina went downhill-4 days! You should have you own survival supplies, and plan and you neighborhood co-op which will work in the outlaying urban areas; in the big cities an apartments, it will go to hell quickly because they do not have the resources space and are packed with people.