Anti-Gun Liberals Exploit Another Tragedy Pushing Anti-Gun Agenda

Mental Gun Health
Mental Gun Health

BELLEVUE, WA – -( An awful, premeditated killing spree was carried out by 22 year old Elliot Rodger over Memorial Day weekend. Six innocent lives were taken and many others were injured.

Rodger, in therapy since age 8, had been developing this plan for more than a year. “I’ll take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you,” were some of Rodger’s last words from a YouTube post the night before his rampage.

Democrats, including Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), were calling for new federal gun control legislation before the weekend was even over:

“I hope…this unimaginable, unspeakable tragedy, will provide an impetus to bring back measures that would keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.”

We must fax every U.S Senator demanding they ignore the call for new federal anti-gun legislation. This shooting was clearly a mental health issue, not a gun control issue.

California, where the shooting took place, has some of the most strict gun control laws in the entire country. The firearms, ammunition, and magazines found in the crazed killer’s possession were all purchased legally in California. California’s gun control laws include a 10 round magazine capacity limit, strict universal background check, and also has banned certain semi-automatic firearms.

California received an ‘A’ rating from the anti-gun giant, the Brady Campaign. According to the Brady Campaign, California is top 5 in our Country when it comes to strict gun control laws.

The point is, this shooting took place in a state with some of the most strict gun control laws in the Country. Unlike most mass shootings, all of the shooter’s firearms, ammunition, and magazines were purchased legally.

No additional anti-gun legislation, City, State, or Federal, would have prevented this mass shooting.

This demented young man had been seeing therapists and taking medication off and on since he was 8 years old, sometimes 5 times per week. His parents, concerned about his mental health, contacted mental health authorities months before the sadistic plan was carried out. Police visited Rodger at his apartment and cleared him of being a threat to himself or others.

The problem lies within our mental health protocol. All killers responsible for mass shootings have one thing in common. They are all severely mentally deranged; perhaps none worse than the latest shooter, Elliot Rodger. Before going on his killing spree, Rodger wrote a 100,000+ word manifesto he named, My Twisted World.

Throughout his manifesto he explained how he arrived at his conclusion to seek “retribution” on those who had offended him. The lack of wealth and affection from girls were the two overwhelming reasons Rodger thought his life was so terrible.

He talked about how, “I will sneak into their house at around 9:00 p.m. on the Day of Retribution, just before all the partying starts, and slaughter every single one of them.”

“I’ll take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you,

“silently killing as many people as I can around Isla Vista by luring them into my apartment through some form of trickery.”

“The day I will have my revenge against humanity.”

The most tragic aspect of this situation is that it could have been prevented. Someone with giant mental instability red flags like this should have been dealt with long before anyone had to die.

This is another example of the Democratic Party trying to exploit a tragedy to push their anti-gun agenda. We saw it from Aurora, Sandy Hook, Ft. Hood, and the list goes on. Before the families can start grieving the losses of the victims, liberals are campaigning for new anti-gun legislation that would have done nothing to prevent this killing spree.

If it were up to Obama, Feinstein, Hilary, Pelosi, Schumer, Holder, or anyone else in Obama’s corner, there would not be a firearm left in the United States. Patriots must come together and put pressure on Congress to protect our Second Amendment rights.

Sincerely yours,
Alan M. Gottlieb
Citizens For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms (CCRKBA)

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I’m convinced the 2nd Amendment debate is kept ‘in play’ by the United Nations and it’s international minions in order to destroy U.S. sovereignty and end civilian defense in America. Look what’s happened in countries where individuals are denied their right to self defense. Latest example, a whole school for girls was kidnapped en-masse and forced to convert to Islam or die. What’s being done?

pro gun American

The anti gun crap has gone on for to long. We will not give up our guns. We are Americans. The Anti Gunners just want control. If people whom hate guns well do not get one. A felon can not be able to get guns buy guns sale guns trade guns etc… I can understand that. But they are allowed to own another deadly weapon. That weapon is a car.Felons, Murders, Child Molesters, Drug addicts etc… can own a car. Think about it.


For a state that hates guns so, they love to glamorize them in Hollywood movies and TV shows. Oh, that is for their profit so that makes it okay!


First he is not a “gunman” to quote the socialist media. He killed three people first with a knife. He is a flat out murderer–that is the correct term for this guy. The socialist media will use this in their propaganda against the Second Amendment. It is no more complicated than that. Got to get the guns out of the hands of the citizenry first, then…


Listening to the gungrabbing liberal douche bags you would think that the Santa Barbara shooter went through zero b/g checks ! Assuming that this sick sob actually had 3 recently purchased handguns, he went through 3 b/g checks.The state of California screwed this one up,and they damn sure know it ! The only thing that will stop and shut up the gungrabbers is to ban possession of all firearms ! ,….Period ! And that of course will never happen !