Harry Reid Revives Call for Universal Gun Registration

Harry Reid
Harry Reid Revives Call for Universal Gun Registry
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- Like a vampire who can't stop sucking the blood of horrific tragedies, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid is once again pushing to suck political gain from the pain of others.

Speaking on the floor of the Senate in the wake of the shooting of three people in Las Vegas, Reid said that the “American people are depending” on the Senate to pass universal gun registry to, supposedly, keep guns out of the hands of people like the Las Vegas killers.

After the Troutdale, Oregon, shooting in a “safety-free school zone,” anti-gun Senator Joe Manchin called for reconsideration of his anti-gun legislation, and one particularly virulent gun-hating TV network took to attacking the Second Amendment every hour on the hour.

And this was before any information at all had come out with respect to the circumstances of the Oregon shooter — other than, of course, he had been egged on by a blood-soaked media intent on encouraging more murders in order to achieve their political objective of gun confiscation.

In Las Vegas, of course, Toomey-Manchin would have been irrelevant because, while the killer-husband was apparently a “prohibited person,” the wife apparently was not.

So, despite the theoretical bars imposed on her by the doctrine of “constructive possession,” as a practical matter, universal background checks and gun registration wouldn't have stopped her from purchasing an unlimited number of guns.

So, once again, we have a “solution” which would not have solved the supposed “problem,” but rather is nothing more than another effort to bleed two new media-induced tragedies for political gain.  In fact, what might have helped is if someone in the Las Vegas pizza restaurant, other than the targeted police, had been armed.

But we all know that safety is not Reid's real objective. Or Manchin's.  Rather, at a time when Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are trying to dry up credit for gun stores and thus eliminate them in large parts of the country, Reid's universal gun registry legislation (Manchin-Toomey) would make sure that you couldn't buy a gun if you didn't have access to a gun store.

Thus, if Obama and Holder succeed in shutting down every gun store within 200 miles of you — and Toomey-Manchin passes — the Second Amendment will be effectively dead to you.

One final point:  If there is anyone who needs a reason to defeat Reid supporters like Mark Begich (Alaska), Mary Landrieu (Louisiana), Mark Pryor (Arkansas), Kay Hagan (North Carolina), Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire), Mark Warner (Virginia), John Walsh (Montana), Mark Udall (Colorado), Jeff Merkley (Oregon), Al Franken (Minnesota), and Tom Udall (New Mexico), this is it.

ACTION:  Contact your Senators.  Ask them to oppose Harry Reid's new push for universal gun registration.

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    1. Republicans will make it a Republic again ! Get all that liberal trash out of office,and in jail, and try and convict the parasites for high treason agains’t the United States of America !

    2. It is now time to go to the southern boarder and start shooting any foriegn national trying to sneek across. Then go to DC and begin rounding up all of the traitors who swore and oath to protect and defend the Contitution and are trying to destroy it. I have long said that when the 2nd Amendment was threatened the 1st Amendment would soon be under attack.
      This half a cracker in the white house is bent on destroying America as the nation was founded. It’s time to put an end to it!!!

    3. If you watch and carefully listen to this nasty little man and have ever been around him when not on TV you will quickly see a very aggressive and evil side to him. Very much like Himmler–a dangerous Wiesel who has shown, he though his contacts, will sick the the federal government (BLM) on citizens so he and his son can work a soloar energy deal with the Communist Chinese.

    4. Unfortunately Chuck, I can only vote; I can’t vote them out by myself. I’ve got a compromise though, why don’t YOU shut up?

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