Target Says NO to Bloomberg Bullies #Winning

Target Says NO to Bloomberg Bullies
Target Says NO to Bloomberg Bullies
Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance
Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance

Minnesota –-( Today, Target Corporation stood up to Michael Bloomberg’s billionaire bullying and refused to ban guns at Target stores.

Trying to distance themselves from the political controversy, Target announced that, like Starbucks, they’ll “respectfully request that guests not bring firearms to Target.”

As a Target spokeswoman made clear to the Star Tribune, “It is not a ban,” she said. “There is no prohibition.”

We see this as the most realistic action that Target could take to stop the social media attacks from Bloomberg’s checkbook activists.

Target is saying, “Hey, we just want to sell soap. Don’t drag us into your political fight.”

Your calls, emails, Facebook posts and tweets made the difference. Thank you for stepping up!

About: We are the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, the organization behind CCRN (Concealed Carry Reform Now!). We are people from all walks of life who have banded together to preserve and protect all of our civil rights as gun owners. Visit:

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I think target should continue to be “punished” by us by our non-patronage of their establishments. Look, as soon as the wind begins to blow another direction they will be on board with the wind maker.


It is bad enough that I can’t legally carry in a variety of establishments such as banks… never mind that the ban actually makes those institutions more vulnerable.
If it is just a corporate directive, I ignore it. Remember the shooting in the Plitt Cinema in Aurora, Colorado? All it would have taken to stop that situation would have been one good guy with a gun. I ignore corporate crapola because it does not supersede state laws.


wonder if the guy in a recent photo at target with his AK-47 on his back is really pro gun and not an imposter who wanted to cause disturbance by
shopping at Target with that rifle on his back?


Just carry concealed while at the Target Store Craig. please respect their wishes while still taking advantage of your Rights. There will always be a group of scared rabbits in our society. If you still want to scare the rabbit sheeple. do it without a gun We are having enough problems with keeping our Rights as it is. Use the freedom of Speech to voice your opinion first and be sincere. This is still America and hopefully we can once again over come a very bad President and his socialism. opinions. Force will never prevail.

Craig Butelo

How can we let Target know that we appreciate there decision?

Jim M

I think the Open Carry Texas and other similar groups, especially the “long gun” carriers, are part of Bloomberg’s power gang. I think their demonstrations are meant to provoke anti-gun feeling. They are not exercising their rights; they are being fools….on purpose. Look at them! What a scruffy bunch.