Gun Fact’s Guy Smith Speaks on ‘Gun Culture’ with University of California ~ Video

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Calirfornia –-( Last May I was on a University of California public policy forum called “Gun Culture”.

I was joined by Adam Winkler of UCLA Law School, a representative from the Brady Campaign and a co-founder of the Liberal Gun Club.

The video has finally made it to me, and you can watch it below or on our site at

The interesting take-aways were:

  • The Santa Cruz college audiance was not rabidly anti-gun, much against their radical left reputation.
  • The Brady Campaign representative was not very good, showing that organization’s stretch marks.
  • My job was to give the audiance a lot of perspective … they got it.
  • This was very soon after the Santa Barbara masacre, so the topic and autiance was tense.


Yours in Liberty,
Guy Smith

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