John Lott Discussing The Increase In Gun Sales During November 2014

By John R Lott

NICS Background Checks Nov 2014
NICS Background Checks Nov 2014
Crime Prevention Research Center
Crime Prevention Research Center

Colorado –-( Gun sales on path for near record sales, Ferguson stories might be helping increase, but sales were already high for the year

The FBI NICS checks are on path for near record sales — probably hitting near 21 million this year. Black Friday sales set a one day record for background checks of 175,000.

The increase mirrors the rise in concealed carry permits.  Some point to the unrest in Ferguson, and surely people have seen the importance of individuals being able to defend themselves and their property in the St. Louis area.

One can only wish that the 32-year-old Bosnian who was clubbed to death by a group of hammer-wielding teenagers in St. Louis had a gun for self-defense — there seems little alternative to a gun when you are having to defend yourself against a group of men.

There were other dramatic stories of people using guns to defend themselves.

One particular dramatic and hopeful story involved a group of black men who used guns to defend a Conoco gas station and convenience store in Ferguson that is owned by a white man.

Black Gun Owners Protect White Owned Business During Ferguson Riots
Black Gun Owners Protect White Owned Business During Ferguson Riots

Whether one can point to sales in one month as being driven by what is happening in Ferguson seems questionable, as the above NICS checks numbers in the attached graph have been high all year.

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If your state has laws that allow you to carry a concealed weapon and you choose not to do so, it is no one’s fault but your own when something like this happens.


good for these guys .their parents must be very proud.