Its Time To Hold SWATTERS, & Those That Egg Them on Accountable


John Crawford III
John Crawford III killed at the hands of a swatting call for a toy gun he picked up off a Walmart shelf.
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

New Jersey –-( SWATTING : Swatting is the act of tricking an emergency service (via such means as hoaxing a 9-1-1 dispatcher) into dispatching an emergency response based on the false report of an ongoing critical incident.

An innocent, law-abiding, elderly black man who possessed a valid Florida CCW Permit suffered a variation of “swatting” a few days ago. Clarence Daniels, 57 was ambushed and thrown to the ground by Michael Foster, 43 in the vestibule of a Wal Mart. Foster told responding Deputies that he saw Daniels exit his vehicle in the parking lot and briefly spotted a holstered handgun on Daniels’ waist. Foster proceeded to stalk Daniels through the parking lot before attacking him, unprovoked in the Wal Mart entrance.

Recently released store surveillance video shows the incident in detail, including Foster laying on top of Daniels, “wrapping” up his legs and forcefully removing the previously secured and holstered handgun from Daniels, where it then proceeds to a game of “hot potato“, being recklessly handed off amongst several bystanders who were drawn by the altercation as Fosters screams “he’s got a gun”

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Dept, Foster made no effort to call 911 or contact store security before his unprovoked attack on Daniels.

The “swatting” of gun owners and carry permit holders is a deliberate tactic that has been egged on and encouraged by numerous followers of the various extreme Gun Control Groups like Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) , Everytown for Gun Control and Moms Demand Action. There are 100’s, if not 1000’s of readily available screen captures from the various groups Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of their supporters openly advocating this behavior and encouraging others to do the same.


It is almost a certainty that this “swatting” type of behavior, actively encouraged to be used as a tactic by Gun Control Group members, was the direct cause of the death of John Crawford III in a Beavercreek Ohio Walmart last August.

Crawford was shot to death by Beavercreek Police Officers for carrying a pellet rifle in the store that he had picked up off the shelf, possibly in order to purchase it.

Store security camera footage that was released showed Crawford holding the empty pellet rifle at his side, pointed at the floor, directly and irrefutably contradicting the claims of Ronald Ritchie, the person who called 911 and reported that Crawford had pointed the toy at two children and other shoppers.

There are plenty of other stories of law-abiding gun owners being intentionally “swatted” by people that hate guns. In the case of John Crawford III, this despicable tactic got an innocent man killed.

Given the documented propensity for Anti Gun zealots to encourage and cheer each other on in using such tactics, it is long past time that the Groups (for providing a forum for such discussions), as well as the posters themselves, be investigated and charged with conspiracy, accessories and whatever other criminal charges may apply when things like the murder of John Crawford III and the violent and unprovoked attack of Clarence Daniels takes place.

Failing to hold these people accountable for their false reports and efforts to use the Police as an instrument of revenge against those they do not agree with or like can only encourage more and more “swatting” in the future. Shannon Watts herself, Chief Prostitute of Propaganda for Moms Demand Action is actually upset at the fact that Michael Foster was arrested for his illegal ambush attack.

Shannon Watts Chief Prostitute upset
Shannon Watts Chief Prostitute upset

How many more innocent people must be falsely detained arrested, attacked, injured or killed for exercising their rights before those that engage in such despicable tactics are held accountable for their crimes?

I say not one more!

More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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Dean Weingarten

Swatting almost got a Police Chief killed on January 15th.


I live in the Beavercreek area. The video showed him with the pellet gunnels at different angles. If his purpose was to buy the gun, why didn’t he take the box with him as he carried it around the store. I am sure none of you saw the information presented to the grand jury. I know that many of you feel officers should not do anything until they are. Certain that it is a “real”weapon-which a pellet gun is. If the man in Walmart had complied and dropped the gun, he would still be alive and maybe the young mother… Read more »

Ben Swatted

It is not just anti-gunners who are making these false 911 reports. Cops do it to. My neighbor is a county cop and when he called the local city cops on me, he told them I carry a gun. They then approached with a very defensive stance. I never have carried a gun. But, when the cops who show up for his latest made up complaint (ongoing property line dispute), they hide behind the brick columns by my front door. I have 911 transcripts and lapel microphone recordings of his attempts to make me sound like a dangerous person. Try… Read more »


Call it what it is murder or attempted murder and those calling for this to happen conspiring to commit murder, until the punishment fits the crime, it will continue to happen!


Thats why I prefer to carry concealed and not open, to many nut cases out there for me. Some day someone will attack a carry person and get there ass blown off .


One might argue that these ‘swatters,’ or more appropriately ‘assailants,’ are taking their own lives in their hands by violently confronting law abidding citizens. An unknown assailant violently confronting a concealed carry license holder in a public venue is a dangerous situation. CSGV, MDA and other extreme gun control zealots are potentially positioning and directing their minions towards precarious and, quite possibly, life-threatening confrontations. Rather reckless behavior for groups who cannot accomplish their goals or objectives through legal means. One could also construe this behavior as an act of domestic terrorism – an attack on the Constitution of the United… Read more »

Jesse Scott

Imagine the uproar if that fool got himself shot tackling a lawful citizen carryin concealed.


If someone is killed or dies from related stress like the woman who had a heart attack there should be a murder charge for the person shot and manslaughter for the person who had the heart attack. Some states have common law crimes and when it comes to false calls to police such as the John Crawford case, it may as well have been Ronald Ritchie himself shooting John Crawford


J.D… SWATTING = A goal achieved by hacking where the hacker tricks 911 systems into deploying SWAT to an unsuspecting victim’s home under false pretenses. – Urban Dictionary .. It fits what is happening to Gun Owners who exerciser there right’s to carry concealed or openly!…….And it is illegal..

I don’t know why Law Enforcement doesn’t go after them more often! People need to start Suing Swatter’s…


If you are going to post an article get it right. Mr. Crawford was not swatted. He was not targeted by a left wing nut job to purposely get him arrested or killed for being a “Lawful” gun owner. He was reported for his behavior, and the citizen did not know it was an “Air Rifle”. It sure looks pretty real, I have seen someone in a store waving one around and had to do a double take to ascertain that it was not real, it is at times hard to tell. Better safe than sorry. Mr. Crawford got himself… Read more »


Sorry you feel that way Dave, The FACT is that the local DA is considering charges against Mr Ritchie IIRC and Mr Ritchie himself later recanted his initial statements in the 911 call. The FACT is that any non biased review of the tapes, compared to what Mr Ritchie claimed was happening in the 911 call, proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Richie grossly exaggerated if not flat out lied about Crawford’s actions that day. The FACT is that i am far from the only journalist who has examined the available evidence and concluded Crawford was ” swatted”. I have… Read more »


Uh, 57 is “elderly”?

Ray Ficara

Really? In Snowstorm Juno yesterday I at 57 walked a mile and change in 2′ of snow to get to work at the med school. We are considered “essential personnel” and not allowed a snow day. There were 4 others. Three of us are 55-60 and the two 20 somethings got there because the school arranged a lift. The rest of the delicate candy asses stayed home.


J.D. Parks

Stop calling it “SWATTING” or any other such nonsense. Call it exactly what it is: filing a false police report (a felony in many jurisdictions), and PRESS CHARGES. “If you see something, SAY something.”


I’m curious as to why nobody has taken that pudgy USMC reject Ritchie to task. It is clear that he “greatly embellished” his 911 call to Police & is full of crap. He caused the death of John Crawford III and the woman who had a heart attack.