Kansas 9 Year Old Punished by School for Single EMPTY Brass Shell

Chanute Elementary School Decision Lacks Common Sense.

Single Brass Ammo Case
Single Brass Ammo Case
Kansas State Rifle Association
Kansas State Rifle Association

Bonner Springs, KS –-(Ammoland.com)- The Kansas State Rifle Association is calling for a public apology to be issued to Camron Carlson and his Mother Deana Carlson.

Nine year old Camron Carlson was suspended from school for five days because one empty shell casing fell out of the boys coat pocket at school on December 3, 2014. He had been with his Mother the evening before sighting in a rifle for deer hunting, a common activity in Kansas.

“I have interviewed the Mother and find that the actions of the school are inappropriate at best. To suspend a 9 year old child for having an empty shell casing in his coat pocket sorely lacks any common sense.” said KSRA President Patricia Stoneking.

“It reminds me of the kid who chewed his pop tart into the shape of a gun being suspended from school. I think we have to draw the line and choose to be more careful about what we want to classify as zero tolerance violations.”

When Deana Carlson arrived at the school after being called by the principal she found her child in tears after an alleged interrogation by the principal before she arrived in which her son was told that this inert, empty, already fired piece of brass was dangerous.

That is absolutely inaccurate as an already used piece of brass is simply that, a piece of brass, which has no capability of causing any harm whatsoever.

Stoneking said, “Certainly children have no business bringing guns or live ammunition rounds to school but that is not what happened here. To persecute a child for a piece of spent brass and tell him he did something dangerous is ridiculous and totally lacks common sense.”

By all accounts it seems apparent to us that the school was more interested in attacking the philosophy this young man was being taught at home than the actual supposed offense of having a spent piece of brass in his possession at school.

We call upon school administrators in Kansas to recognize the difference between common sense rules and persecution of a belief system and to act accordingly in the future. This child made an innocent mistake by not emptying his coat pocket before going off to school and we see absolutely no reason for a suspension to have taken place over this. The school should make a public apology to Camron and his Mother for their lack of common sense in taking this action.

“The act of sighting in a deer rifle and hunting are perfectly lawful in Kansas and it is not a school administrators place to impress their personal feelings against it to a child.” Stoneking said.

The Kansas State Rifle Association has one purpose. To promote and strive for the improvement and protection of the firearms and sport shooting industry and protection of second amendment principals by encouraging and stimulating well-qualified individual citizens to run for public office and to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs. Visit: www.ksraweb.net

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TSgt B

“Somewhere, over the rainbow………………………………………………….”


Will the school administrators purge the library of all books that have images of firearms and ammunition?

Just about every history book has photos of weapons.


Give them a call and tell them to go to hell ! These son of a bitches deserve no polite or respect of no kind ! These are the are the same son of a bitches that want your guns and are trying to demonize firearms to the next generation of kids.


It may be a blessing that they can’t brainwash your child anymore..


If they kick your kids out, that may be a BLESSING. They can’t ruin his little mind no more. Home school em..


In Kansas of all places, who would have thunk it…

Les Williamson

God Help Us For Our Society is DOOMED.

Ted Taupier

Just because you claim to be an educator or you have been “Quote un Quote” a teacher does not mean you have intelligence or common sense. The fact that this student with HIS MOM were practicing safe gun sighting for deer hunting is a crime. Its time to close the school down the children are in danger. This school needs to be closed and a new school administration needs to be installed. Where are the civic leaders, why is this not a violation of civil rights. ? Liberal losers strike…yet another blow for the brainless Wonder Monkeys running the country… Read more »


It would seem that there are idiots in the Bonner Springs, KS school system that should be immediately replaced as directed by the Governor. I wouldn’t want my kid going to a school that not only couldn’t but worse, wouldn’t protect my kid from harm. Teaching stupidity to children, no matter what age, deserves a lot of public outcry. Maybe the Kansas State Rifle Assoc. should publish the e-mail and other social media addresses of these moronic school personnel so the public can contact them and demand their tax money stop being wasted. Too bad that Bonner Springs isn’t the… Read more »

Call Them Out

Give them a call . Be Polite. Superintendent James Hardy 620-432-2500.


Be polite to this trash ? Yeah,my polite to these son of a bitches is somewhere between the F*CK and YOU !

Carl Stevenson

These NAZIs in the government indoctrination centers need to be stopped NOW. As stated above, their goal is to bully and intimidate children into the belief that guns are evil and should be shunned in every way. Of course, the end game is complete disarmament, leaving is all vulnerable to criminals and, worse, government tyranny. The time has long since come to put a stop to this. The problem is that 90+% of people in the teaching profession are leftist sheeple who reject the idea of self-defense as “barbaric.” Until being trained and armed to protect their charges is part… Read more »


So now, rightfully, the mother can denigrate the authority of the school in front of the child and the child can rightfully view the school in it’s entirety with contempt and loathsome disdain.

Great job admns.


Just another “nudge” to move the football of normalcy a little closer to the goal of civilian disarmament. Teach the children to think of any object even remotely related to guns, no matter how benign, as terrible and dangerous and socially taboo. The intention is that someday, this will be the new normal, and then children will be ready for the next “nudge”. Push back, people.


It’s time for parents to grow some ‘brass balls’ and stand up to these so called ‘educators’.

The Rifleman

Public apology? Seriously!!? and how would doing that (disingenuous act) ever be sufficient enough to repay this young man and his mother for the trauma this young man experienced from the “interrogation” he was put through by the school principle, (an no doubt, several others as well) Horrifying acts like this can leave deep scars on a child that might never be erased. Public apology indeed!! I hope the Kansas State Rifle Association has attorneys that will represent this young man and his mother pro-bono and file a law suit on their behalf. This young man has already been publicly… Read more »


What will the schools do when the students arrive with ball-point pens that they ( the students ) made on a lathe, out of a .308 or .50 caliber shell casing? ( check out the Woodturners site ). Perhaps the students will be prohibited from writing anything?


That would be a good thing, no? Re-purposing an object of evil(spent casing) into something good and useful, a writing instrument.

My head hurts.

Dan Pagel

I was kicked out of school today for THINKING about cutting out a PopTart in the shape of an empty shell casing with a plastic knife. I didn’t actually do any of these things, but I mentioned that I was thinking about it and the thought wasn’t tolerated..

I’m sorry,


Well, that is one good excuse.
I would have said it was fired at my grand dad’s funeral, WW-2 Veteran. The stupid school wouldn’t know what caliber they use anyway.
Might have been able to shame the school, suspended kid over a bullet case from a Vet that fought in a war for our “FREEDOM!”


I used to use a piece of used brass for a whistle in grade school . Oh the fear a piece of brass. An unregulated item , nonfirearm by law , yet others want to push an anti gun agenda to this family. The school needs to just shut up and worry about the 6th grade and up smoking weed.


When this kid grows up I hope he has the ‘brass’ to stand up against these ‘Progressives’!


Time to home school. Reading , writing , and Reloading. Zero tolerance is a one way street. I have yet to see Sleeper 13
Productions charged with possession ( on film ) of a Co2 pistol at the very least, on school grounds.
Protected class gets a free pass….. again. Reloading will teach , advanced math, Physics , report writing , engineering and … gasp … responsibility.