Gun Rights Haters Try To Learn About Guns

By Darren Wolfe

Gun Rights Haters Try To Learn About Guns
Gun Rights Haters Try To Learn About Guns
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Pennsylvania – -(  You read the title correctly, Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy (Delco United) held their “Firearms 101 Presentation” Monday night (02/02/2015) in Springfield, PA.

They figure if they gain a little book knowledge about guns they’ll have more credibility. OK, stop laughing, you have an article to read.

The evening started out interestingly enough. When I first got there Terry Rumsey and Robin Lasersohn, Co-Chairs of Delco United, recognized me as the leader of the Open Carry Counter-Rally For Gun Rights that stole the thunder from their march and rally for universal background checks in Media, PA last June. They took me aside and expressed their concern that I might try to disrupt their meeting. “We don’t want people being afraid of being mocked when they ask questions”, is how I recall Robin Lasersohn putting it. After agreeing to behave, which was my intention all along, I was allowed to stay.

As you can see by following the link above, the presenter, Larry Glick, is well credentialed being a former law enforcement officer and a former National Rifle Association member. Unfortunately, my request to video his presentation was denied. Let me start with one of the most most important things that he said, “there is no gun show loophole”. He went to great lengths to explain that the idea that there are many gun sales going on at gun shows with no background checks performed is false. Glick very directly told the Delco United people not to pursue that angle.

Let’s let that sink in for a moment. At a meeting of one of the major gun rights hating groups in the Philadelphia area the speaker debunked one of the biggest lies that gun rights haters put out.

The presenter, Glick, hit on the de rigueur propaganda notes. “It’s for the children”, he said at one point. Tellingly, Glick said that he knows that crime rates, including murder rates, are falling as are rates of gun accidents. He must also know that this is happening as the number of guns in the US is higher than ever and rising. It doesn’t matter, he still thinks we need more gun control. “If we can only save one life it’s worth it”, he said dramatically. Hey, who needs facts and logic when you can tug at the heartstrings? I’ve written several articles covering the dynamics that drive the murder rate and it’s not the availability of guns that matters. They can be read here, here, here, here, and here.

Glick also went into denial and said that nobody wants to confiscate guns. He may be sincere but is very misguided. Conversations with gun rights haters often reveal that ending civilian gun ownership is their goal. I don’t recall him saying much about gun bans, but he sure was talking about the kinds of so called “assault weapons” that we don’t need. Let’s keep in mind that when certain kinds of guns are actually banned (as opposed to the phony 1994 – 2004 “assault weapon” “ban”) they’re going to be confiscated. It makes little difference if all guns are banned/confiscated at once or if it happens in gradual stages. We end up in the same place.

Let’s, for a moment, assume that few or no guns will actually be banned/confiscated. Onerous regulations, severe licensing requirements, high fees, insurance mandates, and draconian penalties for minor gun infractions can end up making owning and bearing arms financially prohibitive and legally dangerous. This is a way of de facto banning/confiscating guns without making the guns themselves illegal.

Because of my good behavior, I said not one word during the whole presentation, Terry and Robin were a bit nicer after the meeting. During our conversations I asked if they’d be interested in a debate.

They said no but they would be interested in a moderated discussion. That sounds like a fine idea. Stay tuned for updates.

About Darren Wolfe
Darren Wolfe is the former Eastern Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. His articles have also appeared in American Juror,, the Libertarian Penn, and the News services such as the New York and Rational Review have published links to his work. Darren is the Philadelphia area contact for Come Home America (, a politically neutral peace movement. Follow me on Twitter:

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usa2rkba, Glick said he left the NRA because they described LEOs’ at Waco as thugs. He seems like one of those confused gun owners that think some gun control is a good idea.

Dave, yes, a concern I have too. I’ve already reached out to some people I know that can run such an event. We’ll see.


Isn’t it funny, the anti gunners don’t want anyone mocked and be afraid to speak….but they damned sure don’t mind if 2nd amend people get mocked do they? This statement is a classic piece of STUPIDITY! ..”“If we can only save one life it’s worth it” Please name ONE life that was saved because someone was UNARMED! But there are HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of lives saved because they WERE armed! WTF is wrong with these people…they are brainwashed, emotional little wimps that heard something, bullshyt tho it was…it stuck in that tiny cranial cavity and they can’t shake it… Read more »

mark Gash

to understand the kind of psychological conditioning that has turned us into nasty brutes”. A one-line answer is that Pakistan did not have Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru at the time of its “moth-eaten” formation, to quote Jinnah. From this response follows the corollary — that the absence of Gandhi and Nehru would have turned Indians, too, into “nasty brutes” and their country would have resembled Pakistan in its dysfunctional state.


I’m curious to know why Larry Glick turned to the dark side. Internet searches bring up his bio but not that tidbit of info.


“Moderated discussion”. Yep…they get to present their erroneous points and lies and the other person will be cut off every time they try to speak. I’ve seen a few of these type of discussions.

Troy Smith

What I wouldn’t give to take a similarly-minded individual to a Carry Permit course…