Accu-Grip Introduces the Best Low-Cost Improvement for the AK-47 Platform

Accu-Grip AK-47 Grip
Accu-Grip AK-47 Grip

Las Vegas, NV -( Accu-Grip; now famous for their revolutionary AR-15/M-4 adjustable grip, announces a new low-cost patented and patent pending improvement for the AK-47 that will greatly improve shooter performance.

As a follow up on their wildly efficient new adjustable AR-15 Grip, Accu-Grip is now producing another unique patented adjustable grip for the AK-47. This new grip fits the AK-47 and will increase trigger control and shooter efficiency resulting in better accuracy and fire control.

The key to accurate and quick shooting is trigger controland trigger control can be improved by correct contact between the trigger finger and the trigger. The basic trigger length of an AK-47 is only 23/8 inches. The AK-47 Accu-Grip allows the shooter to lengthen and incrementally adjust the critical grip-to-trigger contact–up to 31/4- inches if desired.* This distance (with any rifle) is a key ergonomic factor and fitted correctly can greatly improve trigger control resulting in more accurate and faster shooting.

Accu-Grip fits all original type stamped metal military (Soviet Bloc/Chinese MIL-SPEC) and commercial stamped metal AK Soviet/Chinese MIL-SPEC) lowers–but will NOT fit milled AK receivers. Each grip kit comes with the necessary hardware and Allen wrench for installation. Installation takes about ten minutes.

After installation, adjusting the grip to fit the individual shooter takes just a few seconds. Movement of the grip is accomplished in 1/10-inch incremental positive hold adjustments and, of course, the grip may be adjusted as many times as the shooter wishes.

  • MATERIAL: The patented and patent pending, all American-made Accu-Grip is molded with DuPont Zytel resin and long strand glass fibers, making it incredibly tough–tougher than the original grips.
  • COLORS: Accu-Grips are available in black, dark earth, OD green and desert sand. Other custom colors can be created in quantity on request.
  • PRICE: $39.95 MSRP

Accu-Grip is also available for AR-15s and M-4s, same price, same colors, same improvement in control.

*Note: Standard AK grip to trigger face is 23/8″; Accu-grip adjusts from 27/8″ to 31/4″


ACCU-GRIP is a revolutionary custom grip developed for AR15 and AK47 rifles, among others. An ambidextrous grip that actually makes your rifle fit you – as well as improve your ability to shoot accurately.

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