Baltimore’s ‘Mayor’ Indictes Her Entire Police Dept

By John Farnam

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake chats it up with comrade & race baiter Rev. Al Sharpton
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake chats it up with comrade & race baiter Rev. Al Sharpton
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( To leftists, facts never matter. Neither does decency nor righteousness. What does matter is the seizure of power and forced advancement of leftist ideology upon an unwilling citizenship.

Baltimore’s “mayor” today indicted her entire police dept, putting them all on notice that she was bringing in the Feds to see which of them she can arbitrarily throw out, or into prison. “Early retirements” and precipitous resignations from the PD have spiked.

What a surprise!

Cynically catering to rioters, the local prosecutor threw a wad of redundant charges at all six officers who were in the vicinity of the Freddie Gray incident. Most of these charges are ridiculous and will be quietly dropped when no one is looking. Officers go through a nightmare in the interim. She clearly identifies her sole motivation as an attempt to please the mob.

Nothing about evidence!

In public speeches of both of these amoral leftists, never a single word of sympathy for burnt-out business owners and others whose property was destroyed by unstrained rioters. Like all leftists, they look upon these “rotten capitalists,” as the enemy, for whom they will never have empathy, nor understanding. No sympathy for injured police officers either.

Rather, every gushing bit of sympathy was lavished upon rioters, some bussed-in just for that purpose, few of whom work for a living.

Lenin lives!

He said: “There are no morals in politics; only expedience.”

Among modern leftist politicians, that is surely the case.

Confirmed today!


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Frank G

Her and Al what a combo.


Just exactly what did she do. She passed the buck to someone else. After all the Security Detail are all Baltimore Police Personnel…


There isthat brotha Sharpton with the bitch that allowed Baltimore to be destroyed. ! Is the bitch just holding the White Cops responsible for what happen to the thug ?


If the police, as a whole, did nothing wrong why would any of them resign or retire early? It is also a very widely used police tactic to remove a suspect from resources,…freedom! If they did nothing wrong you are correct they will quietly be released. If not they are getting treated like , well criminals.

Big Bill

“If the police, as a whole, did nothing wrong why would any of them resign or retire early?”

Probably because their job is hard enough without the city mayor looking over their shoulder with the explicit intent to thin their numbers, based on a very subjective (and politically motivated) set of criteria for their behavior.
Such a circumstance can easily make an officer hesitate, while trying to calculate the effect of any action in relation to said criteria, and, often, he who hesitates is lost.
In other words, they are fleeing a sinking ship.


Politically motivated ‘armchair quarterbacks’ are disparaging America’s police and military. A cop or soldier, in many instances, has few seconds to determine what action they’ll take in a given situation. The example for disparaging the police was set when Professor Gates was ‘locked out in Harvard Yard’.


Socialist agenda, communist attitude,criminally enacted by a traitorous potus. Hitler did the exact same thing,so, with history repeating itself, in about 5 Years they’ll be building gas chambers for Christians!!!


Democrat’s continued criticism of the ‘health care system’ has resulted in a ‘nationalized health care system’. Will the Democrat’s continued criticism of ‘local police departments’ result in a ‘nationalized police force’? I wonder if they’ll also have their own ‘Gestapo’?