Florida Gun Rights (FLGR) is a Fraud, Don’t Get Conned

Florida Gun Rights FLGR
Florida Gun Rights FLGR
Unified Sportsmen of Florida
Unified Sportsmen Of Florida

Florida –-(Ammoland.com)- Email keeps flooding Florida gun owners from an entity calling itself “Florida Gun Rights” (FLGR) — but it is NOT coming from a grassroots group in Florida. Their corporate documents clearly show their principal place of business is Colorado.

Calling itself “Florida’s Only No Compromise Gun Lobby,” FLGR frequently attacks NRA and Unified Sportsmen Of Florida (USF) but FLGR doesn’t have a clue what is going on in Florida. FLGR has no real presence in Florida. They merely have contracted with a corporate services firm to provide a Florida address to receive legal process.

When they ask you to send them money to fund their imaginary operation, they use a Tallahassee, Florida, address for you to mail your checks. But FLGR’s address is actually a drop box in a UPS Store in a strip mall in Tallahassee where UPS employees box up their customer’s mail and ship it off to their customer’s real address somewhere else.

Further, FLGR has no registered lobbyist in Florida, which means either it’s not really lobbying, or that it is lobbying illegally. Additionally, FLGR’s ‘state director’ apparently lives in Texas. We can find no evidence that he is ever in Florida.

In short, FLGR is nothing but a sock puppet — a fundraising organization that (except for some paperwork formalities) has no presence in Florida except for a shell game of addresses for service of legal documents and to rake in contributions.

It is clearly just another name for the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) a primarily Internet run organization based in Colorado with mail drop boxes around the country to receive contributions.

Since FLGR doesn’t do anything the equally bogus NAGR couldn’t do on its own, It has no apparent purpose except to double-dip the wallets of well-meaning gun owners who haven’t looked beyond the group’s name and rhetoric.

FLGR’s email claims they are a non-profit, nonpartisan, single-purpose organization.
FLGR is not incorporated as a nonprofit Florida corporation. FLGR is registered as Florida LLC (normally a for-profit small business).

Their single purpose seems to be conning you (regardless of your political party) into sending them money.

Their messages are misleading rhetoric designed to inflame. They keep asking gun owners to sign a petition to stop a bill to “ban neighborhood ranges.”

There is no “neighborhood shooting range” bill to stop. Yet, FLGR continues to email Florida Gun Owners — no less than 7 times since May 19th 2015 — raising money on a nonexistent bill.

Florida’s Legislative session ended at 11:59pm on Friday, May 1, 2015. ALL BILLS that had not already passed, died at midnight. The Legislature is now in Special Session for budget and financial issues only.

You are being deceived. It’s time you knew it.

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This is false. NAGR has more lobbyists than the NRA nationwide, but they spend a lot of their focus on direct mail, e-mail and social media marketing – to get their membership base/ followers to lobby their representatives – which does not require a registered lobbyist to be in the state. They DO fundraise a lot because (believe it or not) running those types of programs are NOT FREE. There are a lot of hit pieces against NAGR and its state affiliates because they make people angry for exposing corrupt politicians – and politicians who claim to support the 2nd… Read more »


Well I can tell you this … they are spending money opb Florida races. Particularly against anti gun candidates and for pro 2A candidates. I know of at least two races this is happening in. They are a Political Action Committee. Not a lobbying organization. And they sure appear to be spending money as needed.


This is very useful except for the fact that there is no evidence (i.e quotes, links, etc) proving that this is the case in your post. Please add this so I can verify on my own.

The Revelator

@Isabella This article is three and a half years old. The Post office address may have changed by this time compared to the authors original information. Be careful of what you read and when, and double check. It is good that you are working to verify your own data before making conclusions, but the only reason you are getting this response is because you popped up in the recent comment tab. Most others will likely ever know you wrote here. Felt you deserved a reply, so I hope you find the information you are looking for, even if it is… Read more »

Thomas Timcik

I learned from you that FLGR was bogus. What I didn’t know until just now is that the NAGR is bogus as well. I was a member and made several donations but no more. Thank you for informing me of this.


NAGR is also active in New York . All they seem to do, is ask for MONEY. Until last year ,I was a member But no more . Heard a few things from other groups and said ,that is it I will no longer support this orig.

Charles Tadlock

Thanks for making me aware of this FLGR organization. I will be attempting to do some investigation myself on this organization. I live less than 100 miles from Tallahassee and will attempt to check FLGR out the next time I’m in Tallahassee. Thanks again but I had already decided not to renew my membership, but now I feel better about not renewing.

Thomas A Timcik

Thank you for educating me. I didn’t know that.

Don Massie

Thanks, I almost renewed my membership. Almost.

Nicole Montalvo

This actually looks like the work of the Dorr Family. Do some research on Aaron and Chris Dorr – Iowa Gun Owners and Minnesota Gun Rights. They are the biggest scam artists on the planet in my opinion- that is next to their father Paul Dorr.


Check out these two pages:



The Florida page looks just like the other sites ran by Aaron and his Brother:




It’s got to be them. I am so pissed off!

Chris Wagoner

If you want to support a real grassroots group that works on supporting the 2nd Amendment and standing up for Florida Gun owners (even helping members with legal support when needed) try Florida Carry Inc. http://www.Floridacarry.com and our 9000+ member group on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/FLopencarry/ . We work very hard to educate and inform on Florida Firearm laws and rules. We also support members who have been wrongfully arrested. We work through legislation in trying to get laws changed, we were responsible for getting the law changed to allow firearms in vehicles on college campuses (Florida Carry Vs. University of… Read more »


FYI, all UPS Stores are franchise, nothing more. They are not part of the Corporate UPS. The reason I know is because; I have 10 stores that are my customers for IT work.


Anything that involves Duh-dley will always do more harm for a cause than good, but it will always line his pockets with money. Those of us in Colorado that have been trying for years to get the word out about his “fundraising” are thrilled that since he’s taken his email scams “on the road,” people are finally taking notice and making some noise!

Oh, and you can expect his Cronies, er..supporters to be bombarding your page here with comments about all the good Duh-d has done. Verify your own facts…so far you sound right on target!


NAGR and their state affiliates are scam fundraising organizations designed to separate the gullible from their money. Dudley Brown runs NAGR and all these state affiliates. All the money flows back to Dudley Brown in Colorado. They are an internet presence designed to look like they are really involved in the fight. The truth is NAGR and Dudley Brown do more to harm gun rights in this country than Shannon Watts and Mike Blooomberg. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Truth-About-the-National-Association-for-Gun-Rights-NAGR/325633370820160?fref=ts

Mark Pugner

I bet dollars to donuts that Dudley Brown is behind this.


I don’t trust any organization affiliated with NAGR. The Mississippi group nearly destroyed efforts to get a good bill passed. In Colorado, they had a chance to make progress with the absurd magazine limit (a bill to change it from 15 to 30) and the RMGO group (NAGR’s affiliate in Colorado) managed to torpedo that.

They don’t understand politics at all. No one should trust their organizations or have anything to do with them.