Gun Grabbers Plan Blockade Of Lawful Gun Retailer

This event is 2A FlashMob Approved, anyone attending will automatically qualify for their own FREE 2A Mob Patch.

Radical-left Priest Father Pfleger and race baiter Jessie Jackson
Radical-left Priest Father Pfleger and race baiter Jessie Jackson.
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois –-( Once again, anti-gun fanatic Fr. Pfleger and his band of gun grabbers plans to descend on Chuck’s Gun Shop in an effort to get the shop to close down.

Their latest effort involves a planned blockade of the shop on June 6th 2015 during which “demonstrators” will prevent you from entering Chuck’s to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights.

Needless to say, this is not the kind of activity that you, as a law-abiding firearm owner, should tolerate.

UPDATE: To show his appreciation for the support coming from the gun owner community, Chuck’s Gun Shop owner John Riggio is offering free range time as available on Saturday, plus food and soft drink, coffee, etc.

UPDATE: The Brady Campaign has applied for a permit for their protest with the Village of Riverdale in order to try to keep CCL holders from exercising their rights. The last two protests they held at Chuck’s were without a permit, which had no impact on CCW. If granted their permit, which is expected, their protest becomes an event where CCW is prohibited. Expect to see orange plastic fencing demarking where their permitted activity is to take place. If you enter this area to engage the protestors, you are advised not to be carrying.


  1. Everyone reading this alert should go to the following link and sign up.  The link goes to a site operated by the gun grabbers.  If you sign up on the form, it will send a clear message that we stand ready to protect our rights.  The sign-up link is as follows: Fill the form out completely.
  2. Plan to be at Chucks Gun Shop, 14310 S Indiana Ave, Riverdale, IL no later than 9:30 AM on Saturday June 6th, to prepare to protect Chuck’s from the gun grabbers.
  3. Be sure to wear IGOLD or NRA t-shirts, hats, etc.
  4. If you see members of the media on site, actively approach them, identify yourself as a law-abiding firearm owner, and tell them you reject the lies about Chuck’s spread by Pfleger and the gun control movement.
  5. Post this alert to any and all Internet blogs, chat rooms, or social media to which you belong.
  6. Pass this alert along to your gun owning friends and family members.  Tell them to sign up with the gun grabbers and to attend the event to protect Chuck’s.

It’s very important that everyone who reads this alert turns out to help defend Chuck’s.  We cannot allow the gun grabbers to hijack our Constitution!

SEE YOU ON JUNE 6TH 2015 AT 9:00 AM!



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2A Mob Approved
2A Mob Approved

The ISRA is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. Since 1903, the ISRA has represented the interests of over 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois firearm owners Visit:

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The only assault weapon we need to ban is the liberal mouth. I am sick of the outright lies these demented people use to generate and emotional and irresponsible reaction to any given situation.


I’m confused as to why this article tells people with legal CCW permits to not show up armed.
Sorry I’m from Arizona where I don’t have this problem but I’m really wanting to understand that particular point in this article


I went and signed up using my disposable email address. In the “organization” field, I wrote “NRA and the 2nd amendment” We may not be able to go, but we can help tie up their resources. And make our feelings known


Stand fast Illinois gun owners. Pflieger and his ilk are against your basic right to self defense which is as old as the bible. Pflieger is not a man of God and is an enabler of criminals.


Brotha jesse front and center ! Scumbag !


IF they block your path …it IS assault…and you have the right to defend yourself…and press charges….time for words and debate has passed….there is no debate or logic with these type of moron sheeple’s…..protect YOURSELF…your rights can come later…….self defense is your responsibility…..besides getting in between a person and his or her hot dog is a ‘capital crime’…..imho …Semper Fi


Good luck in this endeavor but there is no way I would give these nuts my phone number.
Im too far away to go, Atlanta, but do support this cause and am glad I live in the South’
We just do not seem to have as many of these people here. Remember they are exercising their 1st
Amendment rights. We just have to break there want and will to fight our 2nd Amendment right.

Dr. Strangelove

Fortunately I GTFO of IL and live in Iowa now. I’d go if it wasn’t so far.

Bob Ratliff

It appears Illinois is also a Marxist State, bordering on Communism! You 2nd Amendment Advocates, Scratch That! Freedom Loving, Constitutional Americans, Especially in Illinois!! Had BEST Show up and DEFEND Your RIGHTS There TOMORROW!!


This is an open letter to you anti gun idiots. Get out of my life I don’t but in yours so stay out of mine. I will be coming to Chucks Gun Club on June 6. I will go into the store anyone and I mean anyone trying to block my access will have to physically stop me. Once you touch me it is assault and I may fear for my well being or life and I will take whatever action appropriate to protect my well-being and or life, up to and including deadly force. There will be no warning… Read more »


Was going to make the drive up there to support this until I checked Illinois carry laws. Screw that state.
Sorry Chuck wish you lived in America.

Mark Davis

If they protest my 2nd amendment right, I will protest there 1st amendment right. Fight fire with fire.

Michael A. Gould

Fr.Pfleger cannot be a real priest if this is his “format”. Why is he not putting his energy into fighting for the sanctity of life and preaching against same sex marriages. We,as gun owners, have the right to bear arms! Little by little these rights are being taken away. STAND UP AMERICA and show some GUTS.


If this group stood outside any other business and impeded ‘lawful commerce’ they would be arrested. Apparently this is more ‘political theater’ and the local authorities approve of it.


Go to Father Pfleger’s Facebook page & let him know where you stand on the issue. His Facebook page is found at



Dave fron San Antonio

They may have the legal right to protest, but I don’t believe they have the right, while protesting, to stop you from entering a business establishment. If they physically try to stop you…file charges against the “leaders” or “organizers” of the protest.

Jeff Dotson

They can NOT stop anyone from entering ANY establishment and they can NOT touch you, They would have legal problem if they did.


They believe in making us victims for their cause . They need to save the criminals oh maybe thats their agenda.


This is what false teachers do.. Jesus is Pro Weapon!!!! And even tells his followers to sell their extra set (only spare set) of clothes and get a weapon….. wolfs wolfs are in the house

Good always has the right to stop evil….