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Suffolk County, NY -( Have you ever made the trek into your “secret stand spot” only to find that your stand is not in the tree you left it in?

Nothing is more frustrating or expensive than to have stand poachers come onto your land and steal one or several of your stands. It happens every season!

One the best ways to protect and safeguard your stands from theft is to use the Tree Stand Buddy. This system allows you have multiple stand setups with only one hang-on tree stand. Since your stand bracket will enable you to hunt from any number of locations where you already have a TSB, simply hang as many TSB receivers throughout the woods and take your stand with you to whatever location you want to hunt on any given day. Taking your stand with you at the end of your hunt will also help safeguard your equipment from rodents as well as the weather, which will help make your equipment last longer.

Not only do you NOT have to hang stands in all of your locations and leaving them out to be stolen, you will not be giving away your favorite hunting spots and stand locations to other hunters. What a great solution to protect and safeguard your equipment from theft or unauthorized use by another hunter!

The Tree Stand Buddy system is comprised of two key components – the stand bracket and the tree bracket. The TSB receiver is attached to the tree with two TSB Ultimate Ratchet Straps. The stand bracket is attached to the hang-on stand with the hardware provided. The stand bracket simply slides onto the receiver on the tree. The depth of the bracket and receiver system is designed to provide a very sturdy and secure connection since the interlocking grooves bind together once any weight is placed on it.

Additionally, the Tree Stand Buddy Quick-Attach Slide-Mount System provides for a much safer stand installation. The Receiver was also designed with a “hoisting loop” which allows you to run a rope through the loop so that you can actually pull your stand up the tree to the receiver. Now you NEVER have to carry your stand up or down a tree again. As a result, climbing up and down the tree is much safer since the hunter can maintain three points of contact at all times without worrying about dropping any equipment.

Safety and protection are just two of the reasons why hunters love the Tree Stand Buddy. Each TSB Starter Kit comes with a stand bracket, a receiver, and two TSB Ultimate Ratchet Straps. Additional receivers can be added by purchasing a TSB Receiver Two-Pack. The TSB Ultimate Ratchet Straps can also be purchased separately.

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About Tree Stand Buddy

The Tree Stand Buddy slide-mount system is the fastest, easiest and safest way ever to hang your stand. With Tree Stand Buddy you no longer have to climb a tree carrying your stand. And, it’s rock solid, sturdy and quiet!

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