New HeadHunter Extractor from Flextone is the One Call to Use

From Early Fall, Through the Rut and Late into the Season

HeadHunter Extractor from Flextone
HeadHunter Extractor from Flextone
Flextone Game Calls
Flextone Game Calls

Bogart, GA -( The more biologists learn about whitetails, the more they realize how social – and vocal – they are.

As important as buck grunts are to hunters, they’re only one aspect of whitetail vocalization. That means hunters who want to talk to whitetails like Dr. Doolittle need a call that says more than, “Hey, I’m a buck.”

Flextone’s new Headhunter Extractor call makes all the important deer vocalizations utilizing an amazingly simple slide to adjust from deep buck grunts to higher-pitched doe bleats and even fawn bawls. With its new call selector design, “X-Glide”, simply slide the button to the desired sound you want. No more fumbling with changing O-rings or pressing down at the wrong place and getting undesired deer sounds.

As much as hunters get excited about the rut, we spend a lot more time in treestands when bucks and does have no interest in reproducing. That’s why it’s so important to have a call that can be used any time of year and for any situation. The Headhunter Extractor perfectly makes exact mature buck grunts, young buck grunts, doe grunts, doe bleats or fawn bawls every time.

Do you need to call in a doe for a little freezer meat? Simply slide the Headhunter’s Extractor adjustment to the doe or fawn position.The Headhunter Extractor offers an added bonus through the famous “Flextone Technology” material design. The call’s flexible tube allows for inflection and produces the most natural sounding vocalizations possible.

HeadHunter Extractor from Flextone
HeadHunter Extractor from Flextone

Not only does the Headhunter Extractor have an attractive antler texture around the mouthpiece, but it also sports a super loud snort-wheeze chamber. When you do get the opportunity to hunt during the rut, try out the built-in snort-wheeze for loud, aggressive sound that no dominant buck can resist. Then quickly switch to deep, aggressive grunts to convince even the most careful old mossy-horn that an intruder is invading his turf.

When the rut is over, return to softer, more social buck and doe grunts to send the message that it’s okay to come by your stand.

Whatever the situation, the Headhunter Extractor can adjust to converse with any whitetail and create more shot opportunities for you.

For hardcore whitetail hunters who endure frigid temperatures, the Extractor’s Freeze-Free design keeps you hunting all day. Simply slide the X-Glide button back and forth a few times to rid the Extractor of any ice build-up on your reed. The Flextone Headhunter’s Extractor will meet all your deer calling needs with instant, reliable deer sounds that can endure anything Mother Nature throws at you.

Headhunter Extractor Features:

  • Glide button, slides for instant and reliable buck, doe or fawn sounds.
  • Freeze-Free design quickly eliminates reeds from sticking.
  • Super loud snort wheeze chamber for aggressive calling.
  • Flexible throat tube for instant inflection and tones.

For more information on the Headhunter by Flextone Game Calls, go to:

Flextone Game Calls
Flextone Game Calls

About Flextone Game Calls

Flextone Game Calls are designed to more accurately mimic the anatomy of a game animal by using both hard and soft flexible parts. They incorporated a hard plastic or metal tone-board with reed to imitate the soft tissue chambers of the neck and mouth of an animal. The design produces a truer, more natural sound as well as giving the user more control of volume, tone, and inflection just like the animals they were designed to imitate. The design is also nearly silent if accidentally contacting your gun or bow while in the field. Flextone now has a full line of deer, elk, predator, turkey, and waterfowl calls using this patented technology.

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