Gun Violence – ‘Do Something?’

By John Farnam

Guns Confiscated by Police
Gun Violence – ‘Do Something?'
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “… Do Something,”

Like what?

In the aftermath of the recent double-murder in VA, hand-wringing professing liberals, have been filling the media with blurry statements like,

“… and we have to ‘do something’ about guns. We need new, ‘ common-sense’ measures”

Of Course, as they glance over at their own heavily-armed bodyguards, they never get specific. It is their hallmark!

When asked exactly what “something” they have in mind, they always refuse to answer the question.

Instead, they dance around and say things like, “… felons, minors, and the mentally ill shouldn’t be able to buy guns”

Well, that is already illegal; has been for a long time. But, that never prevents liberals from making such stupid remarks, as if they actually didn’ t know that!

The real “something” they’re ever too frightened, and too dishonest, to articulate clearly is this:

  • 1) Forced confiscation of guns from American citizens
  • 2) Prisons, maybe “internment camps,” filled with former gun-owners who resist their tyranny

Those are the ultimate “common-sense” measures these Constitutional criminals, these crypto-Marxists, want for us. Make no mistake. That is what they’ve always wanted! They’re just hoping we’ve fallen asleep and have foolishly come to believe they are something other than what they are.

“You’re too stupid to own a gun”

That’s what it comes down to. That is what liberals wish you, a proud American, will believe about yourself.

For one, I resent it. I hope they understand!

“When the opposition unilaterally disarms, well and good. When they refuse to disarm, we shall forcefully disarm them.” ~ Joe Stalin

As you can see, little has changed since the 1930s


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    1. What do you do if the government decided to infringe upon the 2nd amendment and come knocking on our doors to confiscate our arms?
      Do we fight to the death to keep them or simply hand them over to live and fight another day?

    2. Couldn’t we just hear the cry from the left, (and right), if we heard that government or private groups were paying citizens not to vote. How about a pair of sports footwear to not freely assemble, or not publish a newspaper that someone considered to be, not – PC. Using public funds to discourage activity that the constitution specifically defines as a God given right has to be unconstitutional, in itself.

    3. The 10th amendment reads…
      “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

      and, as we are all aware the 2nd amendment read….
      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      At any time a state could interpret this in such a way that militia membership is required for its citizens and force all of its citizens to enlist in its state militia, AND as such require that all gun owners keep their arms in a state owned armory. Your rights arn’t infringed in such a scenario, the guns are available for use in the defense of the state. You don’t have to worry about the feds taking your guns, your state can do it for you.

      1. @ Chuturga.

        One “Slight” Problem, the last “Militia” unit was Disbanded in 2 June 1916, and Resurrected into the US National Guard in 3 June 1916. There ARE NO OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED “Militia Unit’s” Operating in the United States anymore…

      2. The Second Amendment was recognized as an individual Right (inpart due to the recognition of the unorganized militia being all who are capable of adding to the national defense) in D.C. v Heller. So the argument that one must belong to an organized militia or that the Right belongs to a state or The State is pretty well dead.

        McDonald v. Chicago incorporated the Second Amendment into the recognized list of Rights belonging to individuals against the individual states. So now the issue becomes Do the states have any power or authority left to pass statutes controlling firearms (e.g. Constitutional carry states)?

    4. Anti-gun hoplophobes are like a cancer eating away at our social fabric. And like a cancer, they should be excised and exiled to some faraway “gun control utopia”. England comes to mind. Or the newer members of the gun ban community, Honduras or El Salvador–and now number 1 and number 2 at the top of homicide rates!

    5. Gun confiscation is coming within the next 10 years. No I don’t approve of it, but all this bravado won’t stop it. And maybe 2% of the Internet tough guys who claim they’ll stand and fight, actually will. Just enough to make an example of.

    6. Do something? Politicians saying this need to begin the hard work of addressing mental health care. This is a problem of some desperate, angry, delusional people trying to solve their problems with guns because they don’t know where else to turn and there’s no system in place to identify and treat them or – in these extreme cases – restrain them. Solving this within our constitutional and legal framework is a lot harder than whimpering “do something!”

      1. Mental health is truly the very Heart of this issue.
        Followed very closely by the adoration/notoriety heaped upon the shooters by the media. I NEVER want to see the picture or know the name of ANY mass casualty shooter. I DO want to know their gender, ethnicity, and political persuasion because without those the media can so easily LIE about the “reason/motive” behind the act.
        Back to mental health. Institutions need to be opened for the inpatient care and treatment of ALL of those Adjudicated mentally ill, democrats and the ACLU be damned. The crux of the issue, though, is how we define mental illness and who makes that decision. Government must have a VERY low profile in this process as the potential for abuse is HUGE! For evidence, just check out Uncle Joe Stalin.

        1. Mental health is just the current excuse the left is using to remove weapons from their political enemies. That’s all.It has nothing to do with safety or crime prevention.

          1. Pepe you know it…… me thinks alot of people will be “found” to be mental….. lock them away….with the best care of course……

      2. If congress ever really went after the “mental health” angle, most of them would be out of a job and institutionalized.

    7. This year will go down in history. For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future!” – Adolph Hitler, 15 April 1935, in an address to the Reichstag.

      1. And then they said That didnt work so we need everyone to turn in their guns and then it will be those things we say will be…..

    8. After every massive problem surfaces or disaster occurs there’s a cry, by the sheeple, to “do something”. Government then rushes madly to respond by “doing something”, and more often than not, it will be the wrong thing.

      1. Amen, Abn…
        Those liberal/progressive/socialist idiots who adamantly believe “When in danger, or in doubt… Run in circles, yell and shout!”… forget that the most important aspect is (not to just blindly “do something”, but) to do the RIGHT thing! Very different ideologies, there…

        1. You know better than that.
          You can’t yell “FIRE!!” in a crowded theater, yet “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech…”
          Libel and slander are also illegal.

          Do you really want the mentally unbalanced to own guns? How about violent felons?

          The problem is not “reasonable” laws concerning who can own guns; the problem is about who gets to decide what’s “reasonable.”

          1. Nope, the issue does not hinge on the definition of ‘reasonable’. It turns on the word ‘infringe’. As in ‘shall not be infringed’. The word ‘reasonable’ is not within the Second Amendment. Nice try.

          2. No, Bill, there is no law against yelling “Fire” (in a theater, or anywhere else), regardless of whether or not a fire really exists.. You absolutely CAN say that (The Constitution guarantees you that right to do so). The only time you will be prosecuted is if – and only IF – your statement specifically causes real injury… and whatever you actually do eventually get charged with, the charge will never include the act of simply saying something.

            If the people in that hypothetical crowded theater 1) look around and decide that the yeller is a crackpot, and 2) go back to watching the movie without incident… for practical purposes, here in the real world, theater management may ask you to leave (and, admittedly, they can have you charged with tresspssing if you don’t leave when asked to do so… but that’s a different subject) you will have broken no First Amendement-related laws.

            Exactly like gun ownership, the issue is taking/assigning responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

            Walt is correct about no gun laws, but only as it pertains to adult, responsible, law-abiding citizens. Virtually all laws (property ownership, voting rights, driving privileges, etc, etc) have court-interpreted stipulations regarding minors, convicted felons, mental unstables, dishornorably-discharged ex-military, etc). That’s as it should be. But regarding honest, law-abiding citizens… there should be absolutely no restrictiions on gun ownership.

        2. @ Walt.

          The Second Amendment is in the Constitution, Correct! And the Second Amendment IS A GUN LAW, Correct?

            1. Pepe,
              Allow me to explain, the Second Amendment is a Constitutional level recognition of the God given Right to keep and carry arms. The Right is not dependent upon the Second Amendment (or anything else man made, generated or written) for its existence.
              What is “Law” is a question that was asked upon my first day at law school, and after three years, never answered. Often times we use the term law loosely and over broadly.

    9. If you’ve listened to the presumptive Democrat candidate for President, HRC, we’re getting closer to the day when we’ll see something like a mandatory buyback. And upon that day: “There comes a time when a man must spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”

      Our very existential rights will be at stake.

      1. We will never see a mandatory buy-back.
        The government forcing us to give up our guns will never admit that we had a right to own them, therefore that government will never pay for them. Does it pay for drugs taken away?
        The costs of such a program would be too much for the taxpayers to bear, so we would just give them away.

    10. Does any one remember the statement that the piece of garbage Obama made once It was a burb, he stated that Hilter and Stalin were his idols. That they new how to run there country. I guess he is trying to follow in there footsteps.

      1. @ Kenneth Kaplan.

        Actually Sir, it was Bishop Daniel R. Jenky of the Roman Catholic Church at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Peoria, Illonis on 14 April 2012 about President Barack Obama. Obama NEVER made the Statement…

        1. Maybe Obama never publicly made that statement I don’t know but without a doubt he thinks it. He does not respect our country or the constitution and he is a commie so he would think that Stalin had the right idea.

          1. @ Bob Shell.

            How on Earth, can you Write what somebody else is THINKING. If NO WORDS are Spoken, the subject is MOOT. Unless your “The Amazing Kreskin”…

            1. Or the “PC” Police led by the lawless Liberals who neglect their OATH to hold the Office they might hold.

            2. Um, maybe look at actual behavior. Then apply Occam’s Razor: the simplest explanation is likely the best one. In Obama’s case, either he is a socialist, or some socialist(s) are paying him extremely well. Either one is a testament to the stupidity of the American voter…

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