James Holmes Gets Life For Murder Of 12 In Colorado Theater ~ Video

Dark Night Shooter James Holmes
Suspected shooter James Holmes surrendered to police without a fight. Could it be that he gave up so easily because the police were armed?

Gun Owners of America

Washington, D.C. -(Ammoland.com)- James Holmes, the coward who shot and killed 12 unarmed people in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, received a life prison sentence by a jury of his peers earlier this month.

Will this send a strong enough message to future shooters in gun free zones where they know they will be the only one carrying a gun? Hardly. But there is an effective deterrent to keep dirt bags for murdering.

And it's called the death penalty. Not the kind following many years of long drawn out sequence of trials and appeals, but the instant, on the spot, death penalty as in return fire of lead bullets to the head and the torso of dirt bags who execute such evil acts.

Gun Owners of America Communications Director Erich Pratt put out a statement echoing those sentiments, saying, “James Holmes specifically sought out a gun free zone. He didn't go to the nearest theater to his home. He didn't go to the largest theater. He specifically chose one that had a no guns policy. He wanted to be the only one with a gun.”

Please contact your elected representatives asking them to ban gun-free zones for the protection of us all. And forward a link of this video to friends, family and co-workers.

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    1. Indeed a Quibble. This may not have bearing on the decision of life in jail, but the person that held out for life, I would be very much interested in their honest opinion on abortion. As we do find some segments of society that support one of these ideas and not the other.

    2. I am a proud and highly supportive member of GOA, and have been for years now; however, I feel the need to cast some additional light on some of the statements made here.

      First, in all honesty and fairness, while he certainly DID choose the nearest “gun free” theater for his crime, it is clear from his notebooks that he did so, not because it was a “gun free zone,” but because it had the best emergency exit for his purposes. He spent a good deal of time and effort finding a theater with an emergency exit that he could easily “fix” and use for an entrance after the movie started. He never even mentioned, in his extensive notes and planning documentation, that the theater was also a “gun free zone.” although that may have entered into his decision too. His notes indicate that the primary (and possibly the only) reason for his choice of the site was its emergency exit door’s location and lock mechanism.

      Second, and I admit this is a quibble, we shouldn’t refer being tried by a “jury of one’s peers” in the USA. We have a constitutionally protected right to trial by “an impartial jury,” with no reference to “peers.” The “jury of peers” concept comes from English law, which required that one be tried by a jury made up of one’s social class, i.e., if you are a member of the aristocracy, you cannot be tried by a jury of commoners, and vice versa. Since the USA, from its inception, specifically rejected the whole concept of an aristocracy in particular, or social class standing as politically significant, in general, we have never embraced, or protected, the right to trial by a “jury of one’s peers.” We simply require “an impartial jury.” That’s why there is no question of the legality of a jury of high school graduates with IQs in the 90-100 range trying a University Professor with an IQ of 130, or a jury of low and middle class income people trying someone like Donald Trump.

    3. Our country is full of a bunch of bleeding hearts. The courts shield them from seeing the carnage created by such pieces of shit and attorneys stack the jury box to all but insure the death penalty doesn’t happen. In my opinion when someone intentionally endangers the life of an innocent person they should be gone from this earth. We should not pay to take care of them and they should NEVER have the chance to do it again!

      1. It’s Biblical….”AN EYE FOR AN EYE”, multiple choice..more than his victims got, either HANG, a SNAKE PIT, the GUILLOTINE, or DRAWN AND QUARTERED….see if he smirks then!!!

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