New Jersey Gun Laws Screw Over Another Innocent Mom – Facing 10 years in Prison

Mia Higginbotham
Mia Higginbotham
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

New Jersey – Mia Higginbotham was charged with unlawful possession of her own, lawfully owned unloaded handgun, which was packed in its original box and locked in her hard-sided luggage.

She was moving from her residence in New Jersey to her residence in Florida. She declared the firearm at check-in, but was ssubsequently arrested at Liberty International Airport in Elizabeth / Newark.

She had no ammunition in her possession whatsoever, and was plainly trying to follow the law.

Mia is married and has a young daughter. She is currently facing 10 years in State Prison with a minimum mandatory of 3.5 to 5 years with no chance of parole for her attempt to lawfully transport her handgun between residences.

Watch the video below to be shocked by her story. Then post the link to this tragedy all over let’s shame New Jersey for this unamerican beavior.

Outraged yet? You can help. Send money to Mia’s legal defense fund, don’t let her go to prison just because she lives in New Jersey.

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JaBeep From Jersey

“Welcome To New Jersey”. The world’s biggest prison. Zero freedoms here and if it’s fun, it’s probably taxed to death. You have to have rocks in your head to want to come here.

Phillip Evans

New Jersey is the armpit of the United States. (I thought I’d be kind with my comment today.)


I escaped Jersey .

Davin StJames

sad situation and sucks true but, in NJ you comply or else. At home or your business, coming or going to the range or, if you carry at the job PERIOD. Pack and ship it when leaving or entering the republic of new jersey, and break it down into two packages.

1 ab urbe condita

It’s FUNNY, how this Story has STALLED. Three-Day’s ago “Hot New’s”, NOW Barely A YAWN. I’m surprised that “AMMOLAND” hasn’t been giving Regular Update’s to the Story. Sec was Right, Nobody “Fact Check’s” anymore. Hang In There Sec.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

No updates because there has been nothing new to report.

1 ab urbe condita


I Wonder Why! From FLUID to ICE, in Three Days.


How do we stop the NJ legislature from continuing to pass laws that are clearly unconstitutional? This is the question that should be addressed.

I know we can vote, etc. However, there are too many people who do not focus on these issues or would rather just vote to deny others their right to effective self defense.

The Shootist

N.J. lawmakers need to be swinging from lampposts until this is corrected.


The tri state NYC airports JFK, LGA, EWR arrest anyone they can for handguns.They don’t care about no stinkin Constitution . I left JFK with 3 rifles as checked baggage , 4 Port Authority cops had to check and record all the info on each firearm .The paranoid one leading the inspection was clueless , keep yelling at me to back up so I couldn’t see if they were stealing or anything else.


Just remember – If a government official within the confines of New Jersey asks you about firearm possession you’re giving up your 5th Amendment protections from ‘self-incrimination’. LOL


If a couple of hundred of use went to the Air Port with our firearms every day this would make them change the law. I’m ready!


These law makers are for the criminals to get their democratic votes. Since when did you hear of a criminal, career criminal get jail time for illegal possession of a firearm? All they get is bailouts and let loose on the streets again.

I used to see a sign when I crossed the Delaware river from nj into pa stating…” welcome to Pennsylvania where America starts here” sure is true. Then in the 90’s they took it down. But it still holds true.


Even Redacted my Redactment’s! Got to Love Ammoland…

Evans Evans

Just send your guns UPS to your new place. I have done it many times without problems.


If you are moving you do not need a FFL to ship your own personal firearm to yourself to a new state location. From BATF&E 6. May I lawfully ship a firearm to myself in a different State? Any person may ship a firearm to himself or herself in the care of another person in the State where he or she intends to hunt or engage in any othe r lawful activity. The package should be addressed to the owner “in the care of” the out – of – State resident. Upon reaching its destination, persons other than the owner… Read more »

Big Boy

You do NOT have to be “moving”. As the ATF booklet clearly says, you can be traveling to another state (unsaid but true – where you can legally possess) for any lawful reason. Then you may ship it to yourself if you notify the carrier that the package contains a gun. BUT, you can’t ship handguns by Post, you can’t ship to a non-FFL by UPS (per their contract), and you may or may not be able to ship to a non-FFL by FedEx (it seems to be agent’s choice with them).


Makes no difference if you follow the BATF&E rules to the letter. Case in point, lawful gun owner traveling back to his home state with his pistol checked by the book. His had to fly into Liberty NJ to change planes but that connecting flight was cancelled. He has his checked bag because the plane was cancelled, he goes to ticket counter to get another plane and follows the rules to check the firearm (again locked up by the book) and then ticket agent calls Port Authority Police and they arrest the man. DO NOT FLY INTO NJ OR NY… Read more »

Big Boy

If you get diverted to an airport in NY OR NJ, do not accept the return of your bag from the airline, Leave it on the carousel. When, ultimately, you get to your destination in Free America, file a lost luggage report and make the Airline deliver the bag to you. NEVER TAKE POSSESSION OF THE LUGGAGE WHILE IN NY or NJ. MAKE THE AIRLINE DELIVER IT TO YOU AT A LOCATION WHERE YOU CAN LEGALLY POSSESS THE FIREARM.


Good advice.


I think they need to rename “Liberty” International Airport.


Every morning when I wake up, I Thank God that I don’t live in a state like New York, California, or New Jersey !! All ran by little commie bastards !!



Tom Rogers

This is crap. I am studying the workings of being a successful private attorney General. I am in New Jersey. I would like to help if at all possible. If someone knows how to contact this woman please get her my email address.



Danny burt

Hi I’m in the same boat this state just took my right
To own guns because I had my grandfathers m1 carbine I have not been charged with A crime


Wouldn’t the Federal laws involving transport of a firearm from one place of legal possession to another place of legal possession apply here?

Todd B

Love to know who the piece of shit D/A is on this… that person needs to be arrested for violation of Constitutional Law.


There has to be more to this story, I guess I will have to find the full article. If she was lawfully carrying her gun then what are the charges for?


She wasn’t lawfully carrying. She had no CCW, which are almost impossible to get in NJ. I’m not even sure there was a legal way to get that gun out od the state.


This case is a warning to everyone. Maybe when doing interstate transportation of firearms, we should use an FFL for the transport. Paying an FFL 25 to send and an FFL 25 to receive would be the safest method. Especially when your crossing multiple states with varying gun laws. The FFL’s should be very aware of a specific states, odd, gun transport requirements. The NJ case should be throw out. I am not sure what other circumstances were involved, after she legally declared the firearm, it would be the responsibility of the airline to verify that the firearm was properly… Read more »


She was better off going to Philly airport. When traveling to and from Jersey don’t go to any of the ny’s airports or jersey’s when transporting firearms.

Vom Brunhaus

Out of State readers its NOT Christie its the Democrat controlled Assembly and Senate to blame . No Christie fan here but they would not permit Gov. Christie to change, alter, or add ANY New Gun Laws. The way NJs Laws are written ALL gun owners are AT Risk at any given Time. People can start with Sen. Sweeney and Sen. Greenwald the leaders of the Anti Gun group. NRA has known about these issues for Decades and so has 2A Society yet nothing is being done. This poor Innocent womans Life will be turned Upside Down.


Well then Chris Christie better instruct his lackeys to stop prosecuting all these lawful gun owners! Obama found a way around congress to push his agenda, what has Chris Christie done about New Jersey? Sorry Chris Christie owns this, and we don’t need a RINO in the White House!


The TSA should be held liable for publishing inaccurate information. But then I’m always happy when they’ve spelled all their words correctly and have no further expectation of competency from them. The sergeant being anal-retentive to call the Newark DA was a pure bureaucrat. He obviously didn’t get the promotion because of free thought. Sad, this lady is the victim of draconian laws, and dim-wit.


Why has nobody filed a class action suit against the jersey legislature for constitutional rights violations.


I find it interesting, that you somehow “Failed” to mention the other Three People in the Arrest, and the Fact there were DRUG’s in the Gun Box with a .357 Magnum. And that “Ms. Mai Higginbotham” had Multiple Arrest Warrants in Trenton, New Jersey. Innocent MY ARSE…


Can’t find any reference to what you are talking about, in any NJ news outlets. Care to explain?


@Secundius, are there some links or an article you could share to support your post? My searches are not bringing anything up other than everyone basically re-posting this video. My friend wants to donate money to help her out but I want to make sure I have all the facts first…


And you know this “information” how? Something you made up to go with your anti freedom brain?

Slowpoke Rodrigues

w w w . claims journal . com
w w w . my florida cfo . com
w w w . claims pi . com

Steven P Williams

Wow…hope she gets out of this mess.

BTW. ..spell check your story in the script please.
Spelling. Punctuation etc.


Chris Christie is an even bigger lump of crap to allow this woman to be incarcerated. It proves that he will never be President because won’t even help and honest human being from his own State out of a bs arrest. Hey fat boy, if you want to be a leader you must learn to be a reasonable human..


It’s unconscionable to me that we allow New Jersey to be part of this country.

Roorang Boonshoes

Ant the guy who is Governor of this state wants to be Pesident?????? Fat Chance……..


When you have communists in charge, anything that makes them look good is the thing to do. Terrible woman might use the gun on the flight to Florida to hit someone on the head after she goes into the cargo area and finds and unlocks the suitcase and gets that dreaded gun. Or the gun will get out by itself and go on a murderous rampage without ammunition!!! You just can’t trust a gun! They have a mind all their own!


And to think that people keep saying that CAL is bad, at least here I can have a gun in my car going here or there and NOT. Get arrested for it. In NJ you even get caught with a pellet gun and they send you prison for years. That is one state that I will never go to. Here in CA if I want to go to the range I can go without having to get permission first, in NJ if you get caught with a gun they throw you in prison and throw away the key but do… Read more »


You forgot slingshots, I can’t think of a state where you need protection more in!!!! I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six, F*ck’it, I carry.


And to think people keep saying how bathe gun laws are in CAL but at least here you can have a gun with you when you move from one place to another and NOT GET ARRESTED just for having a gun. NJ gun laws are 100x worse than they are here in CA. At least if I want to go to the gun range I don’t have to have permission like you do 8n NJ. And to think that christie wants to be president, he would do the same thing to the rest of the country that he did in… Read more »


Why would anyone want to leave the armpit of America? Hopefully the judge will see through this sham and throw it out of court.


I just had a similar problem in flint Michigan. Stop for no reason while at a stop sign. No reason giving for the stop!!! . As i left a friend’s house. I guess. It was because (**NCBN**) nice car in a bad neighborhood. I was arrested by the state police for my fire arm. They neber cuffed me read me my rights etc.. I was facing 5years on a ccw charge. For having my 9mm holstered on my right hip/thigh. My challenger was impounded 220 bucks to get it out of in pound after they released me.. Then a felony… Read more »

The Rifleman

That is indeed a very sad and disturbing story Randy. No question about it, you were “railroaded” by a corrupt justice system!! Pray for Karma sir. Hopefully what goes around comes around for these crooked reprobates!

Dr Dave

So you legally have a CCW and had a weapon on your person during a routine traffic stop and they arrested for carrying a weapon???? Something sounds a bit fishy here. What was the real story? Obviously unless in MI they require the weapon to be locked out of direct contact but then I don’t know of any state that requires that for CCW people. So tell us what the real charge was and why if you legally were correct why you simply didn’t have the NRA step in and deal with it. After a few decades in law enforcement… Read more »

The Rifleman

You have made some very good observations there Dr. D. If there indeed is more to this story than what Randy has told us, (i.e. things that happened to cause this that were left out of his story) then I do hope he will do the right thing and tell all of the story that led up to this. In this case, I made the mistake of “assuming” this was the whole story. Not to imply that it isn’t, but I do have to agree that it sounds a bit fishy.


Not arm pit , it is the a-hole of the USA


Welcome to the people’s Republic of New Jersey. Remember this when you see Christie in the news, he has made NO attempt to change any of this.


This is the biggest reason I would never support Chris Christie. He has not fought to change this injustice in his state. He just sits back and does nothing. For me, Christie is a RINO, and does not deserve the nomination.

Farmer of Bats

and he kissed obama during the visit when sandy went astray …. RINO or liberal – I think liberal commie pinko bed-wetter …. but I could be wrong. Anyway, CC is not my candidate of choice – way too many unanswered questions and political stands. Wolf in sheep’s pajamas.

Ted Bianco

Forgive me for not understanding all the issues in New Jersey but I would appreciate someone telling me why this woman was arrested? What did she miss in ensuring the weapon was secure and lawful to transport via the airline?
Thanks, Tj


They claim it was not locked in a metal case and therefore transported illegally.


TSA wants you to put the firearm in a “HARD CASE”. Nowhere does it say metal case. Her problem and the TSA rules fail to clarify that this must be a separate case that only has the firearm inside. She put it in with her other belongings in her normal luggage.

Big Boy

TSA allows you to put the unloaded gun (and ammunition in a separate box, such as factory packaging) in a SINGLE hard sided case which is locked. You declare it to the airline and sign the Orange Form certifying that it is unliaded. You may then put the locked hard sided case (and Orange Form) in your larger unlocked soft sided suitcase. The whole thing then goes as checked baggage. I have done it 100 times.

Dr Dave

I hate NJ’s nonsense as much as any other 2Aer but this is not about NJ it is FEDERAL. Had she gone to either the airline website or the TSA website or called the airline they would have given her proper direction. She needed to put the gun in an “approved case” and then take it to the front desk of the airline to be inspected. Then it must be locked and placed inside packed luggage. The case the gun is in can not have any ammunition in it or any thing else for that matter. Along with the case… Read more »


Thanks for keeping us safe and fighting to preserve the Constitution.


Dr. Dave,

According o the TSA’s website you are incorrect. All that is required is that you declare at check-in, the weapon has to be unloaded and in a locked hard side case. It does not have to be approved.

Just google TSA and it is right there on the home page under FAQ.


Jose Velazquez

NJ Sucks, when it comes to people’s rights. I know, I grew up there, and was happy to leave for Germany in 1992, and I have looked back since.
The last Time I visited family in NJ, was well over 12 years ago. And I am not planning on going anytime soon. I missed my grandfather’s and my two uncle’s burial, since I did not want to go near NJ. They will make a criminal out of any law abiding citizen because it is easy for them to do so, as oppose to the criminals.

The Dude

If she owns houses in two states I don’t think she needs other people’s money to defend her self.


Dude, I hope you are trolling… do you know her back story? Perhaps she is selling a home and moving; perhaps she has a time share. Even if she does own two homes, so what? That doesn’t mean she is wealthy…

People get funds raised online to support far less worthy causes than to defend someone who is obviously innocent and being screwed by the application of an unconstitutional zero tolerance law.


I agree, 2 houses, NRA backing, chiropractor, state traveler, why are they asking for money. Yes it seems like she got the N.J. Shaft but it seems like every time you turn around NRA wants more $$$. Isn’t this why we pay our dues for there support and political agenda.

Robert Henze

Wow you guys are tough. First of all “Go fund me” isn’t the NRA. The NRA does in fact help with many NJ cases. Many people relocate and for a brief time own 2 house as the closing stages aren’t finalized. Why do you feel the need to punish people because they become successful? Isn’t that what the libtards do? The legal fees can become very large for anyone. The fact that people around the country are willing to help defend law abiding citizens in any state sends a huge message to over zealous over reaching government. You should be… Read more »

Dale M. Baranoski

I really appreciate how many try to educate the few mentally challenged that have commented here (i.e.; that she might be well off or that this is just the NRA digging for money) but as I like to say, you can’t fix stupid.


I really hate to go back to the Constitution on this but whether you believe America is a Constitutional Republic or not is beside the point. The Founder included the 2nd Amendment for a good reason and Progressive Liberals have tried for the last 100 years to abolish it. English Comprehension is hard for the Supremes to understand . “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” Even my 7 year old G Daughter can understand that.


You guys needs to pay attention. Nothing says she owns a house in NJ. Her possessions were at her mother’s house. Her mother wanted her to take her possessions home to Florida where she lived for the past 14 years.
Yes, she could probably scratch up enough money to pay the legal bills but this is not a personal issue. It is a societal issue. It effects us all. The NRA may ‘help’ with the legal costs but they do not pay all the legal costs.

Nick Agostino

Don’t even respond to these asswipes. they don’t agree that everyone requires a solid and expensive defense. I’m good for 200 amd will write it off as charity, but now wont help ANY non-gun owner, ever. I suggest no other gun owner follow my lead. Screw them


Hey idiot. She deserves our support. The legal costs can get very expensive very quickly. If she wins, we all win. If she loses, we all lose. If you find yourself being unjustly prosecuted for what many of us believe is a Constitutionally protected activity, will you refuse the help of others as your finances are destroyed.
Christie needs to be hammered with this case at every opportunity.


Maybe she should give one hf her homes to you – that would be the obama way.


I know Dr.Mia personally, and she went home to NJ to her mothers house to visit . She decided to bring back to FLA her legally owned handgun that was at her mothers and her home . What part of this don’t you understand. She only owns a home and practice in FLA.

RM Molon Labe

Nazi Jersmany lives on…Thank God they got such a horrible gun maniac off the street…And yet Camden is a shooting gallery. Wow…Molon Labe


Christie better do something to fix this bullshit right now !


Fix it? He supports it and it will make him look so
Wonderful as he let’s this woman stew for awhile before
Benevolently pardoning her. Eff Krispy kreame

And eff jersey and it’s people for allowing this tyranny


If his history is any guide, he won’t PARDON her (even though she has clearly done nothing wrong, let alone criminal – there being no criminal intent present), but will rather wait for her to be convicted and sentenced and then maybe commute her sentence. That way of course, she will still be a convicted felon, and therefore ineligible to own her own gun anymore.

Bob Horn

This is a Federal TSA regulation, not a NJ law. When she did not follow the TSA rules, she fell into NJ’s laws. I travel with firearms, sometimes by air. Always locked in a separate metal case and presented to the airline luggage check in. They then let me lock it in my checked luggage. So , go online, read the rules and follow them carefully


This is right from the website: *********************************** Firearms • Comply with regulations on carrying firearms where you are traveling from and to, as laws vary by local, state and international governments. • Declare all firearms, ammunition and parts to the airline during the check-in process. Ask about limitations or fees that may apply. • Firearms must be unloaded and locked in a hard-sided container and transported as checked baggage only. Firearm parts, including firearms frames and receivers, must also be placed in checked baggage and are prohibited in carry-on baggage. • Replica firearms may be transported in checked baggage… Read more »

Paul Brown

Does “locked in a hard-sided container” not mean anything to you??


The hardside suitcase is a guncase by TSA rules.
TSA misapplied clearly written rules.
Traveling with a rifle and dirty laundry in a hardside long gun case would not get a second glance.

Doug Kollar

Gee Bob, I wonder if you would be so self righteous if you found yourself in this woman’s shoes. New Jersey has stupid gun laws and common sense has been thrown in the trash. Law Enforcement is now in the position where they only want to keep their jobs by “the letter of the law”. The public, the media and special intrest is all stacked up against them. God forbid they are allowed to use their own judgement, the beat cop has all the responsibility but no authority to manage the flow of traffic on their beat. Hey Bob, if… Read more »

Paul Mason

Sickness prevails, New Jersey style.

Tonys Take

I can’t believe the liberal/progressives support this madness. Indeed, liberalism is a mental disorder.