Replay XD & GunDealio Add Innovation, Excitement to Starlight 3 Gun Championship

Starlight 3 Gun Championship
Starlight 3 Gun Championship

West Virginia –-( Spectators, competitors and sponsors at the Starlight 3 Gun Championship September 23-25 2015 at the Peacemaker National Training Center in Gerrardstown, West Virginia, will be the first to see a pair of new companies’ products that will make the most exciting and entertaining event in shooting sports even more fun.


As the nation’s top 3-gun shooters are compete across the stages of the only national major shooting competition contested entirely at night, they’ll represent the convergence of shooting sports, entertainment and information technolgies via two of the event’s unique partners: ReplayXD and GunDealio.

Replay XD cameras will be covering them as they make their way over the six unique courses of fire with dozens of their high-definition video cameras offering both spectators and shooters a look at the high-energy sport like they’ve never seen before. Replay XD’s durable, reliable and high-definition action cameras will also be available for shooters who want to actually watch their runs from their perspective- then review their results via Replay’s on-site technology.

“Replay has covered many of the most extreme sports in the world,” says Starlight 3 Gun organizer Jim Shepherd, “but this will be their first venture into professional shooting. We are absolutely certain they’ll do their usual job and knock this one out of the park.”

And spectators and competitors will also have unique opportunities to learn about Replay and the other sponsors via GunDealio ( One of the hottest new ideas in the shooting world’s outdoor space, GunDealio is a smartphone-based application that brings shooters great deals when they visit GunDealio’s participating dealers.

For the Starlight 3 Gun, GunDealio is treating the Peacemaker National Training Center as one of their retail locations, creating a digital domain where spectators, shooters and sponsors with the GunDealio app on their smartphone will be offered changes to claim prizes or take advantages of “dealios” not available anywhere outside the event.

“We’ve been putting together some terrific opportunities based on GunDealio,” Shepherd says, “one lucky shooter will have their entry fee handed back to them- in cash, and there will be terrific one-time offers for shooters, spectators and fans who have GunDealio loaded into their smartphone.”

“Our goal is to popularize the concept of athletic shooting competitions by making events entertaining to shooters, non-shooters and spectators – and to do that, we’re amping up the entertainment value without sacrificing safety,” says Shepherd. “With thumping music, fog, strobe lights, pyrotechnics, and special effects, it’s a true ‘event’ – but it will primarily showcase the skills of our shooting professionals. Young people who see this events will want to become shooting pros because they’ll see a sport that integrates shooting skills with athleticism.”

A limited number of professional and amateur shooting slots still remain for the event. Three gun shooters and companies wanting to take advantage of the unique opportunity can learn more at