Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations is The Real News

By John Farnam

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( The Real News:

While BHO pseudo-sanctimoniously squeals, and lies, about “gun violence,” his true goal is to end all private gun ownership in America by us plebeians, the unwashed masses, as defined by his gang of liberal ‘know-betters.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Israel’s arsenal of nuclear-tipped Jericho III IRBMs, that can whack any target in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, and even most of the US, sit poised in extremely hard, camouflaged silos. The can also be launched from trucks and railroad cars.

Israelis also have a fleet of German-built, diesel-electric submarines deployed in the Mediterranean. Each is equipped with torpedo-tube launched cruise missiles. Diesel-powered submarines are quiet and small. Hard to detect!

Like China, Israel never discuses their nuclear arsenal under any circumstances. In addition, they don’t engage in treaty-making, nor ask permission to do anything.

Current “leadership” in both Iran and the USA may have miscalculated!

Ben N ( Benjamin Netanyahu ) will fight, when pushed to the wall. No one knows when, nor where, it will end!

Ben N’s speech at the UN yesterday was marvelous!

Oh, that we had righteous and competent leadership like that here!

Being right half the time beats being half-right all the time.” ~ Malcolm Forbes



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Elder Ambassador
Elder Ambassador
6 years ago

The only democratically elected regime in the entire region and one of our Greatest allies.

As to the slurs by Gerrie, that was years ago. They could have waited and intercepted the information sent by Slick to the Chinese and had even more modern and more complete designs.

Robert W. Gerrie
Robert W. Gerrie
6 years ago

Let`see now, Attack the USS. Liberty resulting in American casualties. Steal nuclear secrets from the U.S. Certainly doesn`t appear to be the ingredients necessary to build a trust based relationship.