New Hunting Gear from NFL Quarterback Mike Kafka – The Inferno Hand Pouch

The Inferno Hand Pouch by Roo Outdoor
Roo Outdoor
Roo Outdoor

Roo Outdoor is excited to announce: The Inferno Hand Pouch, a revolutionary hand warmer created by NFL Quarterback Mike Kafka (Eagles, Patriots, Buccaneers and Vikings).

The hand pouch is lightweight and contours to the shape of your body, as opposed to bulky options currently on the market. It is perfect for hunting and even includes a specialized belt to hold 10-15 units of ammunition at the ready for a quick reload.

Mike Kafka was inspired to create The Inferno Hand Pouch after years of playing quarterback in the Big Ten at Northwestern University and the NFL. He was tired of inadequate, cumbersome hand-warming options during cold weather games.

Says Kafka: “As a Quarterback, I need to use my hands. When the weather turns for the worst, the only hand warming options were bulky. They didn’t cut it. The Inferno Hand Pouch keeps hands warm without getting in the way. When you are a serious athlete, every piece of equipment and extra weight matters. It can make a difference in your performance.”

The Inferno Hand Pouch is 7mm thick (about the width of a pencil). It is made in the USA with PolarTec insulation and a weather-resistant Neo-shield outer shell.

The Inferno Hand Pouch by Roo Outdoor
The Inferno Hand Pouch by Roo Outdoor

The Inferno Hand Pouch is priced between $49.99 – $59.99 and comes in a variety of colors.

About Roo Outdoor:

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