Lies The Gun-Prohibitionists Told Me: ALWAYS Question the Anti-Gun Media’s ‘Facts’

By Rob Morse

Lies The Gun-Prohibitionists Told Me: ALWAYS Question the Anti-Gun Media’s 'Facts'
Lies The Gun-Prohibitionists Told Me: ALWAYS Question the Anti-Gun Media’s ‘Facts’
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana- ( I think we scare the elites. Today, average folks like us can get our news from a thousand different sources. Unfiltered by the mainstream media, we witness the growing corruption between government and crony businessmen.

We see the growing gap between what the mainstream news tells us and what we see with our own eyes. We continue to live our own lives despite that government collusion and media corruption. We can’t be bought. For the most part, we can’t be pushed around. Our independence frightens the dishonest political and business elites. They want us disarmed. They want us disarmed for their benefit, not for ours.

The elite media and Democrat politicians have been working on disarming us for a while. First, they distorted the news stories about gun owners. When that didn’t change public opinion, the elites lied to us. That is why the news about armed self-defense seems so contradictory to the real world we see around us every day.

At first the media used a propaganda campaign of selective silence. The media covered the rare stories where a crazy murderer killed innocent people. Millions of us watched that story as it played for hour after hour and day after day. In contrast, only a few thousand people saw the many stories where a local shopkeeper defended himself and his customers with a gun. That media bias left us thinking that our guns were only used to kill innocent people.

The gun-ban crowd called for more gun laws after each tragic incident of public violence. We were told we would finally be safe if the anti-gun politicians pass one more law. We already have 23 thousand laws regulating gun owners, and our experience says we are not safe from violent criminals.

In short, they lie. They lie that criminals and crazies obey gun laws.

You probably saw the evidence for yourself if your friends or your family were victims of crime. We are told that the police will protect us, but the police arrived long after the thugs were gone. Maybe that was when you began to notice the few local news stories that talk about citizens using guns for self-defense. If you are like me, then those news stories caused you to question the media’s distorted perspective on the armed citizen. The stories of violence in the mainstream media stopped making sense to me.

Time and again, we saw public violence in a location that was called a “gun-free zone”. Rather than make us safer, these “gun-free zones” became a feeding ground for thieves and crazy killers. Democrat politicians said the solution was to create more and bigger “gun-free zones”. That answer might satisfy the mainstream media, but record numbers of us decided to buy a gun. We got our carry license rather than depend on a plastic sign that says “no guns allowed”.

We saw their gun control fail. We saw the highest rates of violent crime in our Democrat cities, the same cities with the strictest regulations on honest firearms owners.

Their gun control failed.. so the anti-gun elites had to invent their own facts.

Anti-gun billionaires paid university professors to write reports. They said you should be disarmed for your own good. As an example, the professors claimed there is an explosion of violent crime with a gun in schools. To make that claim, they had to include any crime within the 1000 foot “gun-free zone” around any school. That covers kindergarten through college, and they also added in pre-schools and daycare centers. Today, those “gun-free zones” covere most of our major cities. The professors counted an old man’s suicide attempt as a school attack if it happened somewhere in that gun-free zone.

Map Of San Francisco Gun Free Zones
Map Of San Francisco Gun Free Zones

Violent crime has fallen according to the FBI, but the gun-prohibitionists invented new definitions to show increased violence at schools. They lied to us. Again, our experience doesn’t match what we see on the news.

The anti-rights billionaires also funded departments of public health at major universities. These paid academics said guns are a public danger. They had to torture the data to reach that conclusion. Even with those hired experts, the gun prohibitionists couldn’t buy all the people all the time. The government’s own Center for Disease Control shows that accidental gun deaths have continued to fall even while gun ownership has soared.

Firearm Homicide 2010
Firearm Homicide 2010

The anti-gun billionaires hired their own public relations firm. They created an entire news organization to publicize their purchased research. That is particularly important since it lets the mainstream media evade responsibility when the anti-gun news report is later discredited.

The news media is supposed to protect democracy by honestly reporting news. Since the media is so biased, we have to find the facts for ourselves. Be skeptical of the media when their reports don’t match what you observe with your own eyes. The media is for sale, and they slant the news.. particularly against gun owners.


About Rob Morse: Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. He is also an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Ammoland does it’s fair share of lying also.

“”Even worse, Romney signed a law to permanently ban many semi-automatic firearms.””

This is a total lie, as the Orginal weapons ban was never had an expiration data, yet Ammoland found it necessary to put this lie in the above article.


Here is the original Bill signed by Cellucci, find the part where this Bill is set to expire.


“Gun-free” school zones do not include colleges, at least under federal law.
It’s only grades 1-12.
Some states might include kindergarten, some might also make colleges criminal-empowerment zones, but federal law does not.

Gregory Romeu

Excellent response Dana, however, as often found, “You can lead people to knowledge, but you can’t make them THINK!”


You are 100% correct Dana, excellent comment.


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The “job” the Bradys took over, now under the “stewardship” of current president Dan Gross and a new crop of totalitarian lobbyists, was articulated by the organization’s founder, Pete Shields, back before the group decided they had to change their name from “Handgun Control, Inc.” to something that hid their true intentions. Here’s what Shields told The New Yorker back in 1976: We’re going to have to take one step at a time, and the first step is necessarily — given the political realities — going to be very modest. . . . [W]e’ll have to start working again to… Read more »


These poor soles are so intent on telling us we need to change our way of living, they themselves have become so misguided with their way of living. They have become what they are trying to change all of us into. Frightened people
that have forgotten how to live for themselves and want all of us to become like them. It is sad, very sad to have so few trying to convert all of us to be unhappy too.