SIG SAUER P226 Air Pistol Wins On Target Editors’ Choice Award

Sig even manufactures their own P226 air gun models as of this year.
SIG SAUER P226 Air Pistol Wins On Target Editors’ Choice Award
Sig Sauer

Newington, NH -( The new SIG SAUER P226 Advanced Sport Pellet (ASP) air pistol has been named Editors’ Choice by On Target magazine.

In the December 2015/January 2016 issue, the editors of On Target wrote, “What would you give for a CO2 powered, semi-automatic, .177 Cal. pellet pistol that looked just like, weighed about the same as, had all the same controls – including the trigger system – and fit in the same holster as your center-fire P226? How about $110.99? …….. For our money (and not much of that), this is the absolute best practice gun available for P226 shooters.”

Sig P226 - Black
SIG P226 semi-automatic ASP air pistol – Black

The SIG P226 semi-automatic ASP air pistol is ideal for training with the added benefit of reduced cost and minimal noise. SIG SAUER also offers a semi-auto P250 air pistol in addition to semi-auto SIG MPX and SIG MCX air rifles. These world-class CO2-powered pistols and rifles are a new breed of firearms for training and recreation.

“We are honored to have the new SIG P226 Advanced Sport Pellet air pistol win the On Target Editors’ Choice Award,” said Dani Navickas, product manager for the SIG ASP Air Division. “We designed our initial offering of airguns to look and feel like SIG SAUER centerfire guns, with similar weight and trigger pull for training purposes, and appreciate the recognition of our efforts by the On Target team.”

Ben Battles, editor of On Target magazine, said, “Editors’ Choice Awards are reserved for the best of the best new products—those which demonstrate outstanding technical achievement and/or represent an extraordinary value for the money.”

SIG P226 semi-automatic ASP air pistol - FDE
SIG P226 semi-automatic ASP air pistol – FDE :

SIG SAUER Advanced Sport Pellet airguns are designed and engineered to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles. Each SIG SAUER airgun goes through rigorous testing before entering the market. This stringent quality control process ensures that professionals who train with these airguns experience exceptional performance.

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