AFRA Board Members to Defend Gun Retailers at CNN Obama Town Hall

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American Firearms Retailers Association (AFRA)

Alexandria, Virginia – -( American Firearms Retailers’s (AFRA) Board of Directors fought to secure seats inside CNN’s town hall meeting with President Obama in order to raise the concerns of, and defend the right of America’s firearms retailers and ranges.

American Firearms Retailers is made up of brick and mortar firearm retailers and range owners dedicated to ensuring law abiding Americans have access to firearms, training and support. While also finding substantive solutions to ensuring that firearms do not end up in the hands of criminals, the mentally ill and terrorists.

For too long, those in the gun debate have stood at polar opposite ends of the issue and screamed at each other while firearms retailers struggle to keep their doors open. It is time to sit and have a frank and honest discussion on what can be done to reduce gun violence without restricting the rights of law abiding citizens and without placing firearms retailers at a disadvantage.

AFRA members are small business owners and community leaders who stand a counter width away from firearms consumers. But more often than not, it is the retailers who stand alone and must decide if the purchaser is a law abiding citizen exercising their Constitutional rights or someone with mental problems or criminal intent.

Far too often the political left demonizes firearms retailers and the political right ignores these key players and it is time for this to change or retailers will continue to disappear from the American landscape.

For or more information, or to join on the American Firearms Retailers, visit, or call 844-687-2372.

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AFRA did a very good job representing retailers. He spoke easily, fluently and kept to topic. It is too bad that the NRA was either too arrogant or incompetent to be there and represent it’s members. NRA fail.