CT: Police ‘Gotta Cover Our Ass’ on Open Carry ~ VIDEO

CT: Police 'Gotta Cover Our Ass' on Open Carry ~ VIDEO
CT: Police ‘Gotta Cover Our Ass’ on Open Carry ~ VIDEO

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten
Dean Weingarten

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- The First and Second Amendments protect and reinforce each other.

In a free society, there is always pressure to expand the power of the government to suppress freedom of speech.  Those in power, for the last 100 years, have been infringing on our right to bear arms, and claiming that those who support the Second Amendment are kooks, in an attempt to suppress our First Amendment rights.

With the voice provided by the First Amendment and the Internet, brave activists have been rolling back those attacks on the First and Second Amendments, and have been winning important victories.

Michael Picard is one such activist in Connecticut.  It takes a brave man to stand up to several Connecticut State Troopers, and calmly and rationally demand his rights.  It takes more guts to decide to continue the fight in court, when an easy out is offered.

Here are the words of Michael Picard:

Back on Friday, September 11th, 2015, in West Hartford, CT, I was illegally detained, frisked and searched, and my gun, permit and camera were seized, I was threatened with arrest for interfering (apparently, freedom of speech passes for interfering), and the Connecticut State Police fabricated a story, on camera, to trump up the charges because they needed to charge me with something (“Let’s give him something.”) to cover their ass (“Gotta cover our ass.”), charging me with “creating a public disturbance” for legally open carrying my firearm and “negligent pedestrian” for legally holding up a sign on public property, as well as being threatened with arrest (again) if I did not pay the fine. I was detained for 40 minutes and charged for nothing more than legally open carrying and holding up a sign on public property. I never touched my gun once and I am a legal gun owner. My lawyer and I went to the first court appearance back on Thursday, January 14th, 2016, where the prosecutor offered a $25 fine, in lieu of the original $300 fine, to make the case go away. I rejected the deal because I did nothing wrong. As of now, the prosecutor has not dropped the case despite having video evidence of police misconduct. The trial date has been set for Monday, April 25th, 2016, at 9:30am, at the New Britain courthouse (20 Franklin Sq., New Britain, CT).

The video speaks for itself.  I found particularly chilling the words of an Unidentifed Trooper:

“And then claim that, um, in backup, we had multiple people,um, they didn’t want to stay and give us a statement, so we took our own course of action.”

There are several felonies in that statement.  It shows how far down the path to a police state we have gone. There is obstruction of justice.  There is conspiracy.  There is denial of rights under color of law.  And, I am not a lawyer.

See the video, decide for yourself.

Sure, the police have a tough job.

But it is not too much to ask that they follow the rules. If the rules are too complex for them, they are far too complex for those who are not lawyers, and need to be rolled back.  It appears to me that Michael did not break any laws.  He is an activist.  In our litigious society, he has to be very careful that he does not break the rules.  He knows he has a target on his back.  The police did not like what he was doing, but even they admitted that what he was doing was legal, on the video.

If the prosecution is smart, they will cut a deal now, including a cash settlement and retraining for the police department.  It is likely to be the cheapest that they will get out of the situation.

Think of yourself on a jury, in Connecticut, not that far from where the Freddie Grey incident occurred.  Consider listening to the police discussing how they will concoct charges against you.  It might not happen.  In Detroit, a judge ruled that such video, from a dash cam, could not be seen by jurors.  In that case, the jury found the open carrier not guilty, very quickly, without the dash cam video.  But Connecticut is not Detroit.

We need activists to keep the police honest.  Digital recorders and the Internet are helping make that happen.  The police could simply have ignored Michael and done nothing, as it appears they should have done.  Or, they could have calmly approached him and asked what he was doing.

Instead, the video shows that they concocted a scheme to harass Michael with false charges to “Cover their Ass”.  It is a grave miscarriage of justice, and it should not be tolerated.

The police work for us.  We are not their servants or their serfs. Even in Connecticut.

©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.  Link to Gun Watch

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Philip Van Cleave

How did this case turn out?


Criminal charges dismissed. Federal lawsuit against Troopers filed this past week.

William Harrington

NevertoQuit- Yours is probably one of the best responses I have read on any comment section in many of the various news letters and articles which support both the 1st and 2nd Amendments.


I’ll bet Lt Vance of Newtown fame could come up with a plausible charge …. how about “You tell the correct story or I’ll have you in handcuffs” … or something similar!


They forced us Southerners to get rid of our flag …. now it is time to force Connecticut to rid itself of the “Constitution State” moniker — which it certainly is not!


The reveloution…….is coming….b ready..


Any thoughts as to why our US AG and the US DOJ haven’t shown much interest in investigating these circumstances and this event?


Yes, the cops broke the law, the audio from the camera proves that much. But for all the folks insulting Swampeast and Brandal, you’re the fools that will die first IF the government starts taking away our guns. The smart ones collect your ammo and take a smarter fighting position. Fools like you rush into battles, it’s the wise know when to fight and when it’s best to wait for the right moment to strike. Michael was a dumbass (who might get some $$ outta this… so maybe not so dumb) and the cops are even dumber. But many of… Read more »


It’s LEOs like these that give the whole LE Community a bad name. I spent 9-years wearing the badge as a part-time Volunter. What I learned during that time is LEOs can generally be broken up into 3 Categories (but not necessarily distributed equally between the three): – The ones who want to truly serve their community. – The ones who are looking at their duty as nothing more than a source of income. – The ones who have huge egos and like the “power” and authority that goes with the badge. It is the last category these guys seem… Read more »



You copsuckers are everywhere !



Where does it say a citizen cannot display a sign ?

You copsuckers are all alike…..always ready to defend the indefensible. The “stupid” folks are those like yourself who grovel at the feet of the badged thugs.


CT and NY are just two places that I would never go to even on a bet ! How the hell anyone can live in those shitholes I don’t have a clue ! When the good people who live in these shitholes are traveling and someone asked them where they are from what do you say ? Do they tell the truth or lie ? I would have to lie !


The cops sound like the cowboys in Oregon that shoot first and then blame the victim…I can work both ways now….


I think it is because CT is such a tiny state….. *roll eyes*


When FB rejects your share, you can Send as Message to individuals.


in attempting to share only a blank is visible. thanks facebook.


If you go anywhere near N.J.,N.Y.,Ct.,R.I. or Mass. please check laws very carefully as the LEO’s may have an agenda. Most LEO’s are just doing their job, but a few bad apples make it through the academy.Unfortunate those few Stormtroopers give discredit to the rest.


I’m 66 years “young.” Today, more than any other time in my life I fear my “govern”ment. And that is truly sad. As a former Marine, and having served my local communities for 25 years in the criminal justice system, it is terribly disappointing to continue to see such corruption at all levels of our government, local, state, and federal. Nowadays, whenever I plan a trip outside of my home state of Texas, I do my due dilligence and check the reputation of and the laws of any state I might have to drive through and avoid those that compromise… Read more »


Michael Piccard is a confrontational attention seeking dumbass. He states one of the reasons he is doing this is because check points cost to much money. What is a human life worth? If the check point stops drunks from driving around potentially killing someone then who really cares. If he is worried about wasteful spending he should take up a better endeavor like the governments wasteful spending on entitlement programs, keep expensive illegals out, stop paying women to have ten kids from ten different fathers, etc. With the amount of cops being shot at a person has to be short… Read more »


Brandal, just go stick your head back in the sand. That’ll leave your a$$ is the proper position for the screwing you so richly deserve.

Sgt VT

Personal experience shows this to be sop with police (they are not law enforcement -they are criminals with guns). The so called justice system is a fraud and only a system for theft,self-aggrandizing, and political suppression of the population for the benefit of the elite (lawyers and judges are a private club-you can only become one if you are accepted by them,take their training (law school),pass their tests (bar exam ),and work for their aims(life sentence in”super-max”for passing the bar exam in Illinois if they disagree with you)). Recording police is a felony and the evidence is inadmissible in court… Read more »


So you think it is just okey dokey that the police violate some one constitutional rights if you think they deserve it. Well like I always say opinion are like aholes every one has one.

VT Patriot

SInce the SAndy Hook false flag, the libs in CT have driven most firearns manufacturers out of the state. I visit my GF in CT, stop by a few of the bigger gun stores but can’t even buy a box of 22’s to bring home. I need some special ‘permit to purchase ($35.00) just to buy something to bring home. Shall not be infringed?????
Companies gone include Remington, Winchester, Marlin, Mossberd, StagArms, and a major part of Colt. Well done Malloy, well done…


I’m glad I’m out of that so called Constitution State, can’t stand the corruption, Blessings to us all.


CONNECTICUT is one of the most corrupt States in America! This Democratic Governor and Democratic Legislature have caused great harm to the people of this State, from destroying the Federal and State Constitutions, to taxation without representation (no matter what they tell you it really is NO REPRESENTATION)! They interrupt the Constitution and laws in accordance with what they WISH not what the law says or what the people wish! Malloy’s head is so far up Obama’s ass you can’t see where the neck ends and shoulders begin! If I could sell my house I’d be out of here faster… Read more »

Street Survivor

Here in Governor [D] im witt,.Danell Malloy ‘s Collectivist fiefdom of Ct. CSP Lt. Paul.Vance. has stated that the state police are the masters and the citizens who pay their salary are the serfs. [ You tube video.]The police willingly serve their masters the Collectivists , politicians and their illegal unconstitutional laws, They seem to have forgotten their oaths.To preserve and protect the Constitution/America from all enemy’s both foreign and domestic. I guess a pay check and a pension mean more. So if the state police feel this way. Bet you’re last $ the local LEO’s feel the same as… Read more »


You were stupid for holding a sign saying cops ahead exposing their speed trap or check point for drunk drivers or what ever they were there for. You brought this trouble upon yourself. You need to get some common sense about you and unfortunately you can buy it.


Brandal wants a job with the gestapo


This is that hope and change they talked about….


Velkom to Connecticut, home of ze good police officers–now shut up or ve vill kill you! Hummmmmm, check out what the einstatzgruppen was, what its job was and then know that just under 50 percent of its members were German law enforcement–seriously true and sad and something to remember. But one thing open carry folks must realize (I support them) is that even though they may have the right to carry open–if it causes citizens to be scared or whatever–it then can be construed to be causing a public disturbance or other elements of the law similar — it can… Read more »


Is it too much to ask the police to KNOW the laws they are breaking???


Sad Day. And they wonder why you just don’t trust them (Police). They are so ignorant of the law, and trying to drum up charges to cover their asses: OVER THE TOP.

Kirk Alley

CT. & MA. & NY. & PA. All have a certain distinguishing cultural dark thread running through a beautiful part of the United States— use your imagination to I weave the distinguishing factor


As a former Constable in Kentucky, I can tell you exactly what doing away with Constitutional Peace Officers (Sheriffs, in this case) means.
Now the people have no say in their police practices at all. It becomes a gestapo organization.


Excellent story, Dean. I was a policeman for 35 years here in the West, and I’m embarrassed by the behavior of policemen like those in Connecticut. And these people are State Police, who should be the elite officers but clearly are not. It’s shameful. I will say, in defense of policemen in general that do pursue their duties fairly and honestly, that they aren’t the ones coming up with these onerous laws. Politicians enact and task the police with enforcement. But it’s not like the old days, when a cop had discretion to give people a “pass” with a quick… Read more »

Chris Mallory

Every one of these cops need to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Tin Top

And they wonder why people are afraid of, and hate police. Even when you obay the law if for some reason they don’t like what you are doing or for no reason at all they will make up a reason to harass, ticket, illegally detain or even arrested you. Lesson learned. Know your rites, the law and ALWAYS ALWAYS HAVE A CAMERA to record ALL interactions with the police.


Interesting Connecticut is the only state without sheriffs. They outlawed them years ago. What does that tell you?


I fled “the Constitution” State about 2 years ago, glad I am out of that anti American toilet.
The police their do a good job of mirroring local politics. The whole state is run by leftist, traitors, avoid visiting at all cost.