IDENTILOCK Smart Gun Lock – Answers President Obama’s Call for a Smart Gun

IDENTILOCK smart gun lock
IDENTILOCK smart gun lock


Detroit, MI – -( After three years of development, the IDENTILOCK smart gun lock will be available for online purchase on Jan. 6th, 2016 5 PM ET.

The revolutionary device, produced by Sentinl, uses fingerprint technology to allow split-second access to a gun only for authorized users.

IDENTILOCK clamps to the firearm, preventing access until activated by the authorized fingerprint. Multiple sets of fingerprints can be authorized to unlock the gun, allowing access to trusted users. Designed for versatility and to fit virtually every gun, a full list of compatible firearms is available online here.

“IDENTILOCK is a solution that allows responsible firearm owners to protect themselves and their families at the same time,” said IDENTILOCK inventor Omer Kiyani.

Kiyani, a Detroit-based automotive safety engineer, whose advisers include Tom Lasorda, former CEO of Chrysler, enlisted a multi-disciplined team of designers and engineers to create a safety mechanism that allows instant gun access while prioritizing reliability. IDENTILOCK’s technology includes fingerprint authentication similar to the iPhone 6.

IDENTILOCK’s latching mechanism uses technology NASA’s chose for Mars Rover to create a device able to withstand hundreds of pounds of physical force.

IDENTILOCK inventor Omer Kiyani
IDENTILOCK inventor Omer Kiyani

The device… expends a half a year’s worth of battery life before needing recharging. All design and manufacturing takes place in Detroit and IDENTILOCK is built on the same assembly lines used by major automotive OEMs.

“As a gun owner myself, I understand how IDENTILOCK must be completely reliable,” he said. “Through my own expertise and network, I’ve incorporated only the most advanced technology designed by the nation’s best safety engineers to create a product that works effectively, every time.”

Kiyani created IDENTILOCK by winning Smart Tech Challenges Foundation Firearms Challenge – a Silicon Valley- based gun safety organization cofounded by Ron Conway, and the backing of IncWell venture capital firm. As a gunshot survivor, he said IDENTILOCK is a product everyone can get behind.

“I wanted to create a simple solution that everyone can get behind. Gun owners are most compelled to reduce accidents related to firearms. I knew IDENTILOCK couldn’t be built in a garage, so I got backing of industry giants.”

The device costs $319 and is available for purchase online, with an expected delivery date in summer 2016. IDENTILOCK achieved a major milestone in American history by being the first ever Gun Safety Technology Startup to exhibit at CES 2016 Jan. 6-9. In addition it will also be exhibiting at SHOT Show 2016 Jan. 19-22 2016 in Las Vegas.

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  • 21 thoughts on “IDENTILOCK Smart Gun Lock – Answers President Obama’s Call for a Smart Gun

    1. With this lock I can move my firearm from closets to nightstand. More easy access to defend my family.

    2. Good lord they got a lot of stupid people in this world God help us. I set my pre order in nice to have something to prevent others from using your firearm.

    3. Obama probably owns stock in the company! You would be surprised how many in congress against guns, carry guns! I

    4. I think this is a great item and will put one on everyone of my guns. Right after the Secret Service, ATF, FBI, NSA, put one on theirs. Oh and include all congressmen/women and Senators and Mikey Mouse Blumturds body guards also.

    5. Did anyone else notice it was just over 2 seconds from finger on reader to lock deactivation? When seconds count and the adrenaline surge hits, are you really going to hold your finger still while waiting for this to read? Not likely and when the BG notices you pointing something even bigger at him, since his gun is already out and up, you die and the liberal left wins again because the criminal is safe from his intended victim.

    6. While the product is not for me, it sounds great. There will be homes with a firearm now that were unprotected before. Dad was afraid that his kid might find it or a robber might find it etc. That person now may gather the balls to do what is right and purchase a weapon.

    7. “Hold on, Mr robber. My gun lock ran outta juice so I need to recharge it. One moment, please. Can I get you some coffee while we wait?”

    8. This is a joke. We already have instant access biometric safes for handguns and even long guns. This is a duplication of existing products and in some cases more expensive than the gun being secured. Any electronic lock has the potential to fail and to fail at the worst possible moment.

    9. but if your exalted, highness, commander-in-chief, ruler “miss ohomo”
      demands and decree’s that you should have it, you “MUST OBEY” !!!!!

    10. Nothing new, except for the outrageous price and giving the anti-Constitution crowd the impression that this technology is possible. So what if you’re wearing gloves or your hands were dirty because you were cleaning? Are people supposed to install one of these in every room of the house?

      Quit pandering to the left already!!

    11. And just who does he expect to sell this to at $319, I have 5 handguns that would need this if I was to purchase, so over 1500 that is why I lock them in a safe. Unless the price comes down to something more affordable I don’t think they are going to see much call for this device at all. Price your product for the general market, and then maybe you will sell a few.

      1. If you can afford to buy a gun you can afford to buy this enough said. Besides all you need is one outside safe with smart lock.

    12. Yup and the same negligent owners who “forget” to lock up their guns are somehow going to “remember” to lock it up with these?

    13. Mrs johnston we here at acme finger print readers forgots to tell ya their was a recall on your reader from detroit, and were really sorry about mr johnston, we sent flowers…….

    14. All design and manufacturing takes place in Detroit and IDENTILOCK is built on the same assembly line

      WAIT WAIT…. DETROIT….. CARS? That have recalls? Wonder if their hackable….. criminals everywhere will turn your gun off…… yep let’s put your life on the line with a first gen fingerprint reader…… whoo hoo

      Oh were sorry mrs johnson about your husband, the power surge blew the reader and well, you need anything else?

    15. So it’s a glorified trigger lock with a price tag that few can afford and no one wants to pay. No thanks.

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