Iran, Our Sailors – I Am Not Buying It

By Major Van Harl
Always Watch the Persians
NOTE: Date Corrections ~ AmmoLand Editor

U.S. sailors kneeling on the deck of their patrol boat in January 2016.
U.S. sailors kneeling on the deck of their patrol boat in January 2016.
Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

United States -( I am old enough to remember the USS Pueblo incident back in 1967 1968 when the North Korean communists attacked a US Naval ship and took hostages on the high seas.

One sailor was killed and 82 were held captive and tortured by the North Koreans for eleven months and President Johnson did nothing. In June of 1968 1967 the USS Liberty was attacked by the nation of Israel with repeated air and torpedo boat attacks that resulted in 34 Sailors, Marines and contract civilians being murdered on the high seas and President Johnson did nothing.

In both cases Navy fighter aircraft could have come to the rescue, but good old LBJ (Johnson) either refused to launch the aircraft or recalled the fighters already in the air. In November of 1979 the Iranians (Persians) attacked the US Embassy. They took American civilians and military members hostage for 444 days and President Carter only made a bigger mess by getting American military killed in the desert in a failed (no, botched) hostage rescue attempt.

The USS Pueblo is still floating, tied up at a North Korean pier and used as a museum to show all of the good little communists just how the past and current Democratic US presidents have allowed America to become weak and continue to be weak. So now the US Navy has two of its riverine command boats taken by the Persians on the high seas. What were these shallow water, coastal small boats doing in the middle of the Persian Gulf? First I heard that both boats developed mechanical problems–well I suggest incompetence or sabotage if that is true. Then it was one boat had propulsion problems–that is what a tow line is for.

The functioning boat, tows the non-functioning boat to safety and if you see Persians coming, you do it as fast as you can. Then it was a navigational aid failure problem, and the poor sailors did not know where they were. You are telling me no one on those two boats had a simple compass that they could have figured out which way was west, and then hauled butt as fast as they can to the Kuwait coastline when the Persians showed up on the ocean horizon?

These were armed US Navy vessels and they failed to fight to prevent being boarded by Persians. They turned over their boats to a hostile nation’s navy without a shot fired. As usual, when this happens, I question what politically correct senior Navy officer made the decision not to send aircraft? Ah yes, shades of USS Pueblo and USS Liberty, low ranking sailor boys and in this case sailor girls do not count–they are expendable.

Persians after taking our military members could just as easily have kept them for months as political pawns.

Something you need to keep in mind, Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims are much better at killing each other than killing western infidels. So here is a little public math question, what equals what?

Barack Obama’s father was a Shiite Muslim. Barack Obama writes in his books about following his father’s Shiite dreams, not his own dreams. The Persians are Shiite Muslims–Persians equal Iran. Re-read the previous two sentences and tell me what that might equal. Then look at how hard and how fast Obama is giving away the farm to the Persians–the Shiite Persians. The Persians are laughing at us on Iranian TV and radio. They cannot believe how naive the US political system is at capitulating to Iran to the detriment of the US, and of course the Sunni-Arab Muslim countries.

It is really not that hard to fathom, if you are pro-Shiite that equals to pro-Persian, which equals to pro-Iran.

Now, if you are a first generation born American (on dad’s side), descended from the Shiite religion and more importantly a Shiite political belief, regardless of whatever religion you claim to be currently involved in, do you think you might side with the Persians over the Arabs? The Arab-Sunni world is scared of the Shiite Persians. They, however, are not laughing at America and what Obama is giving away to the Persians, they are so scared they are willing to work with Israel. I smell a rat, and I question why those small coastal patrol craft were even in the middle of the Persian Gulf. I want to hear the un-redacted report on just what was communicated between the two Navy boats and their senior leadership at the time of the crisis on the high seas. Also who gave the original order to send those boats in the direction of the Persians in the first place?

In the Christian world you are taught in Sunday school and by watching Hollywood feed martyrs to the lions in Roman coliseums, that you will surrender your life to the lions and your oppressors, before you deny your God and his Son. In the Muslim world the ends justify the means, and if you need to temporarily deny your God (Allah and Islam) to fool the infidels that is allowed (it is called taqiyya). Somehow Christians fail to grasp that people of other religions might lie about their beliefs to better their cause.

After Hitler was destroyed, many said that they never saw it coming—did they not read his book, he told them what he was going to do? Did you read Obama’s books?

If it is Shiite, it will bite, and when it is done biting the Sunnis (to death) it will turn its fangs to the west.

There is a reason the Greeks at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC proclaimed to the Persians, “Molon labe”– come and take them. The Persians even before they became Shiite Muslims were the invaders and suppressors of that region. This will not improve when they get a nuke.

Major Van Harl USAF Ret.
[email protected]

nuclear dead bodies
The Persians even before they became Shiite Muslims were the invaders and suppressors of that region. This will not improve when they get a nuke.

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:

Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School.  A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI.  His efforts now are directed at church campus safely and security training.  He believes “evil hates organization.”  [email protected]

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Tom, you are correct about the date, it was June 8, 1967 to be precise. But your are very wrong about the “matter of minutes” unless you are talking about 90 minutes, and even then there were still Israeli helos hovering overhead until nearly two hours later. Did I say Israel attacked the Liberty, Yes, the did, a very vicious, sustained attack that was intended to sink it, It started with three fighter jets firing cannon and heat seeking missiles and napalm, to set the ship afire, that went on for 25 minutes, then four motor torpedo boats arrived to… Read more »


Major, The USS Liberty was attacked in June 1967, not 1968, during the Arab Israeli war of 1967 and there were no near by Navy fighter aircraft . The attack was over in the matter of minutes. I know, I was on duty at the time.


Everyone is missing the connection. In the midst of US and Iran negotiations from the recent nuclear pact/agreement. This administration created this situation to make a “nice nice public service announcement” on how great the Iran and US relations are, on the eve the US releasing 1.7 billion dollars to support additional acts of terrorism around the world.

Take a look at this CNN report and listen to how sec. of state kerry lays it out.

It was a nice run for the American republic.


I’m wondering if they “allowed” the boats to get captured in order to have justification to transfer more $$ as ransom; money that would have made the “deal” with Iran even more outrageous and would have possibly made the “deal” so onerous that Congress would have had no choice but to act to scuttle it?


Missed in this conversation is –WHO is the most trusted advisor to BHO? Does the Iranian Vallerie Jarrett ring any bell? Anyone?




Yes Sir, Oldfart is 110% correct in his post.

I guess the other poster must have been asleep in history class, LBJ was POTUS at the time.

Sheila Vucci

LBJ was President from 11/22/1963 – j/20/1969.


You need to study presidential history skipper schneider. Nixon was elected in Nov ’68, but did not take office until Jan ’69. I believe that makes LBJ the president in ’68.


The author of this article needs do some better research. Barack Obama’s REAL DAD is a man named Frank Marshall Davis who was a Communist. Just look at a picture or Frank and Obama’s mom and then a picture of Barack and you can see the resemblance. Barack Obama Jr looks nothing like his so called father Barack Obama Sr. As far as Iran goes, they have actually been helping Assad along with the Russians fight ISIS while our “Angelic” government along with other western perpetrators have been supplying weapons and logistics to the radical terrorists known as ISIS and… Read more »


Persia is no longer a country. What are you going on about Iran in the title and then talking about North Korea and ?? Persia??? None of this makes a lick of sense.

Dave Brown

I really did not read it all as way to much info in a short space, and of course errors which are common, and a very one sided point of view which is redundant. I know it all started with our sailors being detained overnight. Now I will assume if someone crossed into our waters the Coast Guard would do about the same thing until they have time to figure out what is what. If for some odd reason they made it by the Coast Guard, a large port’s Harbor Police would have done the same dang thing. In fact… Read more »


This was a special mission. They had all types of military grade GPS and other navigation goodies on BOTH boats–no way “lost”, and the engine konk out was not “real”–both boats started up perfectly the next day for release. I suspect the mission, based on my own Sneaky Pete days in the military, but let’s just say our folks did good and their commander did and said exactly the right thing under current Code of Conduct as well as SERE training.


Wow! Looking at the comments, typical st’oo’pid Americans come to mind.

Stay on topic.

This event was either planned or created by the Obama Administration by leaking classified info to Iran. More likely it was some kind of transfer of either weapons, intelligence, or high level enemy.
Two NAVY boats do not fail at the same time. A Boston Whaler does not take a combat ready boat hostage. Multiple GPS devices do not fail at the same time. AND NAVY SAILORS DO NOT CARRY PASSPORTS on any regular basis period. So this was a planned event nothing less…..

Curtis Falls

Just put the w w w in front of this:

Curtis Falls

Here is how two US Navy boats ended up in Iranian territorial waters:

I highly recommend that everyone (esp. US Navy brass) read it.


@skipper Schneider, I think LBJ was Pres from 63-69


according to a news article out of the UK..the ministry of defense says the two boats were transporting a dead isis leader to Kuwait..the boats were over taken by Iranians, the Carrier Truman was enroute when ordered to back away…the incident actually happened DEC.29, 2015..U.S version is two lose contact and drift into Iranian waters..


I read the comments left and it reminds me of why Irans leaders laugh at us . You take the time to read the article get hung up on little details and miss the whole point. Irans leaders are in office for life. They know if they wait long enough a US President will knuckle under to try and look good.if you have ever lived over seas you know that the majority of the world laughs at our inept politicians but fear our military.

Roy Wilt

What kind of Bastard would allow this to those who serve this Country????????????
We all know that Whale Sh*t is at the bottom of the Sea! He’s lower than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What was the theme here again?


Nixon was not elected until November of 68, did not take office until January of 69. Might want to check your own drivel.

Bob Frantzen

The pueblo was captured by the North Koreans in January of 1968, not in 1967. I know, I was stationed at Camp Santa Barbara, South Korea at that time.

jack cheevers

If you want to know more about the Pueblo incident, read “Act of War: Lyndon Johnson, North Korea, and the Capture of the Spy Ship Pueblo,” by Jack Cheevers. The book won the 2014 Samuel Eliot Morison Award for Naval Literature.

skipper schneider

Not to be picky but the author is wrong or drunk when he wrote this drivel. In 1968′ LBJ was not president of any United States except in authors fuzzy mind . Try Richard Nixon.


I know this is from back in January but had to respond, I was looking for previous articles considering the information released over the last few days. Just so you know “not to be picky”, Johnson was President in 1968, Nixon won election in 1968 and took Office in 1969.