Gun Grabbers To Hold Meeting To Discuss Shutting Down Gun Shops


Gun Grabbers To Hold Meeting To Discuss Shutting Down Gun Shops
Gun Grabbers To Hold Meeting To Discuss Shutting Down Gun Shops
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois –  -( WHAT: Meeting to plan actions to shut down gun shops
WHEN: Monday, February 15, 2016, 5:00 PM
WHERE: University YMCA, 1001 S Wright St, Champaign, IL

As you know, the gun-controllers are intent on preventing the opening of new gun shops and ranges and working very hard to shut down existing gun shops and ranges.

The anti-gunners will be bringing this effort to the Champaign area next week. Top leaders from state and national “gun reform” groups will be in town to hold recruitment and planning meetings to set the stage for shutting down gun shops in central Illinois – including your favorite shops.

It's very important that you meet this threat head-on so that you may continue to enjoy your right to keep and bear arms and preserve that right for future generations.


1. Plan on attending the meeting listed above on February 15th. Get there by 4:30 so that you get a good seat. Be sure to dress “under cover” so that the gun-grabbers do not suspect that you are a gun-loving patriot. Once in the meeting, prepare to vigorously defend your 2nd Amendment rights. Enthusiastically challenge any anti-gun slander that may be uttered. If you see the media there, boldly go right up to them and let them know that you are a law-abiding American gun owner and that you will not accept any diminishments of your rights.

2. Pass this Alert along to all your friends and family – tell them to attend the meeting as well.

3. Post this alert to any and all Internet blogs and bulletin boards, and/or social media sites to which you may belong.


About Illinois State Rifle Association:

The Illinois State Rifle Association is the state's leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. Since 1903, the ISRA has represented the interests of over 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois firearm owners Visit:

  • 8 thoughts on “Gun Grabbers To Hold Meeting To Discuss Shutting Down Gun Shops

    1. YUP!
      ClinBloomWatts want to put a MILLION + people out of work, Unemployed, looking for work. That’s when Murphy’s law, the law of unintended consequences , will kick in…………
      Not just Illinois….ALL of us need to step up to the plate in all 50 States (and then some) to prevent this from happening.
      Since Scalia’s death its more important then ever……………….

    2. You must must must get involved. Show up in big numbers. Represent the gun community with integrity and do not give them the ability to label you as crazy. Prepare reasonable statements for the press so you don’t look like a bunch redneck at the trailer park after a tornado.

    3. Why is it that the most ignorant people are the most vocal
      These people have no idea the cham-pain their bringing with this crap
      If the government is behind your efforts
      Your doing something CROOKED

    4. I don’t think these gun shops are the least bit interested in shutting down. I’m confident just the opposite is true. Gun shops are making money hand over fist right now,why would they want to shut down ?

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