Do All Lives Matter? 5 Questions for the Anti-Gun Left

A gut check reminder for them, and the truth for the rest of America.
By Don McDougall

All Lives Matter
All Lives Matter
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

United States -( The anti-gun left never answers any questions. You have to BELIEVE with all your heart in their views and blindly follow their prose.

Lemming I say. So in this vein let me ask 5 questions. No spin or numerical sleight of hand. Gun owners please share this with your anti-gun friends. (You know that cute girl who friend’s convinced her that a meat eating, gun owning barbarian was wrong for her. The girl who comes by to visit every three months because her current tofu eating, Bernie voting new BF thinks cuddling and watching GIRLS is a hot date. That friend.)

Question 1. – Should people on the “no-fly-list” not have the right to own a gun?

So if what they did is so horrible that you can strip them of their constitutional rights without a judge’s review or consent, why have you not arrested these dangerous people and put them in jail? Let’s be honest we are now a LOT more like Europe. Are we working under a Napoleonic code of law. Guilty until proven innocent. Is that really what you want?

So again, if they are so dangerous that you can strip them of their constitutional rights, why are they not in jail? If you don’t think their owning guns is a good idea, I just want you to tell me why they’re not in jail?

Why not just strip them of their right to a trial and toss them in jail now? Or are some rights less equal than others? If so, who chooses? Who needs judges anyway when you can just make a list! So.. since this is now the case let me ask…..who makes the lists?

Question 2. – Why don’t any of the proposals you make save any lives?

Look at the past 10 or so mass shootings, and compare them to your proposal to “keep children safe” and not ONE SINGLE life would have been saved if your rules had been in place. Not ONE LIFE would have been saved! You know this and yet you keep repeating your restrictions over and over and over, like if you keep lying to yourself it will make it true.

How about some proposals that will change things for the better rather than the same old lines? Doesn’t it bother you that the proposals that are most important to you are also the ones that are totally ineffective? Hillary the 1980’s are calling, they want their gun policies back.

Question 3. Suicide – Why do only the people who used a gun lives’ matter?

I mean seriously – 40,000 people take their own lives ever year, but the ONLY ones you on the anti-gun left care about is the few sad souls who used a gun. Why not set up anti-depression networks and support systems and DOUBLE the number of lives you save? Why not save them ALL!

My 1st thought was that the 20,000 who did not use a gun were black so for you lefties, their lives don’t matter. But they're not all black, are they? Maybe ALL lives should matter to you.

Why is HOW someone dies more important to you than that they have passed?

Oh and if guns cause suicide (as you keep claiming) how come Japan and South Korea have more than double our suicide rates and almost zero gun ownership?

Question 4. – Why can you never get your numbers right?

It seems to gun owners you just lie about the facts. There are 30,000 gun related deaths a year. 20,000 are suicides, let’s be honest if a person really wants to succeed in suicide endeavor they will find a way. That leaves 10,000 deaths. These 10,000 deaths break out roughly like this:

  • 5,500 black on black (Almost totally gang and drug related)
  • 2,200 other gang and drug-related shooting deaths.
  • 1,800 other race people shooting each other
  • 500 Accidental Deaths

So I’ll again say that for the anti-gun left, maybe black lives don’t matter. Not one of their proposals would do ANYTHING to affect the 85% of all gun-related murders that are race, drug or gang related.

White America beats Europe, with one of the lowest gun-related death rates in the world. So does Rural America. Why does the Anti-gun left lie about the facts and why don’t black lives (really) matter? Why does the anti-gun left IGNORE the 85% of gun related murders that don’t affect white people? There is a hint of racism in their arguments and actions. Maybe only white lives DO matter to the Anti-gun left!

Question 5. – More guns do not equal more crime – why does the Anti-Gun left keep saying the opposite?

Those on the left keep saying this over and over and over; yet is is exactly the opposite. Crime with guns is down 67% over the past 20 years. Reducing by almost 1 million occurrences a year. Gun ownership is up. With 100,000,000 new guns sold in America in the past seven years, and 33%+ more people own guns in that same time frame.

So the number of guns in society are up, the number of people who own guns is up, and crime is down.

You anti-gun people do look…. well stupid, when you keep saying the exact opposite. Shouldn’t 100,000,000 new guns have almost DOUBLED the crime rate? But CRIME RATES HAVE DROPPED!

Look, we all want a safer America, and there are things we can do to reduce gun violence. The problem is not one of the things we (NRA Members) know would work, are among the list of things you want. You have adopted a political agenda that you know will not work. Your failures mean increased deaths and violence across America. You achieve the exact opposite of the goal you say you want to obtain. Facts hurt don’t they?

All the numbers here come from the FBI Unified Crime Report and the Federal Bureau Of Justice. So pass this article on, and let’s TRY to change the dialogue and educate people about the truth.

Five simple questions that the anti-gun left will not want to answer. Pass it on, force them to look at it. Help them see reality. Oh and bring that girl to a Friends of the NRA Dinner and let her see the truth about who you and who we are.

I know what many of you are going to say about my banging my head against the wall, but remember. In the 1850’s a trusted slave could own a gun, but it was a felony to teach a slave to read.

Education is the best and most effective tool to preserve our rights. Be part of the solution.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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  • 7 thoughts on “Do All Lives Matter? 5 Questions for the Anti-Gun Left

    1. The heading of the article I clicked on was “all lives matter”. Folks I have no ulterior agenda…just a simple question I want each and everyone of you to answer to yourself first before you start regurgitating the vile nonsense that has led our world into the place where the survivalist thinking is the norm these days. Particularly within the United States.

      EVERY life on this planet matters to me. Are there good and bad among us that deserve segregation from decent caring people on the planet? Of course there is!

      Our world has become all about money, power, greed, personal isolation via the internet, me, me, me…….

      Folks we can continue our segregation according to race, creed, color, nationality, personal values, religion or ANYTHING else you choose to be involved in that prevents our world from becoming a better place.

      NO, I am not a liberal extremest, I am a realist that has been in this world for the past 64 years. I am a southern US gentleman that got past my bigotry while in the military many moons ago.

      Bottom line is simply this. Respect anyone next to you willing to earn what they expect within their life. Disrespect ANYONE asking for something they are not willing to earn!

      It is so sad to watch all the stuff going on even within our own country with the random killings of our children. innocent shoppers, school kids, police, and other citizens.

      Yep, get used to it, I did not mention a race , creed or color. THIS IS ABOUT ALL LIVES MATTER YA”LL!!!!!!!!! Not this one or that one!

      Hate all you want to. Come the end of the day we all exist in the same place……………..

    2. As a retired teacher, I can say that politely confronting a school administrator about your kid being fed the neo Marxist propaganda occasionally pays off. School funding depends on enrollment and removing your kid to send to a private, charter or home schooling hits them in the pocket book. I have seen the UN flag removed from the high school campus because I and another teacher complained. The problem often lies with individual teachers, who think it is their mission to turn your child into a PC socialist. All it takes is one school board member to start turning the heat up on them. get involved and don’t roll over for liberal academia.

    3. Accepting that the conversation referred to in this article actually took place,…..
      I’ll admit, that as I write this, perhaps I’m kinda a bad mood. Keeping this in mind,…..
      So, what you’re saying is that perhaps you were able to challenge one misinformed person’s
      wrong beliefs about some firearms and gun control issues?
      Would you please let us know when you’ve had the same conversation with the rest of the hundred million Americans who have been indoctrinated to every sort of wrong concept about guns in America.
      It’s just not enough, Don. And though you mean well, it has to be said that you’re part of the problem. Sharing information which many of us already know among ourselves does no good at all. Trusting that our few and far between opportunities to disabuse the misguided by face to face contact, amounts to a drop of water in a hurricane.
      We need a strategy to get the truth about guns out to millions of Americans. We need to find a way around the propaganda machine of the Liberal Media, and the Liberal Education Establishment.
      I suggest that any passion, and energy you have in the cause of the 2ed Amendment be applied to solving this, the greatest challenge we face.

    4. I have been arguing issues related to gun control laws, with various degrees of success (largely related to how politically indoctrinated the other side is), for many years now. What I have found to be the case more and more now, is that people today tend to identify themselves (their “egos,” in psycho-speak) with their information sources. Partially because of this, they refuse to even consider, any data given to them that comes from a source they have been taught to distrust. This is true of both sides of the debate; it’s an issue in which WE are as guilty as THEY are. For example, if someone tells you that they read a gun study published in the Huffington Post (or for that matter, the Washington Post), don’t you automatically discount, or at least distrust, the claimed results? Yet we expect that same person to believe us when we quote the results of a study by John Lott. My liberal acquaintances are ALL of the opinion that Dr. Lott’s research “has been discredited,” even though they can never cite a single successful rebuttal/refutation of any of his studies or results. Honestly, I feel the same way about things I hear from the HuffPo, and I CAN quote a number of specific instances in which they were unarguably, objectively, totally wrong. No one cares; just like folks who will vote for Hillary (or Trump, for that matter) regardless of what they say or do. I have some professional background in statistical analysis, so I have actually waded through the detail in some of Dr. Lott’s work (like his excellent book, “The Bias Against Guns”), and find him to be incredibly honest, and accurate, but how many people have done that? The point is, this doesn’t seem to matter. When we all identify ourselves with our news sources, it becomes impossible to have a rational argument quoting statistics or study results, because the sources, which are mutually incompatible in their conclusions, are also considered to be unassailable by each of us. This leads to an impasse, in which the argument becomes an assault on each other’s egos, rather than a discussion about the data or conclusions themselves. This ego-assault leads to angry feelings on both sides (again, WE are as affected by this as THEY are), which in turn, leads to neither of us listening to the other, and both of us denigrating the other side’s believers in general. It also causes us to stop discussing the topic in the future. None of this is helpful. Ultimately, I have found it is more useful to appeal to the other side’s emotions, and this is better done with analogies than with data; or with obvious, observable facts from the world around us, that are inconsistent with their beliefs. For example, an analogy would be something like asking, “You just said you believe it would be reasonable to prohibit me from owning a gun anymore, if I ever been involved in an accidental shooting. Then wouldn’t it also be reasonable to prohibit you from owning your car anymore if you were in a vehicle accident in which anyone was injured?” The obvious information category includes things like, “You say it would be more dangerous in places where people can carry concealed handguns, but THIS is such a place and you don’t think you are in danger here, do you?” Or maybe, “You say you would rather no one at all have access to guns, but if I could wave a magic wand and make that be the case, wouldn’t you end up having to do whatever the biggest, meanest guy in your neighborhood wanted?” Sometimes it helps to make it more personal like, “I understand why you have concerns about allowing some people who are unable to control themselves emotionally to be armed, but you wouldn’t worry about yourself, or me, losing control would you? So shouldn’t WE be allowed to go armed, if only to protect ourselves from those potentially violent people who can’t control themselves?”
      At least, these types of questions get the discussion going, and the issues become less emotionally loaded and less specifically “gun centered.” You don’t have to “win” the argument or discussion. You just need to make the person go home with a nagging question in the back of his mind, to start winning him over to your side of the argument.

    5. #6 Anytime you form an association based on race, it is a racist association. As proof, I give you the government sanctioned Congressional Black Caucus. Until the government stops allowing racist organizations to form, it will be guilty of perpetuating racism.

      As for treating the mentally ill, it is too expensive, and we’d much rather buy multi-billion dollar aircraft carriers than care for our citizens.

    6. You can quote facts till your blue in the face but it won’t make any difference. Sadly the liberals have become so radical that they ignore the facts about liberalism. Our country has fought wars against communism and now unfortunately we are on a fast track towards it. Its time for all liberty loving Americans to stand up for our country and win the upcoming presidential election! God bless America!

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