New Feature Film AMERIGEDDON Issues Dire Warning for Americans

Director Mike Norris, Son of Chuck Norris, Issues Call to Action to Protect America's Freedom

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Dallas, TX -( AMERIGEDDON, coming to theaters nationwide May 13, 2016, has been described as “the movie the establishment doesn’t want you to see.”

Showing what happens when a not-so-future U.S. government conspires with the United Nations to stage an attack on the energy grid, AMERIGEDDON depicts a country ruled by martial law in which citizens are stripped of their constitutional rights and their guns. A group of patriots fight back and rescue the country from slipping into irreversible chaos.

AMERIGEDDON’s release in an election year is not coincidental. The film illustrates a dystopian future all patriots must guard against and is a call to action to preserve the Second Amendment and stop executive rule by fiat. Director Mike Norris, son of Chuck Norris, asks for like-minded Americans to support the film.

“The fact that a recent poll showed a majority of Americans are enraged with the federal government points to a frenzy of unrest with the dictatorial way in which our country has been run,” said Norris. “My family has long been involved in protecting the rights of Americans. We are concerned about the future and and see this film as a call to action. We urge people to join us in theaters and show Hollywood and politicians that true patriots will fight for their rights and want to see their values represented on-screen.”

A collaboration between Norris and entrepreneur and writer Gary Heavin, AMERIGEDDON seizes on fact-based threats and asks the ultimate question, “What happens when government turns on the people it’s supposed to protect?”

Executive Producer Gary Heavin believes the film’s message warning is timely.

“We made a movie that is fun to watch but it is based in reality. In AMERIGEDDON, survivors of an EMP attack on the United States must live in a state of martial law led by the United Nations. American soldiers must decide whom they serve, second amendment rights are curtailed and food, water and survival become our primary concerns—unfortunately, these are all likely scenarios resulting from a very real threat,” said Heavin. “I believe if we can entertain while we inform, more people will wake up; and if we hope to restore our freedom we must share the truth with as many people as possible.”

Co-written by Norris and Heavin, the film features Marshall Teague (THE ROCK),Annalynn McCord (“Dallas”, “90210”), Dina Meyer (“Starship Troopers”), Spencer Neville (“Days of Our Lives”), Mike Norris (“Walker, Texas Ranger”), Diane Ladd (JOY) and India Eisley (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”).

The film is being supported by a social marketing campaign from Ribbow Media Group,a leader in building audiences for films such as Obama’s America, Obama 2016, God’s Not Dead, and War Room, among others.

For more information, visit the film’s Facebook page:

About ForeWarned Film:

Forewarned Films was created as a joint venture between Mike Norris and Gary Heavin as a platform to produce films and television programs to further narratives that protect patriotic values in a time of great social change that threatens the underpinnings of America. AMERIGEDDON is the first of a series of planned films and television projects to help protect the country’s freedoms. Heavin is the founder of the successful fitness franchise Curves begun with his wife and Norris is a long-time director, actor and stunt man and the son of actor Chuck Norris.

Mike Norris
Mike Norris

About Mike Norris:

Mike Norris is a film director and the eldest son of American icon Chuck Norris. Early on, as a child on the set of his father’s movie sets, Mike was inspired to follow in his father’s footsteps. Mike was given the opportunity to direct on the hit television show “Walker Texas Ranger”. It was there his passion for telling stories became a reality and he discovered the importance of narrative that can both educate and entertain. As a Christian, Mike wants to share his passion for his faith and his country as well as the importance of the Constitution. Mike has been married to his wife Valerie for twenty-four years and has three children, Hannah, Max, and Greta. Mike makes his home in Dallas, TX.

  • 27 thoughts on “New Feature Film AMERIGEDDON Issues Dire Warning for Americans

    1. I know this is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way, but the fact is, we no longer have a Military as our Founding Fathers intended and that was the “Citizen Soldier”. Meaning our military was to be made up of Citizens from ever walk of life that came together when the defense of our country was needed. We no longer have this, we have a military of paid professional soldiers. Mercainaries is the term. We have always had those that chose to make the military a career, but the vast majority of our troops were the rank and file civilians serving a single term of service. Why the change? Because greedy self-serving career politicians used our military for cannon fodder and this still goes on today. Viet Nam was the turning point because Americans started to wake up, so the keep control an army of paid professionals now replace the citizen soldier. What will these mercenaries do when given the order to shoot Americans, I hope we don’t have to find out.

    2. Men like George Soros are working at breakneck speed to bring America down. He told the newspaper , The Australian , in an interview.

      “America, as the center of the globalized financial markets, was sucking up the savings of the world. This is now over. The game is out . The time has come for a very serious adjustment in the consumption habits of Americans “

    3. The world order has been in the making since w. Wilson was pres. climate change is wealth redistribute by climate policy
      as stated by Dr. Edenhofr co-chair of UINIPCC, to destroy the middle class since gov must control. lock and load be ready, food,water and solar gen.

    4. The country you thought you lived in hasn’t existed since 1871. All of the Government agencies are unconstitutional entities and are acting against the interest of the American people while enforcing the agenda of the globalists. The Bureau of Land Management is acting in accordance with foreign interests, enforcing the sustainable development agenda by forcefully removing people from their land. They are able to get away with this due to the ignorance of the American people. If we continue to ignore this we will soon find ourselves without a national identity, enslaved to corporate interests while watching our property and all we worked for stripped from us by a global oligarchy seeking to control every aspect of life itself.
      The Bureau of Land Management, while posing as a federal agency is allegedly working for the London Crown Corporation and is known as an Agent of Foreign Principle. The London Crown Corporation, as well as Washington D.C, is operating under Maritime, or commercial contract law.
      After the Civil War the country was in financial ruins. In order to rectify this, the U.S. government turned to the international bankers to borrow money. This was known as the “Act of 1871” and it created a separate government, (essentially operating under maritime law,) for Washington D.C. The law is also known as “An Act to Provide a Government for the District of Columbia.” This put the United States under the control of global financiers like the Rothschild’s, and led to the creation of the Federal Reserve. The United States government, having no money, was forced to agree to a system of fiat currency putting the American people up for collateral. This also changed the United States Constitution. Before this time it was referred to as the Constitution for the United States of America. After the act of 1871 it was changed to THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Allegedly, the Thirteenth amendment was removed from this constitution. The Thirteenth amendment reads as follows-
      Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereas the party has been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
      Incidentally, when a soldier or a federal agent takes their oath to defend the constitution, they are swearing to defend the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      1. You’re absolutely correct about the constitution. I could add a lot to your great information but I will keep it short. The Federal Reserve is part of the NWO and was created to take control of the monetary system which means anything you purchase with a Federal Reserve Note belongs to them. Slavery was not abolished, we are all slave labor in America. The people that make the best slaves are those that do not know they are slaves. This is just one piece of information that the elite do not want you to know. When you understand how a corporation works then you will understand what is going on in the United States Inc.

    5. Let’s not forget LEO’s we’re ready, willing and did kill Americans occupying public land building. They were doing it not to terrorize but to bring attention and use it as a platform to address the government with grivences. They ambushed and killed Finicum instead of actually dealing with them legally. Think about it they were not holding anyone or threatening to assassinate or blow anyone up they simply wanted to be taken seriously and bring light to the overreach of government agencies.

      Too many “officials” ready to kill /disarm Americans but treat foreigners and agitators with kid gloves.

    6. On Black Friday of last year, IN ONE DAY, Americans bought enough firearms to field an entire new military the size of the Marine Corps, with enough guns left over to 2 – 4 Army Divisions.
      Souce: A December 2nd, 2015 Article from
      – – – Excerpt – – –
      A petulant President Barack Obama demanded that Americans talk about gun control over Thanksgiving.

      Citizens responded by buying enough firearms in one day to field an entire new military the size of the Marine Corps, with guns left over to equip 2-4 Army divisions.

      Mr. President you have you answer.
      – – – – –
      The number of firearms and the number of gun owners are seriously underestimated. There were official estimates upwards of 300+ million firearms in 2008, the last year of the Bush administration. Since then there have been a widely reported 100 million guns sold during the first seven years of Obama – America’s greatest gun salesman of all time. Yet check gun estimates today and you will find not 300 plus 100 = 400, but instead estimates of perhaps 320 million of so, seriously under counting even if you accept the beginning official low ball numbers in the first place. Also, note that most articles that talk about the total number of guns in this country, do not talk about numbers of gun owners, but rather number of _households_ with guns, in an apparent attempt to further reduce their estimates as much as possible. 1/3 of households does not represent 1/3 of the population. Many households have more than 1 gun owner, with many households having 2 or 3 or more easily. A lot of college kids are graduating and then moving back home with a lot of debt and no way to use their expensive diploma in today’s economy. In short, many households have more than the traditional 2 adults in them.

      The combined military forces along with all police forces are easily outnumbered by armed american citizens by many millions. And a lot of those police and especially sheriffs will simply refuse to enforce unconstitutional law – this is known _because it has already happened_ in Connecticut. New York, California and elsewhere. Google / Yahoo “Gun owners refuse to comply” and “Police refuse to enforce” and “Sheriffs refuse to enforce” and variations of that general theme. Hundreds of thousands to millions of Americans have already refused to comply with unconstitutional gun laws in the above states and elsewhere, and law enforcement has already refused to enforce. You’d think this would be big news on every TV set. So look it up for yourself and be amazed at all the news that somehow never made it onto your TV.

      No news at 11.

    7. Once upon a time, National Guard was where ‘one’ would hide from active duty.

      MOS is a vital differentiation to active duty person…..i.e. Not everyone is a gun slinger !

      This movie can have very positive influence on younger Americans….bringing them out of the current “Zombieland” mentality into the real world where responsibility for actions and “Duty, Honor, and Country” are the path to prosperity and self esteem.

    8. I have it in good faith that some units will obey the shoot command others will follow the law as it stands now, so how do we plan not to get our country into a civil war and keep our rights as our fore fathers intended. Its unreal how they had the foresight to see into the future 200 or so years. Guess you have to live under the heavy hand of a dictator or king to recognize what is truly important. Today most of our 40 in under crowd if they have a video game and pizza they are happy. I am glad as you are that you don’t fit that mold, we need to bring them to our side with common sense or we are going to loose this election. So some one tell me who to vote for, I don’t see a real good solution that has a chance to win. I would like the think trump would bring the dept down but at what cost? For the first time sense I was able to vote I don’t know where to turn and this was by design and planning on Obama’s part. He has divided this country like no other president and now it is time for them to overrun the rest of us.

    9. Did everyone forget what happened in New Orleans during Katrina? Like National Guard going house to house and LEOs from other States roughing up an old lady and taking her gun.

    10. I talked to an O6 recently who told me that officers at senior levels, before their next promotion, are asked “Would you shoot American citizens if so ordered”. Depending on their answer they would be promoted or their career would soon end in retirement.
      Scary if true. But then again considering our current administration . . .

    11. Hope we don’t find out, but “solders” follow orders, lawful or not. If you say different you are in a fantasy world. Its a slippery slope, that is, “How unlawful does it have to be?”. Sure some solders might balk at outrageous orders, but how about “little” infractions? The Constitution has been fogged by us and its meanings mostly lost. Those very young military men will do as their leaders command. The commanders are worried about their retirement and the job with the defense industry. If their CNC says we need to kill the “terrorists” (conservatives/Republicans/Democrats/liberals – pick one) the Commanders are likely to defend the Constitution by killing the “terrorist”. Read history, any solders refuse orders and live? Look at our own actions. Look at Germany, China and on and on. History says solders kill on command.

      1. According to a recent poll, 84% of the soldiers serving in the military WOULD NOT, nor would I, as a retired field grade officer.

        1. Dr. Jim Clary.

          Although I would sincerely like to believe that those numbers are correct in these regards, I must admit that I do have reservations about that. For one thing, (and I’m sure you know this) if a soldier disobeys a direct order, the consequences they face are indeed very severe! Let me put it this way, a dishonorable discharge would be the very least of their concerns. In fact, at a minimum, their own freedom would indeed be at stake for sure. So, with this a given, would they violate the constitutional rights of Americans? Quite frankly, I don’t think that thought would ever enter their minds.

          If this isn’t enough in itself, you then have to give great consideration to the local law enforcement and the judicial system, which goes without saying, most are very biased and corrupt. Hence, “from our cold dead hands” they will take away our weapons, and most definitely your freedom. No matter what defense mechanisms you might have in place, we will always be out numbered, and definitely out gunned. These people will kill both you and everyone in your family in a New York minute, whether it be a necessity or not, and never give it a second thought, either before or after, nor will they ever suffer any consequences for what they do. It all comes down to “they were simply following orders.” In truth, that is exactly what they were doing, albeit many ulterior motives along with it. (i.e. they will take anything and everything that they think could end up being an asset to them) be it personally or otherwise, and they definitely won’t lose any sleep about the devastation and deep scars they left on you or you loved ones.

          No question about it my friends, I believe our country and our freedoms are on the eve of total destruction. Many are saying these days that “the end of times are near,” and I think they are right about that. If such is the case, maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all when all is said and done?

          In any event, this is just my thoughts and personal opinions on this. Not to imply that I am right, or the foremost authority on anything.

        1. I am moved to say, that what you say here, concerns me. We live in a time, where this country is being lead by corrupt politicians that have tarnished the electoral process by fraud and lies, and worst, a military that follows orders without question, because to do so, would be a sign of being ‘unpatriotic’. A great man once said, “good men do not follow orders ‘blindly’.”
          So what constitutes be ‘patriotic’? What constitutes being ‘Diplomatic’? What constitutes ‘right’ and ‘wrong’? And what does it mean, when someone believes that “the end of times are near”?
          Yes or No-

          1) Being ‘Patriotic’ is to uphold the freedoms and rights of every single American citizen.
          2) To be ‘Diplomatic’ is to seek out a ‘non-militant’ solution to a problem, while attempting to ‘help’ the citizens of other countries to establish the same freedoms that American citizens have (and therefore taking away the need to want to become American citizens).
          3) To believe that “the end of times” is to believe in the ‘religion’ that Americans claim is reality, which is not. The ‘fact’ is this- Religious believers tell ‘others’ that a ‘all-powerful god’ exists. The problem with this, especially when it comes to the ‘Christian God’, is that the ‘bible’ clearly establishes the idea that the god of ‘yesterday, today and forever’ CAN act and speak for itself….and yet, it doesn’t. Man has declared, for ‘centuries’, that the “end of times are near”, which makes one wonder- ‘What is the definition of the word ‘near’? The ‘fact’ is, humans are continually walking away from religion, not just here in America, but all around the world, and within every religion that is in the world today (like those that believe in ‘Allah’, or the ‘Seven Gods Of Japan’). In other words- ‘Separate Church And State’.

          Sorry if this is long, but I was just moved tp share my thoughts and suggestions.

      2. If the soldiers knew they were defending a corporation instead of a country they may think differently about supporting this counterfeit government we all have been fooled into trusting and believing in. The United States is a corporation not a country. The owners live in England. We are all slave labor to the Federal Reserve. You own nothing and you never will. We all have been scammed from the day we were born. You are believing and trusting in a façade.

        1. When the Government can tax your home and put you out on the street if you fail to pay, you really don’t own your home! Worse yet the Government taxes your home to pay for health, education and welfare for illegals. Trump is the only candidate that wants to send the illegals back to where they came.

          1. Isn’t property tax the county government, where you are? It is where I am. I don’t think that the various county government put people out on the street. I think that delinquent taxes are remedied by a tax lien on property so that when the property sells in the future, the owner settles up with the taxing authority.
            I think that property tax goes to support the county school system. It is your Federal Income tax that supports the health care, housing assistance, cell phone, aid to families with dependent children, food stamps, earned income credit, and cash assistance to illegal aliens, and other hard core unemployables.

            1. In Texas the State dictates the Property Tax along with the Counties and Cities getting a piece. If you fall delinquent on your taxes then foreclosure proceeding can follow. Your home can be foreclosed on even by delinquent fees owed to a Homeowner’s Association, this is a frequent occurrence and sometimes makes the news when an elderly person is put on the street. We are taxed for schools and even for the hospital districts. What is more unfair than being forced to support hospitals that as an American Citizen I cannot use unless I pay, have insurance or file bankruptcy, yet illegals get free medical care. I understand that 70% of the budget of a major Children’s Hospital is going to care for illegals. They show up in a taxi to have their babies and the hospital staff has to pay for the taxi. Trump is right the illegal problem is out of control.

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