All in One Tool for the Ruger Mark Series Pistol ~ VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS

By Steve Wilkinson, owner of The Right Tool Company

All in One Tool Ruger Mark Series Pistols Tool :
All in One Tool Ruger Mark Series Pistols Tool :

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USA -( Being an outdoorsman and gun enthusiast for more than 45 years, I, like a lot of folks recently decided to buy a pistol.

My choice was the most popular .22 of all time, The Ruger Mark Series Pistols. It runs all the ammo you can feed it and is very accurate. It’s fun for the wife and I to enjoy target practice and plinking.

I have a friend that works at a national sporting goods store that sells the Ruger pistols.

He told me, “You are going to love shooting it, but you are not going to be a fan of cleaning it.”

He explained store policy is that only trained managers are allowed to take the gun apart. They have had too many issues getting it back together.

I read blogs about the difficulty of cleaning it. But how hard can it be? I have been around guns all my life. So, I started the endeavor to clean the pistol. Three hours later, I finally got the gun back together. The sad thing was I couldn’t remember how I had done it. I took it apart again and had more problems, this time the pistol was completely jammed. The research on the web suggested striking the gun’s bolt with a hammer to unjam it. With visions of springs and pins dancing in my head, I missed the bolt, hit the rear site, and broke it. After restoring the pistol, I felt like my memory was shooting blanks.

How can anyone remember the break down process for these Ruger Mark Series Pistols after a few months have passed?

All in One Tool - Ruger Mark Series Pistols Tool - works as a Mag loader. :
All in One Tool – Ruger Mark Series Pistols Tool – works as a Mag loader. :

After searching high and low, no easy solution hit the target. I headed for my man cave, (A.K.A. the garage) to search for an easy method to consistently remember how to disassemble and reassemble the Ruger. Cutting up tent stakes and rethinking the whole process, a new idea formed in my mind. After a few prototypes, I went to a machine shop and designed and cut a new tool.

Finally, problem solved! The All In One Tool for the Ruger Mark Series Pistols was born!

The beauty of the tool is how it makes disassembling convenient, and lines up the parts precisely for reassembling.

Hand cut tools are expensive but when my friends saw the tool they wanted it! Then came the idea; would gun stores want the tool? Forging ahead with my new invention, I visited a gun shop in Indianapolis to get their impression. The owner told me a story of how he almost had to give a customer a new gun because he couldn’t get the Ruger pistol back together after he had repaired it. After demonstrating the tool, he immediately placed an order. An older gentleman watching the demo purchased a tool from the gun dealer.

He emailed me later explaining he had a Ruger Mark I and was afraid to clean it. He had been taking it to a gunsmith and paying $50.00 for cleaning. After taking the tool home and reading my instructions, he took the pistol apart for the first time in over 35 years and cleaned it. He was very excited to accomplish the process by himself!

All in One Tool - Ruger Mark Series Pistols Tool :
All in One Tool – Ruger Mark Series Pistols Tool :

Now, I was faced with a faith decision of borrowing money on my home to get patents both domestic and foreign, then going to production! All I wanted in the beginning was an easy way to clean my pistol. This seemed like a lot for an average guy who works a full time job.

Before pulling the trigger on such a big decision, I needed more confirmation. I contacted Brownells, after all they are the world’s largest gun smithing company. They were really nice and super helpful! The product development manager told me if I would honor their time at a NRA gun show, they would give me 20 min with a rep. I was very grateful for the opportunity. The rep had been a gunsmith for years. His first comment was that he always knew when he was going to work on a Ruger Mark series pistol; a customer would come into the store with a brown paper bag of parts. The tool did its job for him as it disassembled and reassembled the pistol in less than a minute. He was impressed and began to ask questions. He asked me to do it again, so I did. Soon, people at the show began to come up to the Brownells booth and ask for a tool. The 20 minutes turned into over an hour. It was a fun day of meeting the Brownells folks and others at the show.

The rep took samples to the research team at Brownells; a month later they called and gave the tool an A plus rating. They wanted to place an order and sell tools if I could start a manufacturing process and a company. So I pulled the trigger, borrowed the money, started a company called The Right Tool LLC, and named the tool “The All In One Tool for the Ruger Mark Series pistol.”

More confirmation came as the tool sold on Amazon and received many positive reviews. Gunsmiths, police instructors, and average shooters have expressed how grateful they are for an easy method to remember.

Ruger Mark Series Pistols Tool & Stand :
I also make a stand for the Ruger Mark Series Pistols :

Today, the tool has sold in all fifty states and five other countries. The tool makes a great accessory to The Ruger Mark series pistol. Now, they are fun to shoot, and easy to clean. I am still working on paying off my loan, but things are looking up.

All the positive reviews and word of mouth is helping make the tool a success. I hope AmmoLand’s readers will try it and give it a positive review on Brownells and Amazon.

To learn more about The Right Tool Company and its product, click here.

All in One Tool Ruger Mark Series Pistols Tool Instructions

About The Right Tool Commpany, LLC:

We have all heard and read the stories about how frustrating disassembling and reassembling can be. Too many of us have just avoided it. No more! Now, with the user friendly, All In One Tool, there is a simpler, safer, and faster, method to clean our guns. The tool works on all the Mark series I, II, III, and 22/45 model pistols without altering the gun. To enjoy our guns for years, we need to open all of Ruger’s recommended access points to do a complete cleaning. Your All in One Tool will allow you to accomplish this task. Each tool comes with an instructional booklet and accessory stand. The stand frees up your second hand, allowing for more pressure to be placed on the durable tool, which even stands up to hammering if necessary. The magazine loader will save your fingers for hours of enjoyable shooting. The easy to follow instructional video demonstrates how using the innovative tool makes it possible to reduce steps, while offering better protection for our guns and fingers from scratches. The Right Tool Company will send you a free instructional video clip (6 min); simply follow instructions in the included booklet, to receive your video. Now you will be able to get your gun apart and back together again! From seasoned gun owners to first timers; they all agree this specifically engineered, made in the USA tool, works! Visit The Right Tool Company on Facebook.

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There is a young girl about 12 years old on youtube, she shows you how to strip and reassemble it in under a minute.

Add the TandemKross hammer bushing and you can open the sprint with your fingernail.


Buy a Beretta. Much easier to take apart & clean.

Craig Villiard

What a WIMP,I have a MK 1 since I turned 16 and I’m 80 now and NEVER needed a TOOL to disassemble or reassemble my Standard Model Ruger. Just follow the GOOD instructions!!!!!!


I thought the instructions in the owner’s manual were sufficient

Jim Macklin

Site, such as a construction site. Sight having to do with vision or aiming a gun. Cite means to reference another writing.Their and there, not to forget they’re which is they are. Witch is the old lady with a pot of potion. The Ruger MKs have a very simple design and they are easy to field strip and reassemble as long as two things are remembered. The the magazine tube, not the spring fingers, can be used to release the mainspring housing latch. When putting it together, the muzzle must be pointed straight up so the hammer strut can enter… Read more »


Majestic Arms makes a Speed Strip Kit that’s a one time pistol upgrade. After that you won’t need any ‘special’ tools to perform normal maintenance and cleaning of your Ruger Mark Series pistol.

Tennessee Budd

So it’s made in the US by Jamaicans?
“…fun for I to enjoy…”
Sounds Jamaican to me.