10 Anti-Bills Up for Vote in California State Senate

Hearings have been scheduled for next week, please take action!
Hearings have been scheduled for next week, please take action!
Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

Sacramento, CA -(AmmoLand.com)- Today, anti-gun politicians in the State Senate will be pushing hard to pass these TEN gun control bills if they come up for a vote.

When are we going to draw the line?

The bills are:

  • AB 156: Bans common ammunition purchases, creates a DOJ database of ammunition owners.
  • AB 857: Requires serialization of ALL unserialized firearms, both retroactively and moving forward.
  • AB 1135: Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices, such as “bullet buttons”.
  • AB 1511: Criminalizes loaning of firearms between personally known, law-abiding adults.
  • SB 880: Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices, such as “bullet buttons”.
  • SB 894: Victimizes victims by criminalizing the failure to report lost and stolen firearms within a short time frame.
  • SB 1006: University of California taxpayer funding for gun control research.
  • SB 1407: Requires serialization of ALL unserialized firearms, both retroactively and moving forward.
  • SB 1446: Retroactively bans possession of lawfully acquired, standard capacity magazines that can hold over 10 rounds.
  • SB 1235: Bans common ammunition purchases, creates a DOJ database of ammunition owners.



1. Sign the petition to oppose to oppose Gunpocalypse.

2. Call these key Legislators and ask them to vote no on the 10 bills listed above and urge the authors to fix their bill:

About the Firearms Policy Coalition:

Firearms Policy Coalition is a grassroots 501(c)4 nonprofit public benefit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

For more information, visit: www.firearmspolicy.org.

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Vote! And when in doubt vote Republican.



Tom C.

Most of the names seen in the headlines of this anti-gun thing in Kali are of the origin of Ho, Chan, Ching, etc.
Their relatives moved here for a better life from the sh-t holes where they origionated.
I don’t understand why they moved here and make their life’s work to change this country into a sh-t hole like the one they came from.
They could just leave us alone, move back to their roots and the U.S. would be a much more pleasant place.

Wild Bill

True, Tom, they moved here for your son’s or daughter’s better life. They want the seat in college that your son or daughter would have had. They want that well paying job or business that your son or daughter would have had. They want the nice house and happy family that your son or daughter would have had. And the federal government prefers them to your son or daughter.

Clark Kent

Sure, EVERYBODY DIFFERENT THAN US is screwing us! And the federal government ‘prefers'(?) ANYONE else! Wild Bill, buy a bigger tinfoil hat. Size XXXXL seems about right. And don’t forget to take your medicine before you post.


Bill,I think this Clark Kent que*er and JohnC are one in the same ! Total fuck*ing losers with no life !

Wild Bill

They are all the same, but I don’t think that they are one in the same. Gee dunk makes English errors that native speakers do not make, can’t spell, nor put together a simple declarative sentence. CK and JC have different speech patterns, and don’t use the same catch phrases. JC exhibits more hall marks of an educated person than CK. Your analysis, however, is a lot more entertaining than mine, Tex.


@Bill,ignore Clark ! The fool is a very confused and bitter homosexual ! gee dud,JohnC,and this que*er all one in the same !


Bill,you’re spot on right !

Wild Bill

Tex, apparently, “he” has no children (that figures), no experience with illegal aliens, and no dictionary (if he thinks that I spelled prefers wrong).


Nothing will change in Kali as long as they keep electing the same scum over and over. At some point the people out there have to help themselves…….at the ballot box !


Criminals are really hoping for SB1235 to pass too, as it creates a lucrative black market for ammunition. So by pushing this bill forward, California legislators will be creating crime.


Until the people of California begin to wake up nothing will change. They seem to be happy with the situation.


I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA & I’M DOING EVERYTHING I CAN… PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS LONG COMMENT, I TYPED IT ON MY IPHONE SO FORGIVE ALL THE MISTAKES, OF IF THINGS JUST DONT MAKE SENSE IN CERTAIN PARTS MY AUTOCORRECT IS JACKED UP I live in California, in a County next to LA County, and Los Angles for the most part despises us,,, We hole the Republican Primary in Hotel Irvine and we are ( or were ) a County that upholds our California Version of our Second Amendment Rights… We are Called “The Orange Curtain by the People of… Read more »

Robert J Joanis

I don’t live there, but am fighting much the same battles here in Washington state. It has nothing to do with the people standing up…. this has everything to do with a corrupt political system that is ruled by demographics. The population sinks of San Francisco, LA, Sacramento, San Diego, all rule the entire state. Since these are the areas of greatest population they receive greater representation on the state government. The overwhelming party majority of any large city is liberal, and since they get the most say (more representatives) then they create the laws the other 85% of the… Read more »


You exactly right… And it’s not just going to be in California or Washington either- they’re going after every state so instead of blaming the citizens of the state who ARE FIGHTING FOR THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, We need to put the blame on the criminal politions who are making and hiding these “laws” in other bills like they’re doing in California so we, the people who live here and are fighting the only way we can right now ( I say right now, because if these laws pass, it’s only a matter of time before they come to a state… Read more »


It’s a cancer. It will spread.


Why wasn’t this on the top of the page on ammoland’s email? Are a bunch of ad stories really more important? Shame…


The way it look the anti Americans in the state are trying to get rid of the Constitution in the state, as well as getting rid of the BILL of rights. There is not one DEMONCRAT that will stand up for the people, guess that’s because they all come from the same place the lower pits if he!!, the way things are going in cali there will be no rights left after the demons get done with the state….

Wild Bill

Bandit, we can only hope that Kim Jun Il will cleanse Ca of San Francisco, L.A., Long Beach, and San Diego, then it might be a normal state again. Maybe we can get Iran to cleans MA., NY., NJ., CT., and Maryland.


While for the most part, these bills were approved by a party line vote, there were many instances of bi-partisanship opposition to the legislation, with Democrats such as Richard Roth (D-Riverside) and Cathleen Galgiani (D-Manteca) voting to preserve your right to keep and bear arms.

Even if you don’t live in California, it shouldn’t hurt to voice you opposition. We sure could use your help.


HMLA-167 Warrior

To protect the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic…