Look, Another Gun Law.. part 1- Why Socialists “Hate” Gun Owners

By Rob Morse

Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana- (Ammoland.com)- Socialists are desperate for a distraction.  Gun control is just the distraction they need .. and nothing more.  Hillary Clinton said she was an enemy of the NRA.  In fact, the NRA is one of the groups Secretary Clinton is proudest to call an enemy.  I’ve yet to hear a “gun control” proposal Secretary Clinton doesn’t support.  I don’t think guns are the real issue.  Clinton’s war on guns is simply smoke and mirrors to distract the voters and the media from failed Socialist policies.  Gun laws don’t matter once Socialists have destroyed a city.

The most violent cities in the US have been ruled by Socialists for decades.  In contrast, the most gun friendly cities in the US rank as some of the safest places in the world.  The problem isn’t guns.  Here is what Hillary is trying to hide.

We’ve tried Socialism.  It failed.  Look across the US.  Los Angeles, Saint Louis, Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore were once among the wealthiest cities in the US.  Today, those cities are bleeding debt and people.  These cities have been ruled by Socialists for decades.  What happened?

To begin, these socialists piled regulations onto businesses.  The excuse is public safety.  The reality is political kickbacks.  Just as each tax-break generates a political donation, so each new regulation generates a bribe political donation.  That is why these cities are so corrupt, as business have to pay bribes to stay open.  The politicians won, but the citizens lost as businesses closed.

Unemployment soared in these Socialist cites.  Sure, people wanted to work, but Socialist politicians outlaws employment.. unless the politicians got their cut.  That is how Socialism works.  That is the Chicago Way.  Addiction soared as people medicated their despair.

Families broke up or never formed under the burden of unemployment and addiction.  Single moms went on welfare.. and stayed there.  The only growth industries under President Barack Obama have been unionized government employees, and those on welfare and food stamps.  The results are entirely predictable.

Crime soared.  Gangs stepped in to raise and employ fatherless boys.  No amount of law enforcement and social services can civilize a generation of fatherless children.

Are you going to believe political spin, or your own eyes?  Look at the record.  Socialism kills thousands of people in American cities each year.  It is an election year, and Socialist politicians needed someone to blame.. other than themselves.  They blamed honest gun owners for their failed cities.  I’m sorry, but gun laws don’t matter after you’ve destroyed a city.

Part 2 is here.

Rob Morse: Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Please, , tell me at least one of you fartheads, has a high school diploma. As much as I enjoy your comments, I’m calling BS. It’s class warfare, without guns, more control. People with guns, hard to control. It’s that simple. Stay on the facts, leave the philosophy bullshit to greater minds
Even Tex gets it. The article was just stating a fact most reasonable people understand. Our country started downhill after the culture nightmare, that was the sixties. 2+2 is four, it’s really that simple.

PAPA 313

Dear America, When you vote this fall keep this thought in mind. Every Democrat who stands in front of a camera is screaming : “GUN CONTROL, GUN CONTROL” . “If I am elected, GUN CONTROL, GUN CONTROL”, folks I am sick of hearing about this everyday and look at the gun free Chicago, Ill. What the hell about our Police officers being killed by illegals and terrorists. What the hell are they going to do to stop the illegal problem? What the hell are they doing to reduce the TRILLIONS in DEBT ? Why are the taxes out of control… Read more »


Are Progressives and Socialists the same thing? Well, not really. Welfare? Yep, Welfare destroyed the African American Family. In most places in order for a Woman with kids to receive welfare, and child payments, the Father, or any other man was required to be gone. Welfare investigators would wait outside the residences of welfare recipients in the early mornings hoping to catch a man coming out. It’s little known, but before the advent of so much public welfare the marriage rate was higher among African Americans than it was for Whites. Now formal marriage is an unusual event in many… Read more »


The millions of Trump supporters are the same people who will say if you want my firearms, ‘come and take ’em’ ! Ammo first,always give ’em the ammo first !

Captain America

Ok rare Hillary is satan jr on earth the prodigy of ole scratch himself sitting in the white hour doing all he can to destroy America. Whatever he couldn’t get done to destroy America she has sworn to finish . The most evil beings of all, her satan worshipping communist ideal is evil and bad for the country as well as the free world. Clinton has become synonymous with dishonesty, and leaving Americans vulnerable to our enemies look at how slick willie left our troops in Somalia with no backup or help, left them to get killed then the she… Read more »


They hate gun ownership BECAUSE they are criminals and FEAR WE THE PEOPLE will wake up and take out the trash.


If either of those two win I hope EVERY FFL destroys all records to stop the trail the ATF will follow to your door


Me too !

Frederick Glidden

I don’t think that gun control is a distraction, I think for the socialists banning guns is a necessary part of fully implementing socialism, first they know what the true meaning of the 2nd amendment, to protect the people from a tyrannical government. Second they can’t implement socialism fully without force as it involves taking a persons income and all of their property. I think gun control is a strategy that will lead to confiscation of all firearms and abolishing the 2nd amendment so the people will have no defense against the full implementation of socialism.

Spartacus Khan

I hate to say it, but articles like this perpetuate the perception that gun owners are stupid. I seriously doubt the author has a clear understanding of what socialism actually is, and how, while we certainly have socialist programs in the U.S., socialism itself does not actually exist here. And blaming municipality’s failed economic policies on regulation instead of rampant greed and unfair trade practices further demonstrates a complete lack of comprehension regarding our current woes. Democratic socialism, a la Bernie, promotes personal liberty over the collective government, and that government over business in order to protect the consumer and… Read more »

Robert K

I’ll ditto Spartacus Khan’s excellent comment, and add one thing. The kinds of problems the author’s talking about don’t really have anything to do with any “-ism” but rather with corruption. I think everyone knows by now (or at least they should) that, for example, the former Soviet Union was a “communist” state only nominally. There was so much freaking corruption there that they could’ve been practicing any other form of government — nominally — and it wouldn’t have mattered. And of course, many would argue that we’re only nominally a democracy here, for similar reasons. 😉


“Democratic socialism, a la Bernie, promotes personal liberty over the collective government” Wow, so Bernie will oppose a government-mandated minimum wage? Bernie will oppose government-mandated hiring quotas based on skin color and gender? Bernie will oppose government registration of privately-owned firearms? Bernie will oppose the Food & Drug Administration sending government SWAT teams with government guns to raid farms for selling raw milk? Bernie will oppose working-class Americans being taxed by the government to provide government EBT cards to government-invited “refugees” who *refuse* to work for a living? Bernie will oppose the government dictating the curriculum in your child’s school?… Read more »

Spartacus Khan

All minimum wages are the law. Calling that “government mandated” is spin. If the federal minimum wage kept up with inflation (the dollar’s buying power) since it was originally passed, minimum wage right now would be about $23.00/hr. If the free market perpetuates an economic divide as wide as we have in America, it is the governments duty to protect it’s people from the rampant greed of corporatism. $15.00/hr is just a stop-gap appeasement on our way to leveling the playing field and any honest politician, like Bernie, should whole-heartedly support it. I don’t think anyone is talking about racial… Read more »


“All minimum wages are the law. Calling that “government mandated” is spin.”

So “the law” is not “government mandated”?

You. Are. Psychotic. You are completely disconnected from reality.


Spartacus Khan

I didn’t say the law wasn’t government mandated. I said referring to it as a government mandate is spin. You could just say “it’s the law” instead of trying to make it sound like some sort of totalitarian decree. Which would definitely be SPIN, since we’re talking about a minimum wage increase, a protection for workers so they don’t get AS screwed over as they already are, because, you might already know, no one wants to work for less. NO ONE.
Also, being disconnected from reality is schizophrenia, not psychosis.


I commend Morse for calling democrats socialists ! That what the son of a bitches are,…socialists ! I noticed the media refers to Bernie Sanders as a democratic socialist ! What ? The old fart is a socialist ! There is a socialist party in the US why don’t the old fart run as a socialist ? The bull dyke is a socialist who will never get anyone’s firearms ! The bull dyke is done come Nov.

Clark Kent

Wake up, Tex. HiLIARy will be the next POTUS, no question. The REAL question is what are law abiding gun owners doing in the meantime in order to weather the coming anti-gun hurricane? ‘These are the good old days’.


Obama redefined POTUS – Piece Of Totally Useless do do. Clinton carries the same torch. Lots of failures to brag about and a traitor on top of that. Can you spell failure to protect the Embassy in Benghazi? How about failure to provide assistance when the Embassy was under attack and then lie about it. Sell our Uranium mine to the Russians? Yep. Live high on the hog at taxpayer expense? You bet. Money laundering with “contributions” from foreign governments through the Clinton Foundation? Absolutely. What do you think those contributions were paying for – maybe secret info that could… Read more »


You are correct.

The best thing we can do is make sure the Democrats don’t get control of the Senate. Hillary + Senate is bad news. With the House, you can start burying your guns now.

But Trump has no coattails, and most candidates would be smart to ignore him or run against his bar-stool policies.


Obama put America in the toilet. Hitllery will flush it! But, then again; opinions are like rectums. Everybody has one, and they all smell bad. Wouldn’t you agree, Clark?