New Dress Up Grips For Ruger & Beretta Handguns

New models new designs and more from America’s premier image handgun grip company.

Rio Grande Custom Grips Molon Labe
Rio Grande Custom Grips Molon Labe
Rio Grande Custom Grips
Rio Grande Custom Grips

Brighton, CO – -( Rio Grande Custom Grips announces NEW handgun grips for the new model Ruger Vaquero* and Beretta’s 92, 96 and M9. The grips illustrated here are just a couple of the over 100 images available for these guns.

“These new good looking Rio Grande Ruger and Beretta grips make any handgun stand out and personalize it like nobody’s business and they are tough as nails. With over a hundred designs Rio Grande handgun grips are a great way to make a statement or to simply dress up great looking guns.”–Bryan Chambers, VP, Rio Grande Custom Grips

Rio Grande Custom Grips illustrated handgun grips for various revolvers and semi-autos in a huge choice of images, statements and designs at

Rio Grande’s images are sharper than competitor’s attempts at illustrated grips because the Rio Grande images are applied though a proprietary and patented process and then encased in tough molded high-strength specialized polymer. Rio Grande Grips are uniquely tough and durable and are salt, oil, solvent, water impact and abrasion resistant.

Customers can even supply Rio Grande with their own design for an additional small charge and have that design or even a photograph replicated. This is an excellent option for clubs, groups, associations, police and military units and even special events.

MSRP: 1 pair $64.95, 2-5 pairs $54.95 each plus shipping and handling.

To learn more please go to

NOTE:* Rio Grande also has grips for the Old Model Vaquero with a two digit prefix before the serial number.

Rio Grande Custom Grips Warrior Skull
Rio Grande Custom Grips Warrior Skull
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I have a pair of their Ruger grips with the American Eagle on them–beautiful and tough, but really beautiful, they do dress up a gun like nothing else can.