Defense Distributed Announces Ghost Gunner 2

Ghost Gunner 2
Ghost Gunner 2
Defense Distributed
Defense Distributed

Texas -( Defense Distributed announced the official launch of the second generation of its Ghost Gunner CNC mill, the GG2.

Over the last two years, and with volumes of input from our customers, we’ve slowly revised and revised our specifications, electronics and tools to create a more ideal version of our machine– purpose-built for finishing AR and other firearm receivers.

We’d like to tell you a bit about the GG2, especially in the wake of recent events threatening our AR.

Full GG2 specs and the manual can be found at Since the release of GG1 we’ve focused on improving our continuous cutting power and finding the perfect end mill, depth of cut, cutting profiles and design tolerances to efficiently and repeatably complete the pocket milling required by AR receivers.

The GG2 is two inches wider than its predecessor, comes with completely re-engineered motion control electronics (we’ve discontinued use of the g-shield motion controller), has 60 more watts of continuous cutting power, a new custom rougher-finisher end mill with geometry suited for our speed and power requirements, in addition to new operating software.

Ghost Gunner and .DD files are now cross-platform with the release of DDcut for Mac OSX, available on our site. And our plan is to support both Windows and Mac GG development from here on out.

Finally, the last significant update to the GG is a new uni-body spindle with ceramic bearings:

After months of testing and soft launch review, and with our last two years of experience, we believe we are building the single most capable and robust CNC package under $2000 ever. Bar none.
After months of testing and soft launch review, and with our last two years of experience, we believe we are building the single most capable and robust CNC package under $2000 ever. Bar none.

Orlando and The People’s Rifle

The GG2 continues to be the same price as its previous iteration, at $1500 total. We are still chasing demand, especially after the events in Orlando, so we still ask interested parties to claim a spot on our wait list if they would like to receive a GG in 2016. Our shipments remain at 150-160 a month, and we are committed to making at least 500-600 more Ghost Gunners in the wake of the upcoming election and the vicious calls for elimination and confiscation of the People’s Rifle.

DD has since the end of 2015 sold 80% receivers for our GG’s, and we will now offer 80% .308 receivers as well. Both GG1 and GG2 are LR .308 capable, and we will have our .308 fixtures up for sale on our website by the first week of July.

There will be more third party reviews of the GG2 out in coming days, and perhaps one or two more updates this summer. We are shipping quickly and thank you for your interest and orders.

Your support has allowed us to continue to fight the federal government at the appellate level in Defense Distributed vs. U.S. Dep’t of State. And a recording of our most recent argument before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is available here. We continue to push for a means to disclose our research and software directly to the public.

There are many more things to say, but I suppose the most important is this:

We are not blind to the impending threat HRC, coming California legislation, and the prohibitionists in the media pose to our modern rifles and to the Second Amendment.

And we are not relaxing. Though we are proud of what we’ve been able to offer the people in the last two years with GG, we know we must commit ourselves anew to the defense of our liberties and to offering you a machine that can last through prohibition and even the eventual breakup of this country.

That’s a tall order, but we have it in mind and pledge to make the best machine possible for you and a coming generation of American riflemen.

About Defense Distributed:

The specific purposes for which this corporation is organized are: To defend the civil liberty of popular access to arms as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and affirmed by the United States Supreme Court, through facilitating global access to, and the collaborative production of, information and knowledge related to the 3D printing of arms; and to publish and distribute, at no cost to the public, such information and knowledge in promotion of the public interest.

For more information, visit;

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el HeFFe

“eventual breakup of this country.”

Balkanization is the destiny of the Union.

Smart young man he is.