Evil Strikes Again… This Time in Florida

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

USA-(Ammoland.com)-I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now.

Evil struck on Sunday morning. It was the largest shooting massacre on American soil, as 50 people were gunned down at an Orlando bar.

Sadly, President Obama and Hillary Clinton are now blaming guns. The ACLU is blaming Christians.

How ironic that anti-gun liberals never seem to want to blame the actual perpetrator.

The fact is that the killer was filled with hate. He pledged his support to ISIS while on the phone with 9-1-1.

No amount of gun control would have been able to prevent him from finding instruments to funnel his hatred.

Gun Control Does Not Stop an Evil Heart

Remember how Julio Gonzalez — using matches and gasoline — killed 87 innocent victims in a Bronx bar in 1990?

It’s a sad reminder that the instruments used in crime — such as matches or AR-15s — are not to blame.

No, people with evil intentions are to blame.

And it’s not, as anti-gun liberals claim, the supposed “easy access” to firearms which is responsible for mass murder.

Hundreds of people were murdered or injured by armed Islamic terrorists in Paris last November, despite the fact that France has far stricter gun control laws.

Kenya also has greater restrictions on firearms, but saw 147 students gunned down at a university last year.

And 50 Chinese were murdered last September in a coal mine — not with guns, but with knives.

The President wants more gun control, even though gun control failed to keep people safe on Sunday morning.

Consider that Florida gun owners are not allowed to carry in any establishment that serves alcohol.

So Gun-Free Zones failed.

And the Orlando murderer passed several background checks — he was a licensed security guard — and bought his guns legally.

He was even investigated, and cleared, by the FBI.

So background checks failed.

What does work is allowing the potential victims — that is, the real first responders — to defend themselves with firearms.

Good Guys Stop Mass Shootings.

One year ago this month, a disgruntled man was hoping to inflict severe carnage in a Youngstown bar. Thankfully, there was a bar employee with a concealed carry permit who shot the gunman several times, killing him.

That’s how you stop mass shooters dead in their tracks.

Here’s What We Can Do Together

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Our rights are already under attack, and so Gun Owners of America will need to alert as many gun owners as possible to the gun control proposals that are already being hatched behind closed doors in our nation’s capital.

Thank you for standing with us in defense of our freedoms.

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Gov Scott of FL tells it like it is.

2nd Amendment around over 200 years, did not kill anyone. EVIL killed that night in Orlando.

It is not about guns, it is about RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST(S) aka ISIS. (Not ISIL the JV POTUS BHO)


AK47 easy to make with some hard labor. look at Mideast they make with homemade tooling. Control stops law aabiding citzens from self protection .The Bloomberg croonies are domestic terrorists making you victims.


Most likely another false flag, just like Sandy Hook, proven beyond doubt. Where are the bodies, the blood? Why do the witnesses all sound like they were regurgitating lines from a script? We are all frogs being boiled slowly in the pot. The agenda is obvious. One of the best anecdotes of WWII was when a Japanese general was asked if he was going to invade the US. His response, and I paraphrase was “hell no, don’t you realize that there is a gun behind every bush in America”?


Does this sort of idiocy come to you naturally, or do you have to take some kind of “conspiracy pills” every day?


For you to imply Sandy Hook and Orlando were staged events shows you truly are a very ignorant person.

Wild Bill

Good news, though… there is a hell and that rat #$% eating, skrayling bas#$% is there! And speaking of rat #$% eaters, I forgot to mention that Saul Alinsky died on 12 June 1972, a date worth celebrating. Good news for everyone… except Saul, of course.

Eric Washington

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. What pisses me off after every mass shooting, is how do so many people get murdered without anybody in the crowd of the dead, getting off a single self-dense shot? Answer: Gun Free Zone! Gun Free Zone are Gun Kill Zone! This is where any terrorist can rack up a body count of defenseless, unarmed civilian casualties with NO RESISTANCE before finally taking their own life, or being killed by law enforcement. Millions of guns in America and none of these guns have been available to offer resistance in the mass shootings that… Read more »

Wild Bill

Sociologists and phycologists tell us that assurance of punishment keeps people from committing crime, Therefore this nation must return to what works: personal responsibility and public hanging. Stop blaming an inanimate object, forget rehabilitation theory, and drop the artificial limitations (e.g. gfz, GCA, NFA).


Actually, what “phycologists” (Phy on them all!) would tell you is that it is the belief that they will be CAUGHT and then punished, that keeps people from doing the things that are punishable. Today, there is little concern on the part of criminals either that they will ever actually be caught, and if they are, that they will really be punished in any significant manner (I like your public hanging part!). So actually ENFORCING existing laws is not a bad idea to start with. On the other hand, I agree that we should do away with the GFZs, NFA,… Read more »


It’s both stupid and disgusting that the only thing the democratic party can do to address a situation is to make more sheep for the wolves to attempt to consume. We all know and personally I’m sick of hearing how any instrument can be used to kill. Has anyone stopped to think that it’s the passing of gun control legislation that has done the killing. So in effect it’s lobbyists and scared pussies that are getting people killed. AR DOES NOT STAND FOR ASSAULT RIFLE IT ORIGINALLY MEANT ARMORLITE. Instead of steel it’s aircraft aluminum. Damn liberal assholes spread fear… Read more »


Stop ” GUN FREE ZONES ” it’s not the gun . It’s the Dumn @ss ( CONGRESS ) that thinks it will stop killings like the 49 people killed . I feel safer in a bank than in a school . If the public knew people were armed a lot of the killing would stop and bad guys would think twice before trying anything stupid .