FMK 9C1 G2 Compact 9mm Pistol – Near Perfection

by Don McDougall
FMK 9C1 G2 Compact 9mm Pistol review.

FMK 9C1 G2 Compact 9mm Pistol in Crimson Red
FMK 9C1 G2 Compact 9mm Pistol in Crimson Red
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Fairfax, VA -( As an NRA instructor I get to shoot a LOT of different guns. With a local price tag of UNDER $400.00 my first thought was the FMK pistol was too cheap to be worth shooting.

Now, it is the gun I keep next to my bed and the one my sister-in-law (A first time gun owner) has for her protection.

You’ll see this gun described as a “budget Glock”, and there is already half a dozen honest reviews of this gun. There is one or two trashing the gun, and an obviously made up review by a Glock Fanboy.

The gun is an American made Glock and available in two versions.

There is a DAO version available for sale in CA and MA, and a “fast trigger” that is available in the rest of the country.

FMK 9C1 G2 Compact 9mm Pistol

Guns are built for a purpose. The gun you choose for home defense is not the gun you elect to use in competition. The FMK 9C1 G2 Compact 9mm Pistol in DAO is uncompromisingly built for personal protection. It’s the size of a larger .380 but shoots a 9mm. The grips are a bit slimmer in design than the boxy grips of comparable Glocks. The angle and feel of the FMK is like that of a 1911.

The FMK 9C1 G2 fits most people’s hands easily. The gun is accurate (Under 2 inches at 10 meters). For the DAO (Double Action Only) the trigger pull is long and a little heavy, say about 7lbs. (The “fast trigger” in about 5 lbs.) Nothing that keeps you from getting the best out of the gun, but it’s as different from a Glock as a Glock is from a 1911. (Please note I love my 1911s and my Glocks, the FMK-DAO trigger is different, not better or worse.) The SA single action trigger is an improved version, similar to the one you’ll find in a Glock Gen3.

The DAO action means that except for the magazine spring, NOTHING in the gun is under tension when the gun is living loaded and secure next to your bed. There is a real advantage to this in safety and reliability. I always have a twinge of concern for reliability when a gun sits unused for a long period of time, but not so with the FMK 9C1 G2 Compact 9mm in DAO.

The gun does not have the “factory only” ammunition restriction seen on many of the plastic guns, making the gun a LOT more economical to shoot. Since it is a home defense gun it gets shot regularly for practice.

FMK Made in California

The gun is made in California, and meets ALL the current CA safety requirements. The patriotic owners of FMK have engraved the gun with the 2nd Amendment and a thank you to the troops. A nice touch. Yes, they come in colors, and my Sister-in-Law has one that is pink.

FMK 9C1 G2 Compact 9mm Pistol Color Selection
FMK 9C1 G2 Compact 9mm Pistol Color Selection

There is a trigger replacement available that drops the poundage, and shifts the gun to a … well… a Glock style trigger. When Glock's patents for their triggers sunset, there were bound to be people who would adapt the trigger to a better, less boxy frame. The backstrap is rubber and helps absorb the recoil, and the gun has a lower axis than most plastic guns. This means less felt recoil.

Since the FMK can shoot reloads, the cost savings over the Glock is frightening when you add it all up. Assuming you practice every two weeks the saving after 26 trips to the range plus the difference of the FMK’s purchase price (Under $400) means after a year the FMK is HALF the cost of the Glock. So you can buy another FMK from the savings from shooting a FMK, or wait a year and use the savings to buy a Glock. Oh and if you’re in CA or MA, and want to change over the trigger the FMK trigger is only $61.95, where as the Glock replacement triggers average at a cost of 3X that. Add that to the savings as well and the FMK is by far the better deal.

I know you’re supposed to list the Pros and Cons of each gun. The only problems with the FMK is that the low price means some people don’t take it seriously when looking for a firearm, and that people assume it is a Glock and shoot it like one. The unique techniques that make a Glock successful may not be the ones you need for an FMK. Younger shooters who grew up only on plastic autos just don’t understand that not all guns are Glocks.

Summary: If you’re looking for one gun for your home or personal protection this is it. The gun is reliable, accurate, and ergonomically comfortable. You can change out the trigger (if you want) and unless you’re in CA, the gun comes with two 14 round magazines. This is an excellent gun for a 1st time gun owner, or a dedicated defense gun.

FMK 9C1 G2 Compact 9mm Pistol in Black
FMK 9C1 G2 Compact 9mm Pistol in Black

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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  • 52 thoughts on “FMK 9C1 G2 Compact 9mm Pistol – Near Perfection

    1. I have owned my FMK 9C2 G1 for more than 2 years now and here are my takes on the gun:
      – Be patient during the break-in period. The first 100 rds were nightmare with all kind of issues. But it gradually got better. After 300 rds, it started to perform flawlessly. I used 300 rds of Fiocchi 115gr for break-in. Now, I shoot reman ammo for practice, and fail rate is maybe 1/500 rds or so, more likely that it was due to the ammo than the gun itself.
      – Limp wristing is a real thing with this gun. Some guns are forgiving on beginner. This gun is not. Proper shooting techniques are extremely important. Otherwise you will have frequent issues. This has happened to many of my friends. I shoot with no problem. They shoot, it jams and fails. I shoot again with no problem, using the same reman ammo every time. Then I show them how to shoot properly, they start to shoot with less and eventually no problem. This is a scenario that I can start to reproduce now. Just pick a first-timer, hand him/her the gun without any instruction (except safety of course), and most likely he/she will not go through one magazine without having couple of jams.
      – Ammo: I have been shooting mostly reman ammo from more than 5 different companies (Northern Hill Precision, Freedom Munition, Homeland Munition, LAX, Peak Performance,…) with over 3000 rounds on this gun alone. I have also shot new ammo from Fiocchi and Remington. This gun is definitely not ammo picky.
      – Reliability: it has been performing reliable enough for me to entrust my self defense on it.
      – Trigger upgrade: definitely worth it.
      – Other aspects such as the gun’s feel and accuracy are more personal. You will need to try it out yourself.
      – Pro’s: affordable, reliable, not ammo-picky
      – Con’s: upgrade parts are not as widely available as other popular brands.

    2. I have had my FMK for about a year and it has been a reliable firearm. I expected a few malfunctions in the beginning but that was it. These were failure to go in to battery. Other than that and the occasional slide not staying open on the last round (I sometimes ride the slide stop) there have been no issues in close to 2,000 rounds. Is it as good as a Glock? Probably not but it comes close. I get really tired of people slamming a company for using another’s design cues. Glock is starting to remind me of the Model T. Grand idea in the beginning and it lasted (stagnated) for 20 years. But other company’s started producing a more desirable product and they had to up their game. Will Glock have to do the same to retain their status?

    3. thinking of buying a fmk 9c1 g2. not sure what to believe, never know who is working for or against a gun company. HELP! just need truthful info, thats all i need.

      1. I got a lemon, the slide won’t snap into proper position. It leaves about 2MM of space and you have to physically snap it back in place to be able to get a round off. Brought to a gunsmith who said it was defective, part of slide bending. Gunsmith looked up reviews and found same complaints about this gun. Although the gun itself is a bit smaller and weighs less than my XD which I like, I am going back to my XD and returning this gun.

    4. I had a FMK Gen 2 for the past 2 yrs. Never had any malfunctions. Shot about a thousand rounds through it.I thought it was a great gun. Just had it ripped off. I’m getting another.

    5. There is a review on another website and comments on every other review of this gun except on that site by a “William” or “Bill Corcoran”. I read the review on the other website and was very unimpressed by what I read. It was a Glock fanboy who had a deal with FMK to supply their shooting class with customized guns for the entire class.

      What left me unimpressed was that the instructors did not field strip the firearms OR have the students do it before firing them. They just gave them the guns and fired them straight out of the box. No inspection or cleaning until AFTER the malfunction.

      The first thing that I was taught about a firearm was to inspect it before EVER firing it. Cleaning is a completely different story altogether. I clean guns I buy before ever firing them and after I finish shooting them for the day.

      I would NEVER let someone under my supervision fire a gun without a proper inspection and cleaning. That is dangerous and irresponsible.

      My FMK 9C1 G2 is a great gun. But I also would not buy a first generation of almost any gun, FMK included.

    6. I just purchased a new FMK 9C1 Gen 2 last weekend at Ganders and got to the range today. Sadly, the only 9mm ammo I had was WInchester 115gr FMJ white box – consistent FTEs every one or two rounds with both my wife and I shooting the weapon.

      After reading the previous comments, I guess I will hit the range again with different ammo the first chance I get.

      Although frustrating, I do understand that some weapons simply don’t like certain types of ammo. I truly love my Kahr P45, but there are some cartridges that are problematic with it also.

      Thanks for everyone sharing their experiences.

      So, I guess I will give the FMK another chance before I aggravate myself with the customer support/RMA carousel.

      1. Sadly, my experience at the range today did not bode well for my FMC 9C1 G2. I gathered a box of Remington Golden Sabre (not +P) and 75 rounds of remanufactured NATO FMJ I’ve had for a while. Every 9mm I’ve ever owned ingested the NATO remanufactured stuff just fine. Not so with the FMK for the Golden Sabre or NATO FMJ. Out of the total 100 rounds, I had a total of 22 FTEs and a comparable number of FTFs. The longest string of shots was four rounds before either a FTE or FTF. Most of the time, there were only two round strings.

        I guess it’s time to contact FMK.

    7. UPDATE
      I brush cleaned and oiled my 9c1 g2 today and I went to the range . It fired approx 80 rounds of Remington UMC FMJ flawlessly. Then I had 1 failure to load. The round was caught at the bottom of the ramp and simply did not enter the chamber. I cleared it and fired about 20 more again flawlessly. I then switched over to Winchester white box because that’s all I have left. Constant problems after that. The lesson is don’t fire Winchester white box.. Of course ithey had already told me that the first time I sent it in for repairs. The second time I was using Remington UMC ammo. And still had problems. It seems to be working fine now other than the one failure to load as long as I use Remington UMC. I think a break and time is necessary should I say very necessary on this firearm. Still a little leery but I’m beginning to like this pistol and will probably make it my main carry weapon after more breaking time. Felt recoil is near nonexistent and shot with good accuracy I’ll take it to the range again run at least 50 rounds through it operates flawlessly again I will carry. It.
      The manufacturer has always been very gracious and I got a genuine feeling that they want to make things right.

    8. Hello Fabien,
      I’m submitting my final comments regarding FMK and the problems you (and I) experienced. First, let me say that David Wolfe has done his job with class and without accusation or recrimination. That is to his credit and he will be successful because, in the long term, integrity will be his stock-in-trade. People will come to trust him. He is learning lessons about being responsive to his customers and how to deal with the frustrations one experiences as a customer when the product does not perform as it should.
      I began my responses last June because I thought this was a forum for responding to journalism. I learned very early that Mr. McDougall is no journalist. Journalism in the chat room context usually solicits comments to a written observation or experience. Particularly in the firearms manufacturing business, there is no such thing as 100% perfection. To claim such defies logic.
      Mr. McDougall’s accusations and foul mouthed attacks on me were baseless and insulting. My statements were fact based only and my opinions as expressed were the product of fact patterns which reflected a lack of responsiveness from FMK. By writing to FMK and Front Sight many times I finally reached the appropriate parties and now feel I am close to having the firearm I expected.
      The present condition of the firearm not going back into battery is not uncommon for firearms that are not “finished”. Precision CNC machining of high strength steels does not leave a smooth surface. There are microscopic imperfections, sharp edges and burrs that cause friction. Mr. Wolfe recommended that 500 rounds would solve the problem. And he is correct. I checked with a gunsmith friend and he said it is common unless the manufacturer spends the extra money to polish and deburr the weapon. I’m satisfied with that explanation and will have the gun polished by my gunsmith so I can rest assured that it is 100% reliable.
      As for Mr. McDougall, his claim that he “knows” what was done to my weapon this last time is his ultimate indictment. I have paperwork from FMK, signed by a technician, stating that he put two magazines (20 rounds) through the weapon when testing. If Mr. McDougall was actually was there, what does that say about his relationship with FMK. He states to you, Fabien, that “not one cent comes to me.” When examining a witness, this statement is the equivalent to a false denial. Stating that “not one cent comes to me” does not deny that consideration was exchanged, it is just an attempt to provide a partially true statement and have people believe there has been no consideration. Perhaps it was something more than “one cent” or it went to his publication.
      Mr. McDougall, I suggest that you cash a check so you can pay your bets; because you are clearly a loser.
      My spam filter is set so I bid you all farewell.
      Bill Corcoran

    9. Love my fmk c9g2.
      I’ve had absolutely no issues , shoots great , feels great , I’m in love with this gun. All the negative comments are truly hard to believe seeing that this firearm is so great to me ! I fire crap ammo as much as I can ! Aluminum case federal for $9 at Walmart all day long ! Punching holes in paper and wood and doubling up on holes ! Accurate , reliable , comfortable, and affordable ! ……… Oh , and did I mention MADE IN THE USA!!!!
      very very satisfied with my $375 purchase ! And plans to buy another ! I also own a smith and Wesson sd9ve that is flawless as well ! Never will I pay $800 for another “block”.
      Good guns but , seriously guys , do the math and keep it in the USA !

    10. Fabien,
      I had an experience similar to yours. I eventually was contacted by David Wolfe and he has taken personal responsibility for seeing to the repair of my firearm. I just received an email from customer support detailing what was done to the firearm and notifying me that it is being sent back to me. I am hopeful that everything works just fine. I’ll report. I appreciated the way Mr. Wolfe stepped up and acknowledged the issue and demonstrated a willingness to address it personally.
      Bill Corcoran

      1. Thanks
        They have replaced the extractor twice now. The last time they said it was an upgraded extractor ,whatever that means
        I appreciate the good customer service. That is always helpful. I’m sure they will work out the problem.

        1. Fabien & All,
          I have written several times about my trials with my FMK. I just received it back from the manufacturer this week for the third time (three returns for repairs). The results are: sixty rounds fired; one dozen times the slide did not go back into battery. Various ammunition used with the same results. I will be writing to Mr. Wolfe, the president of the company about this outcome. As you can all see, they don’t have the capability to repair a defect. They make a nice firearm and it is very accurate; however I intended this weapon as a CCW and if it fails to go back into battery 20% on the time then it will get one killed.
          Bill Corcoran

          1. Bill, I’ll be blunt you’re full of crap. Don’t know what your motivation is or of you work for Glock or who ever but no one here believes you.

            Thank you.

            1. I do
              I haven’t had time to go back to the range with some top quality defensive ammo yet to give it one last try before I send it back for the third time but with some of the cheaper off the shelf range ammo including UFC that has been my experience. Aluminum won’t work at all.FTE ever round . Of course I never claimed it would work with that stuff. But my HK eats it like it was top notch ammo.
              Why so abusive?? ☹️
              Are you taking money from FMK?
              I still expect this to be properly repaired and become one of my carry guns but there HAS been problems. Still like the company. My interaction with them has been great. Good people that want to make it right. I’m convinced they will. By the way I had the front sight just break off as I was firing it. Called them. They sent me three more.

        2. Fabien, Bill’s message was no just posted here. He covered most of the western world. Oh and not one cent comes to me.

          I know for a fact that his gun had 50+ rounds put through it in testing. Not one problem by FMK before sending it back.

          He’s either making it up or doing something terribly wrong.

          A few of us have a set of side bets about his response.


    12. I bought one 4 months ago. It has on going FTE issues. I had high hopes for it. Bought it as a replacement for my all steel ParaOrdnance P12.45 I have been carrying and shooting for 20 years. It’s been back to the manufacturer twice now. Excellent customer service. Very nice people but the problem still exist. Just came back from the range two hours ago. I had WAY too many FTEs. This is using in Winchester white box which they say probably should not be used. I’ve used the Remington UMC that they recommend since the last time it came back from manufacture also. A little better results but still has some FTE. I would not trust this with my life. EVER .Very disappointed. It’s a nice looking gun . It feels good in the hand. Shoots pretty accurately,when it shoots. It has everything that I want in a gun except the reliability. I would not buy it again. I wish I could return it. I’ll be sending it back again for service. I just bought an HK P 2000 to replace it. I took it to the range today also . It was the first time for the HK. I shot shot cheap aluminum cased ammunition through it. 150 rounds never had a problem. Tried it in the FMK. FTE every round. The HK operated how a gun should operate. I want to like the FMK 9C1 G2 very badly. But I don’t. The author of this article got lucky. I should have read reviews before I bought it.

      1. P.S.
        I’m an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor,NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer. I am also enrolled in a Professional gunsmithing class.
        I know my way around firearms

          1. Not claiming expertise. Just that it’s far from a new thing to me. I have been shooting for many years
            I know how to operate a firearm properly
            I’m not limp wristing it.
            It has been cleaned and lubed properly before it shoot it

      2. Fabien, David Wolfe is the president of fmk, his contact info is on their website. Call him he will make your gun right. If for me reason that fails you I’ve a gun smith who reworks the gun if need be. Don

        1. Thank you sir. I hope to get it fixed by them. They seem to be very decent people. I really want to like this gun.

        1. It’s not a feeding problem
          It FTE from a full mag down to the last round
          I have two mags
          No difference between them
          Thank you

    13. Bill, I am glad you are getting fine quality service from FMK that the rest of know the firm provides. QED


    14. Dear Mr. McDougall,
      Please don’t insult me by saying that almost all of my post is in error. My post is a statement of facts. You cannot possibly say the facts that I recite are error. Every fact I recited is accurate and correct.
      As an aside, I heard from David Wolfe, of FMK this week and received a sincere apology and a promise to rectify the situation. He apologized that the firearm had been returned twice and not repaired and promised to personally take care of the situation.
      So Mr. McDougall, you should verify “your” facts before excoriating someone when you don’t know what you are talking about.
      Bill Corcoran

    15. Bill,
      I’m sorry but almost all of your post is in error. You should verify the facts prior to making inflammatory statements.

      Don McDougall

    16. glocks suck,besides there ugly,my sig on the other hand is fantastic,No ugly guns,no plastic guns,no aluminum yuck

    17. As soon as a company comes out with a firearm that can give glock or any other big name manufacturer a run for their money, here come the trolls. its because you have had those names drilled into your head for so many years your afraid to try anything new. if you think about all the names that were manufactured back when you were trying to get into the firearms game, the technology then was not as good as it is today. just like when everyone bashes the smith and Wesson SD9VE line of pistols, they are just as good and reliable as glock but just because the trigger is on the upper end of the poundage, they are not as good. believe me that when you are fighting for your life, the weight of the trigger pull isn’t going to play a factor at all. I for one am all for the new upcoming companies, I hope they all do well and get people from the high priced guns that do nothing more than supply a big name brand to their product.. honor defense honor guard is one that comes to mind of a new company that has proven they got it down. go check them out as well as FMK.

    18. Mr Drueckhammer, thank you for your reply. However I’m not sure why you replied other than to say you were lucky enough to get an FMK that works. I was not so lucky and the company does not honor the warranty. They have had the gun to inspect and evaluate three times: upon manufacture, and two returns. How many times are enough. One respondent, a gun smith, states that 15 rounds are enough and suggests limp wristing (which is a notion I dispelled for Mr Wolfe). I have been shooting for many years and own enough firearms to know when one is deficient. If it is returned repeatedly, then spend the money to put enough rounds through the gun to be sure it is reliable. I suggest that perhaps you should all read the “About Ammoland” page and the following FTC Compliance terms:

      • Posts on AmmoLand are based upon a review copy or samples. In some cases AmmoLand may have not been paid to review or post about the topic but may have been given an item related to the topic or post.
      • Posts on AmmoLand are based upon a sample or gift. In some cases AmmoLand may have not been paid to review or post about the topic but we may have been given an item or gift related to the topic.
      • Posts on AmmoLand are based upon an advertising relationship. In some cases AmmoLand may have been paid to review or post about the topic and AmmoLand has received cash, compensation or gift related to the topic.
      • Posts on AmmoLand have included affiliate links. AmmoLand Shooting Sports News LLC has or will be paid based upon referrals from selected posts. Readers are on notice that an affiliate relationship exists.
      Ammoland admits that they “MAY” have received consideration for their writings. Some of you fans may even be FMK shills.
      The bottom line is don’t trust FMK and their products if you are planning to carry or have at your bed side.

    19. Don, good article. Have no experience with this gun, but I’m always excited about quality less costly guns, coming to the market. I will also say it is very important for the sport, and our 2cd amendment rights, to find and recommend these guns. As a steady shooter of 40+ years, I have been blessed to own and shoot some great firearms. But, it does seem gun snobbery has raised it’s ugly head in the last couple of years, in a very non inclusive way. I run across new shooters every week, who have been victims of this. I also have found some of the worse perpetrators, to be some of the most ignorant, unskilled, and unknowledgeable shooters I have run across. So keep up the good work. We must keep bringing new shooters to the fold, and high quality new products, that are affordable, only help. As far a new firearm having some bugs, no manufacturer is above thus.

    20. Reply to William Corcoran,
      I am also a member of Front Sight and received my FMK in 2014. That fall my son (37 yr. old) used the gun in a 4 day defensive handgun class. Shot approximately 500 rounds using Winchester ammo and had one malfunction. When I got back to Texas I called FMK about the trigger upgrade to the FAT ,two days later the trigger was in my mailbox. I switched out the triggers and in March 2015 ,back at Front Sight Shot another 500 rounds in the four day class , then another 600 rounds in the two skill builder class using Freedom Munitions reman ammo. Only had two malfunctions and they were due to primer failure. I could not ask for any better reliability.

    21. I am the owner of a FMK 9C1G2, which I received from Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in October, 2015. The firearm in question has never worked properly. The firearm would not go back into battery frequently and displayed feed failures constantly. I contacted FMK and they initially told me that I was probably using the wrong ammo or hadn’t put enough rounds through the gun. After more than 300 rounds I told them that they needed to live up to their warranty. They took the gun back and supposedly repaired it. The message from the technician merely stated that he checked the ejector and fired 10 rounds through it and that it was fine.
      It was not fine and the problems persisted. I returned it again, got it back and it still didn’t work properly.

      I have returned it to FMK two times for repair and both times it was returned to me un-repaired. I most recently asked that the firearm be replaced, since the technicians at the company are unable to repair the firearm.
      Specifically, the gun continues to go back into battery, fails to eject properly causing jams and stove pipes and other similar failures.

      I have communicated to Mr. David Wolfe, the president of the company, several times and those exchanges have been unsatisfactory. He even asked me to video myself firing the weapon. He has accused others of “limp writing” while shooting. I did the video and he didn’t raise that canard for obvious reasons.
      Most recently, after returning my firearm to me for the second time, because it still did not work properly, I asked for a replacement. Mr. Wolfe wrote to me saying that they would have to “check out” the firearm themselves.

      He indicts himself and his company by saying that I should return the weapon for a third time. That request indicates that the first two times they knowingly did nothing.

      Your review indicates complete satisfaction with the weapon and mine is complete dissatisfaction. FMK is batting 50%. That is not a weapon I would keep at home for defense when reliability is absolutely necessary. Neither is it a weapon I would carry.

      1. As a gunsmith I have had many owners bring in pistols claiming they are malfunctioning the same way you describe your FMK. Sometimes I find a cause but in many instances when I shoot the firearm it performs just fine; Now I am limited by time and ammo costs so I only shoot ten or fifteen rounds and admittedly the sixteenth round could have a problem; but not likely. Most times I find that the shooter is limp wristing the firearm or that the firearm requires good 9mm 124 gr. ammo to fully extract the spent case and feed a new round.

        I do not see how FMK can satisfy you if they cannot replicate the particular problem (I’m assuming that FMK is acting in good faith here) you are having. If their experience is that your gun is functioning properly it would do them little good to send you a new one since it would likely malfunction also.

        I suggest you take it to the range and have several people shoot it while you video them, if they have trouble then sending the video to FMK will help them diagnose the problem.

    22. Right now they’re at capacity. So probably no new guns, they did experiment with a Sig357.

      Many of the early videos are meaningless, a few are outright falsehoods. Given their relationship with Frontsight and the number of guns sold without a complaint for the price, and with a lifetime guarantee its a safe choice.

      IS ..ARE… doesn’t it depend on what your definition if IS is? It passed grammar checker. I’ll shift to another version. Yes you’re 100% correct.

    23. You may be a firearms expert but a grammarian you are not.

      You’ll see this gun described as a “budget Glock”, and there is already half a dozen honest reviews of this gun. There is one or two trashing the gun and an obviously made up review by a Glock Fanboy.

      This should read: there ARE already half a dozen and there ARE one or two …. one is singular, more than one should be plural!

      1. article is about a weapon, not high school english .SNOB like one. Do really think a majority care?

      2. Your an idiot ! For grammar patrol fools like you,,…you’re an idiot ! Get on outta here fool ! “out of” !

      3. You’re an idiot. No one cares if this review is perfect with regards to grammar. All anyone really cares about is the facts and honest opinions on the firearm, that’s it.

      4. There is a time and place to me a Grammer nazi and this ain’t it dumb azz.
        I enjoyed the review and do not care about him not passing Miss Fuddidutty’s Grammer test.

    24. I have a question rather than comment. Are there any plans in the near future to add 45 acp cal. to the line up?

    25. I watched a couple of youtube videos from a year or less and it was shown to jam or the slide not completely return, and then had to be pushed forward into battery. Sounds like they need to do better, and the G3 is on the horizon.

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