Into the Fray: Get Out and Fight!

If you are ever forced to fight from your vehicle, remember that the front seat of your vehicle is the “kill zone.” Get out! This video shows one method of exiting your vehicle while maintaining your ability to engage a target to the front. This puts together several basic skills into a dynamic package that helps you to avoid those incoming rounds and put accurate fire on your adversary.

Kevin Michalowski

U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

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Patrick Bludau

I am a long time fan of Kevin’s Into the Fray series on Youtube. With over 100 videos available, I strongly recommend every CCW holder watch them. They are very informative and Kevin is very down to earth in his presentation. I met Kevin and Tim at the NRAAM. I strongly recommend anyone that carries to sign up for the USCCA. For as little as $12 a month it is worth the piece of mind knowing one number to call, if ever faced with the possibility of going to jail for defending yourself. And if you think that is impossible,… Read more »