National Shooting Sports Foundation Calls for ATF Investigation Of ‘Under the Gun’

Stephanie Soechtig and Katie Couric
Stephanie Soechtig and Katie Couric

National Shooting Sports Foundation

NEWTOWN, Conn. -(  Editors Note: [The National Shooting Sports Foundation has issued the following statement regarding the recent admission by “Under The Gun” producer Stephanie Soechtig that she appears to have violated multiple Federal Gun Laws.]

Journalists and filmmakers investigating what they see as shortcomings in laws are not absolved of their responsibility both to gain the requisite understanding of how those laws work and to abide by them.

We have to point out that it would appear that a producer of the Katie Couric documentary “Under the Gun” committed at least four federal felonies, one for each firearm he appears to have illegally purchased since the individual was not a resident of Arizona where he purchased the firearms.

He may have also violated state criminal statutes. And, If Ms. Soechtig, the film’s director, sent him to Arizona to make these firearms purchases, as the tape appears to suggest, she may be guilty of engaging in a conspiracy to violate federal firearms laws and/or aiding and abetting the commission of these crimes her producer engaged in.

We also have to ask what, if any, involvement did Ms. Couric as executive producer have in these purchases?

The NSSF calls upon the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to open a criminal investigation into this important matter.

About NSSF:

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 6,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen's organizations and publishers.

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  • 43 thoughts on “National Shooting Sports Foundation Calls for ATF Investigation Of ‘Under the Gun’

    1. The bottom line it is the responsibility and the duty of We the People to maintain each and every elected or appointed official that’s in office and we need to watch them like a hawk rather than watching sports or what Kim Kardashian is doing with her fat ass.

      You keep your eyes on every move your officials make because they took an oath of office and your state constitution dictates that if they violate that oath of office it is the responsibility and the duty of the citizen to remove those corrupt officials from Office through grand jury indictment and if you do nothing? You just enjoying the hi crime and risk Federal prosecution.

      Then again you might be one of those people and one of them states that are too preoccupied with all your distractions like sports and big truck races or hunting and fishing or chasing skirts at the bar, you ain’t been paying attention that the state legislators probably erased your power to remove the Corrupt officials from office, leaving you stuck with a thug in charge while you sit back like a helpless little puppy.

    2. I hope they look into it. But as for our request when our assault rifles were stolen, resold and given away by a person not allowed nor authorized, ATF did nothing

    3. I’ve often thought of going to gun shows in other states and buying stuff if the price is right. After further thought, I’m now thinking such reciprocation might complicate the issue by broadening the interpretation of the Commerce Clause for federal intrusion. Since I’m not a lawyer or even well-schooled in legal matters, it seems prudent for me to limit myself to home state gun shows. As a private carry licensee, sellers don’t need a background check, but I’d bet some do it anyway. Besides, I suspect the sales are just as good here as they are in other states.

      1. Gene, don’t deprive yourself of the experience of going to the Wannenmacher gun show in Tulsa. Eleven acres of guns, goodies and good people. Even if you don’t buy a thing, it is a great time. My favorite is the rare cartridges table at 19C upper deck. See you there, sometime!

        1. Come to think of it again, it might be a great weekend since I’m also looking for a non-cut-down WW II M1 bayonet, etc. Lefties haven’t regulated interstate militaria yet. If Slick Hilly is elected, perish the notion, we’ll see colossal and unbridled commerce of all kinds of firearms, perhaps making shipment to a local dealer more palatable. I wonder if the next date for this show, four days after the election, was planned.

          1. I don’t know if it was planned but the outcome of the election will play a big part in my buying plans.

            1. I plan to upgrade before the election because I’d guess the prices of brands and models I seek will remain stable. In the event that Trump wins, I’d not expect prices for these items to decline. But if Slick Hilly wins, seems likely that the demand for lower priced stuff will rise and only later push the high end up. But my reason for spending a weekend in Tulsa is mostly curiosity. I’ve heard it’s pretty spectacular.

        2. The Wannenmacher Gun Show in Tulsa is a MUST DO for ANYBODY interested in guns and militaria! You can purchehase ANYTHING from a derringer, guns of ALL types on up to a full blown MaDeuce! (Class III Dealers). But be prepared to spend every minute on both days if you intend to TRY try each table!

          One year I had a couple of tables at this show while there was an Anti-Gun protest happening about a mile south of the Show… I went out front and walked the looooong line of gun show attendees waiting to get in and passed out a business card with the instructions, “Bring an Anti-Gun Zealot to the show and get in for FREE!”

          It is truly the BEST Gun Show on the planet!

    4. Don’t you know the law doesn’t apply to rich libtards. The ATF will not do a thing.

    5. Burn em!
      Teach these stupid libtards that there are already some 20,000+ gun laws on the books that infringe on our right in one way or another. PROSECUTE them and maybe the next POS show they produce will be from prison crying about how gun laws are unfair and unjust.
      That asstard David Gregory got away with a felony bringing a standard cap (30rnd) magazine into the Socialists People’s District of Columbia… quit making these media elites immune from the laws you impose on the rest of them!
      Prosecute Couric and Soechtig for violating the law… hell, you have the evidence and their confession already on tape, how easy is that?
      “Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.” ~MLK

    6. Go NSSF! Katie and crew made this documentary with the intent to get more restrictive gun laws passed. Gun laws that us law abiding gun owners must be aware of and comply with. I don’t think it’s too much that Katie and crew are charged with complying with existing laws. Everybody is equal under the law but some are a little more equal right?

    7. The court should order a new “Under the Gun Part II, The Truth”, where Katie Couric personally must tell of the schemes involved and those who participated and how they participated. She must also ask for forgiveness from the NRA and its individual members as-well-as all the people of the US and the world who were deceived by her film.
      The film must then be put away with orders to never show it again. The television station should have to pay a fine to be determined by the courts and promise never to show something similar, regardless of content, until it is vetted by an assembly of concerned parties.
      All revenues earned from this film should be placed in a Trust to help victims of shootings (not the families) but those who lived after being shot, or their immediate children for use in obtaining an education, whether college or vocational. This should also hold true for any monies collected from Ms. Couric and participants who made the film.

        1. Another question, just out of curiosity, why will Cam Edwards, on his NRA broadcasts never, ever, mention VCDL? He could have interviewed the President of VCDL but refused to do so or even mention them. At some point we have to realize that we’re all in this together.

    8. I hope there is some law inforcement officer that will take this matter up and inforce the law.

    9. Funny. These idiots figured if they could actually buy the guns, it must be legal. Bwhahhhhaah! They didn’t even bother to check out the actual law. This is so much of the problem with the gun controllers, they don’t even know what the current gun control laws are, which are sufficient and rather strict. I hope they are prosecuted as and example of how stupidity is no excuse.

      1. How is any gun owner supposed to know what the laws are???? There are so many and change or evolve so fast it is impossible to know them all. In Californicate they are about to pass so many new laws that ban weapons I have Legally registered I will be forced to move them to my Arizona residence.

    10. They both look pretty goofy, that would be the first clue of distrust the minute they walked into the store.

    11. How about prosecuting David Gregory first for the illegal 30 round mag in D.C. Ok, I’ll be lenient, do them at the same time. Thank you.

    12. Remember that “Dirt Bag” Television reporter who had the 30 round banned AR mag in DC? The same thing that happened to him will happen to these Dirt Bags. Nothing!!
      and, that’s a F*cking shame, but that’s the corrupt administration in this country.

    13. lol now that is comedy. Although you can purchase a long gun in another state, just not a hand gun. I’m more concerned about it being a straw purchase for the producer lady.

      1. Any gun you buy outside your state of residence must go thru an FFL. SOME states allow that FFL to be the selling FFL in an another state. Some don’t. I can buy in an adjacent eastern state, but I can’t buy in, say, Idaho, even if it’s from an FFL.
        These clowns violated the Federal law by buying privately in another state.

        1. wow, in that case yeah throw the book at them. I bet they wont due to them being in the libtard “special class”. Would be ironic though.

        2. According to an ATF agent I talked you are considered a resident of a state if you have a home or residence in that state and are there for 24 hours prior to the sale. I asked him three times and he said that is what Federal law says. I have a home in Az and spend a good part of the year there and have a Az resident Id and CCW license. Because of this I can buy both in California and Arizona.I never take a firearm I bought in Arizona to California because they are such as*hol*s here.

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