No Fly, No Buy Secret Lists, a Slippery Slope!

By John Farnam

Secret Government List
Secret Government List
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Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( No Fly, No Buy?

Our nation’s highly secretive “No Fly List,” was created in response to the 2001 World Trade Center Attacks in NYC. It is maintained by the mysterious “Terrorist Screening Center” (TSC), ostensibly organized under the FBI, but about which little is publicly known.

Standards for getting on the “list” are unknown. Who is on the “list” is unknown, and the procedure for getting off the “list” is also unknown. There is apparently no appeal process, and no one even knows whom to call.

There is never any explanation, nor notification, nor warning, nor “due process” in any form.

Those on the “list” are prohibited from boarding any commercial airliner, and therefore are unable to participate fully in the American economic system. We’re told the “list” contains 50k names.

The separate “Terrorist Watch List” (TSDB), also maintained by the FBI, contains over two million names. Presumably, all on the “No Fly List” are also on the TSDB.

In the wake of the Orlando shooting of last Sunday, many are now suggesting that all those of the “No Fly List,” and the TSDB, also be automatically prohibited from buying guns.

What worries many, including me, is that the sleazy BHO Administration has openly “politicized” virtually every federal agency that is supposed to be exempt from politics, from the CDC to the DHS!

So, what happens when innocent Americans who write “letters to the editor” of newspapers critical of the Administration, or who openly support opposing political campaigns, or who are members of the NRA and other organizations, or religions, venomously hated by the Administration, go into a gun retailer and discover that they are, without any explanation, suddenly and indefinitely prohibited from purchasing a gun?

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of WV sadly lamented on this very subject:

“… ‘due process’ is what's killing us right now.”

Yes, our “inconvenient” right to due process, so important to our nation's Founders, is now getting in the way of this Democrat’s wet-dream of a utopian police state!

When “due process” can be casually bypassed with regard to our Second Amendment Rights, the same logic will be quickly applied, by liberal Democrats (with the tacit approval of spineless “Republicans”), to our First and Forth Amendment Rights too!

In 1938, when Nazi troopers kicked-in doors of the homes of unarmed Jewish families, and precipitously dragged them off to “re-education” camps, always with no explanation, no warning, no “due process,” and no means of appeal, it was piously justified in terms of “national security.” Jews all found themselves on the “No Fly List” and “Terrorist Watch List” of the era!

Most never lived through it!

Foolish liberals, who are trying to read the Second Amendment out of the Constitution by claiming it's not an individual right, or that it's too much of a public safety hazard, don't see the danger in the big picture. They're courting disaster by encouraging others to use the same means to eliminate portions of the Constitution they don't like.” ~ Alan Dershowitz


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  • 7 thoughts on “No Fly, No Buy Secret Lists, a Slippery Slope!

    1. Remember also that Holder believes, and has stated, that “due process” and “judicial process” are not the same, and (in his view) the Constitution guarantees “due process” but not “judicial process.” Think about that for a moment. According to Holder, Americans are Constitutionally entitled to whatever he defines as “due process” but have no Constitutional right to whatever he defies as “judicial process.”

    2. Sorry, BUT “conservatives” DO NOT call patriotic Ukrainians who fought the Germans and who fought the Communist Russians “, NAZIS. That is the spew of the leftist press. Stop smearing conservatives who have consistently supported those opposed to Socialism, Nazism and Fascism.
      Anoterh interesting FACT is that the Estonians WELCOMED the Nazis as heroes and saviors because they chased out the COMMUNIST RUSSIANS. SADLY Hitler and the NAZIS then turned on them and proved to be even more brutal than the Russians.

    3. The Patriot Act enacted under President Bush went way to far in allowing spying and “listing” of Americans. These practices must not be expanded.

    4. John, good points.

      “In 1938, when Nazi troopers kicked-in doors of the homes of unarmed Jewish families…”

      Let’s not forget that NAZIs did this to Slavic people as well. My mother was born in western Ukraine and still remembers NAZIs coming to my grandfather’s store and telling them to “Hand over the keys.” which they did and they never went to the store again. Later they came to her house looking for my great uncle who had joined Ukrainian freedom fighters who were fighting the NAZIs – they has secret lists too (Ukrainians fighting NAZIs is something you won’t hear if your listen to RT News and “CONservative talk show hosts who use RT as a source and who are also smitten with still communist Putin who celebrates May Day with hammers & sickles and calls for the renaming of Volgograd to Stalingrad, etc.) as well as fighting the Russian communists (who under Stalin murdered between 8,000,000 – 10,000, 000+ Ukrainians from 1931-1933 in the Holodomor genocide). Anyway, that day the NAZIs were taking all of the Ukrainian men to village square and executing them – I remember my grandparents telling me these stories in the 1970s about the mothers, kids and wives crying so loudly that you could not stand it. Luckily for my grandfather, he was forced to serve in the Polish army and was not home. He later returned, took a hidden bolt-action rifle from under a water trough in their barn, and he and my mother and grandmother escaped Ukraine never to see their home again only to end up in a German camp. Over 60,000 Ukrainians were executed at Auschwitz and 2,000,000 died at the hand of the German army during WW2, something else you don’t hear from RT News. My grandparents also hid their Jewish neighbors in the cellar of their home which if they had been caught, it would have been instant execution, this is something else that you don’t hear from conservative patriots who follow RT News and other Putin worship news sites who call Ukrainians NAZIs. No one today calls Hungarians NAZIs today but their government was allied with Hitler, their soldiers were also with the Germans when they came into western Ukraine. Four of the top leaders of the Ukrainian resistance (UPA) were Jewish (one was a doctor and their surgeon for the wounded) by the way, here is a a good documentary if interested .

      My grandparents would be horrified if they were alive today and knew that the US government was putting people on secret lists and stripping those people of their rights (especially the 2nd Amendment) without due process. They would have pushed for the resignation of Joe Manchin(erian) candidate as well.

      The Cheka, KGB, FSB, NKVD,, Stazi, etc. all have/had “secret lists” – its a very sad time in our history today but as long as “Sally Soapopera” and “Joe Sixpack” have TV sitcoms and reality shows, football, and a six pack in the fridge, everything is all right.

    5. This writer is GUILTY of ‘ misdemeanor hate crime ‘ and ‘ hate speech ‘ as vaguely defined or interpreted under the Casey Law . ( Formerly known as U.S. Senate bill # 3053 ) Questioning the State is NOT allowed. Rights are revoked , forever. **** ( sarc ./ but for how long ? )

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