ALPS OutdoorZ Covert X: Lightweight Organization for The Serious Hunter

 The ALPS OutdoorZ Covert X gives hunters lightweight organization
The ALPS OutdoorZ Covert X gives hunters lightweight organization. :
ALPS OutdoorZ
ALPS OutdoorZ

(New Haven, MO) Regular backpacks are great for carrying gear to and from your stand. But for quick access to small items and gear, nothing beats a lumbar pack. And no lumbar pack on the market is as well designed as the ALPS OutdoorZ Covert X.

The Covert X, part of the ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme line of packs, rides at the waistline, allowing for easy access to your gear. Internal organization compartments, found under a zip-open flap, allow you to immediately find any piece of gear you need, such as a compass, GPS, flashlight, hunting licenses/tags, car keys or cover scent.

ALPS OutdoorZ Covert X

The Covert X also boasts a few features that show how much thought and design experience went into the final design of this lumbar pack.

First, on either side of the Covert X are hidden expandable hand-warmer pockets – positioned so that whether you are on the ground or in the stand you can slip your hands in and out with minimum movement and no noise. Inside the pack, adjacent to the hand-warmer pockets, is a compartment designed to hold a hand-warmer packet. The packet is right where you need it, but never in your way.

Second, on the inside flap of the main compartment is a clear cell-phone pocket, which allows you to use the phone without removing it from the sleeve. You just zip open the top of the waist pack, and there’s your cell phone. It’s usable and water-resistant, and because you don’t take it out of the flap, you can’t drop it – if you are checking your phone when a trophy steps out of the brush, you don’t have to make extra movements putting the phone away before picking up your bow or firearm.

For years, mountain climbers and hard-core hikers have had cutting-edge packs that serve their needs. ALPS OutdoorZ is doing the same thing for hunters with their Extreme line of packs.

This is evident not only in the great internal design of the Covert X, but also in the practical, tough and durable external components implemented in the design.

The Covert X is constructed with 1680D Ballistic nylon throughout for unmatched strength. The molded foam waist belt and back panel make the Covert X comfortable and quiet. Finally, Hypalon is used on external lashing points for added strength. The Covert X, much like all items in the ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme line, will exceed your expectations even under the toughest hunting conditions.

Alps Outdoorz Covert X FEATURES:

  • 1680D Nylon Ballistics Used Throughout the Pack for Unmatched Strength
  • Molded Foam Waist Belt and Back Panel
  • Hidden Expandable Hand Warmer Pocket
  • Compartment to Add Hot Hands/chemical hand warmer
  • Clear Cell Phone Pocket Inside of Main Compartment
  • Internal Organizational Compartments
  • Hypalon Used On External Lashing Points for Added Strength
  • SPECS:
  • Capacity: 500 in³ / 8L
  • Weight: 1 lb. 10 oz.

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