CHP Experiences With Virginia Law Enforcement Around The State

Police Car Stop
CHP Experiences With Virginia Law Enforcement Around The State
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -( Member Nic A. wanted me to share a few of his LEO experiences with you (I try to avoid such interactions, personally 😉 ):

1. I was driving in Bath county at 3pm when I was stopped by a deputy for speeding. Once the officer came to window, I informed him that I have a CHP and was packing (I am aware of not being required to inform the police about carrying in Virginia).

He paused for a few seconds and replied: “I do not care about your gun. What I care about is that you were speeding. Can I have your drivers license and registration card?”

2. I came to a Fairfax county sobriety checkpoint point at 11pm. I pulled up to the checkpoint, rolled down my window, and the officer asked me about how much I had to drink. I replied that I had not been drinking, I have CHP, and was packing. He asked for my drivers license and CHP card. I informed him that I must reach for my wallet on the same side where my gun is located. I asked if it was OK to do so. He replied, “yes,” so I gave him the cards. He asked me what I was carrying, I told him Sig229, and looking at his gun, I said looks like you are carrying a Sig226.

So we chatted for over 5 min about our guns, how accurate they are so on, at the end I wished him a safe evening.

3. I was pulled over by a Prince William county officer for an expired tag at 8pm. As he approached, I rolled down the window and asked him the reason he stopped me. He told me and asked for my drivers license and registration card. I informed him that I was packing, have a CHP, and the gun is on the same side as my wallet. I asked it it was OK to reach for my wallet and he replied, “yes.” I asked him two more times, since he looked very young. He retrieved my cards and went back to his car and, in a matter of few minutes, THREE other officers arrived at the scene. The officer gave me a warning and I wished him a safe evening.


They will learn about your CHP once they check you for warrants, so I hope hearing it from me vs. learning it from the computer should ease their concerns.

During the last 2 stops, I turned on the lights inside the car, put my both hands on the wheel, and did not remove them until I got the OK from the officer. [PVC: Putting your hands outside the window is even better.]

Since then, I carry my wallet on my left-side back-pocket.

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Steven C.

Member “Nic A.” (lol), yes, you are correct that telling them about your CHP eases their concerns. I drive a tractor trailer, and for those of you that don’t know, we get targeted a lot. I have been told, specifically, by 2 different officers (unsolicited), that they “really appreciated” me being upfront and telling them about my CHP before they learned about it from the computer, even though there is no requirement in Va to inform.

Robert Hartwig

Some states require that you tell the officer you are carrying yours may not. But if you get into the habit of NOT telling what could happen if you are in a state that requires you to and you don’t. BIG TROUBLE


As I said earlier and guess I missed the “post” button, I have a friend who is a Fairfax County Police Officer and his wife has a CCP.
Her vehicle was rear ended by an illegal alien who had no license, no insurance and was driving a “friend’s” car and said he “didn’t speak English”.
The scene officer berated her for not telling him that she had a CCP although she was not carrying at the time. He backed off only when she explained her husband was a FCPO, so I guess he was just being a POS.

Clinton Biediger

Sometimes being upfront about something may prevent what could be avoided. While I do understand the resistance of some to not provide, or volunteer information I still fail to see the reason that some people just have to be argumentive (sp). Anytime I have been addressed by the law enforcement people,it’s been with respect, after all, they just want to go home after their work day, as we do.


@Clinton,well put. I agree that it’s always best to fully cooperate with the police. Arguing or debating a point of law during a traffic stop is not smart at all.


I’ve been pulled over a total of 3 times since I got my permit (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth). I have never had a problem for the simple fact that concealed means concealed and none of the officers asked if I had a weapon on me or in the truck.

Jeff D.

That is more times being pulled over than I have been in my whole life and I’m 60 yrs. young!

Lost in the Woods

I’m not sure opening that can of worms by telling the LEO is the best idea or not. If you are required to then by all means but otherwise I would not be inclined to do that unless or until he asks you to step out of the vehicle.


I had a neighbor in Virginia when I lived there whose wife has a CWP and her car was rear-ended by an illegal alien. When the police arrived, the officer berated her for not telling him that she had a Concealed Permit which he found out when running the IDs of both driver.
The ironic thing is her husband works for the same department as this investigating officer.
OBTW, the alien did not have a driver’s license, insurance, and the car was borrowed from a “friend”.


This dude sure gets pulled over a lot. I ain’t been pulled over since ’95 and hope to keep it that way.