Hunting, Fishing, & Professionals Group on LinkedIn ANOTHER Milestone… 11,000

by Ace Luciano

Hunting, Fishing, & Professionals group on LinkedIn ANOTHER Milestone... 11,000
Hunting, Fishing, & Professionals group on LinkedIn ANOTHER Milestone… 11,000
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USA -( Wow… Another milestone!

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost 10 years since I started this group – back when LinkedIn was practically unknown and I believe we had a “massive” amount of active members… Somewhere in the range of 200….

This week we crossed another MAJOR MILESTONE – 11,000 members!

The other admins will confirm that every HUNDRED comes harder now, as we seem to have a LOT of the “major players” in the marketplace and decline more than 3 to 1 the non-qualified applicants that we receive each day.

I’m still unaware of any other forum on the web where 11,000 active PROFESSIONAL members of the outdoor community are in such close contact and have such direct access to one another. Please keep up the great work and remember that we all started, someplace, sometime and someone, somewhere gave us a break, too!

I have another favor to ask all of you, and I realize that we are all very, very busy in our own lives with our own projects, but, if you would, please, remember to share what is going on with you and to continually ask advice and questions of this group. There is a “core group” of less than 100 members that remain in relatively close contact and find this group to be a tremendous and powerful business opportunity.

That can happen for EVERYONE HERE.

I can’t count the number of phone calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages that I’ve personally received with people touting the values and virtues of this group – and, I have to remind everyone once again that it has very little to do with the five administrators and almost everything to do with all of you!

A break now for some “Shameless Promotion” that I believe can help all of you…

If you have any outdoor/fishing/hunting/shooting product, are an outfitter/guide, own a lodge, sell a product, have an idea…then this next portion pertains directly to you.

That means bows, guns, accessories, packs, knives, bags, coolers, videos, rods, reels, cases, skins, horns, art, …WHATEVER…

I can’t help but steal a small portion of this week’s announcement to once again talk to the tremendous growth that we have seen at Ridge Road Outdoors and the absolutely amazing enhancements and business that the dozen or so new clients that have come on board in the last 30-60 days have come to realize.

This program works with ALL products, takes NOTHING away from your current methods of gaining new business and now comes with a GUARANTEE.

Remember that if you want the absolute best and spectacular low price you need to reach out to me at 608-620-4868 or through the LinkedIn portal.

That’s right. Guaranteed results or you don’t pay! I know nowhere else in this industry (or in many others, for that matter) that offer a guaranteed product.

There are a couple of interesting products that I am still in the midst of reviewing – I had experience with a great product called the survival slingshot, and am currently evaluating a Flycraft “do it all” boat that I was very surprised at how much I liked, ( and, in the next week or so, will have a very special surprise on some fantastic new ammunition that may change some of the ways you feel about self defense…Call if you would like your product reviewed.

Finally, I have noticed something that I most certainly need to ask, as with as large of a network as we have, someone here must have the answer.

What is happening with the outdoor/hunting/fishing/shooting world?

Being directly connected to such a large group, I have seen more “Churn” in this industry and, probably more people leaving the industry for positions with companies outside the space than at any other time in the last decade.

Check out my LinkedIn article here:

Also, please, let us all know your thoughts.

Until next time, keep up the great work and enjoy our great outdoors!