Blacks, Facts and Cops, What Difference Does It Make?

By John Farnam

Keith Scott
Keith Scott
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Black lives may matter, but facts apparently don’t!

A black police officer, working for a black police chief, shoots a black male who was pointing a gun at him, a person whom police weren't even looking for. And, we have a black president!

Police were planning to walk past the decedent’s car to serve warrant in an apartment.

Presumed relative said suspect was “reading a book, and got out of car with book and police shot him.”

The only thing made of paper found at the scene was what the suspect was using to roll a marijuana cigarette. As it turns our, the suspect had an extensive history of violence, and at the time had several outstanding felony warrants as well as a stolen gun.

Local blacks, and many bussed in, rioted anyway, destroying property and injuring people.

Charlotte PD imposed a “curfew” for two nights, but didn't enforce it…

It seems in this election year, every black suspect shot by police is suddenly elevated to the status of “innocent martyr,” and facts, truth, and reality surrounding the incident are not even considered.

We get requiem incendiary (literally) rhetoric from black race-hustlers, and the HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) campaign, before any facts are known. When facts are revealed, nothing changes. No apologies, and no retractions.

When it is revealed that the suspect had a gun in his hand, we get stupid questions like, “Was his gun pointed directly at you?” and “Did he actually fire his gun at you?”

Our police officers, who are paid to confront dangerous people, and now expected to wait until a violent, non-compliant suspect actually shoots several rounds in their direction before using deadly force to protect themselves?

Either way, race-hustlers demand officers be, automaton-like, prosecuted for murder, and career-oriented prosecutors often go right along!

Who is going to be a police officer under these circumstances?

“Justice has been rerouted From present to future tense; The law is so in love with the law It's forgotten common sense.

Does man now serve the law, I ask, When law was made by man? Or, law still serve its rightful task protecting men from Man?” ~ Ogden Nash


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  • 9 thoughts on “Blacks, Facts and Cops, What Difference Does It Make?

    1. These comments are hilarious, when did we all become professors in black affairs..? When most of us only have “none” or maybe “one” black friend. Actually a black cop didn’t fire the first shot in charlotte nc and you can group actions of some with the actions of all. It’s funny how we as white people (expecially white males) are quick to say (DON’T TREAD ON ME) But when any other race wants to stand for anything, we seem to get pissed and more afraid… they never said (only black lives matter) they brought attention to an issue that has been around for 60 plus years.we have to stop being so scared and taking jobs which help calm the internal fear we have inside. (Disclaimer) I’m not scared of anyone,and I love guns but they don’t make me feel more manley and they sure as hell don’t boost my ego. If you are scared to go pump gas without your glock, you are a coward and you should stay home,watch fox news and look at your security cameras every 8 seconds..I live in charlotte nc and it’s a great city,but there are issues that lead up to the riots and to be honest,the protest were very peaceful until late the police showed up firing rubber bullets and tear gas. (Disclaimer) we all have to live on this stupid rock together…. it’s not wise to declare war on blacks,Hispanics and Arabic people…. the outcome would be something far worst then your glock or ar15 could handle…. we all have kids and family members we love, so let’s try to solve this issue before it gets outta hand..

      1. DannyUSMC – Unless your screen name is a farce I think you knew many many times the one or two black friends. As a retired service member I have many black friends and respect was always shown. Maybe the jarheads were different? The problem is not the average everyday white person. I have not see ANY white people out saying kill the pigs, blocking streets and highways, looting, gang beatdowns or anything of the like. Respect is a two way street. Show respect and you will 99% of the time get respect back. A vast majority of young black males don’t even respect themselves let alone anyone else. Until that problem is fixed there will continue to be problems and no amount of money or BS will fix it!

    2. Then WHY aren’t the Knee Groes all in a dither about the blacks murdeing blacks on a daily basis in Chicago? There are more gun murders in that city in a week than in all of Washington and Oregon states combined in a year.
      Because it does not fit their narrative. That only works if the carnage can somehow be connected to “white priviledge” and, after ll, ain’t it a FACK that if Whitey did not exist and “have the upper hand” there would BE no cops? So the black officers and police chiefs are sellouts to “da sistim”.

      Well, perhaps the best news is that the State won’t have to waste any further tax dollars on prosecuting, feeding, housing, “rehabilitating” this one life……

    3. Why don’t they prosecute the people who “bus” the protesters in? Aren’t they inciting riotous behavior? And don’t forget, these bused in protesters are being paid. Prosecute the people PAYING THEM to break the law!!! It seems pretty simple to stop this behavior. Or is this type of thing ordered from higher up than anyone wants to admit? Total BS.

      1. A good idea that will need some careful crafting in the drafting. It could be a First Amendment issue or it could be conspiracy to commit arson, mayhem and murder.
        A very good idea to pursue in the next Congress. But I’m sure hillary would never sign it, so we need the Trump card.

    4. When they see a black person has been shot the reason why don’t matter just that he or she was shot especially by a police officer again it don’t matter if the officers is black, white, yellow, red, or even green, the only thing the idiots who read it is that the person killed is black. Well I feel sorry for the officer cause they are the one who is going to have to live with the fact they took a life for what ever reason. But if things don’t change for them they just might quit coming to calls, quit getting out of there cars or buildings, or just plain quit, then where the hell will the public be. We the people need to start being more intellengent.

    5. That’s not fair. Quoting Boker T. Washington, next somebody will quote Martin Luther King Jr., I have a dream bla bla bla, content of of character, color of skin bla bla blablaba .
      To quote Rodney, “Can’t we all just get along?”

      Maybe if we just behve and treat others likem we’d like to be treated.

      PS I know MLK Jr. speech, but I was parroting the TV car insurance commercial.

    6. “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
      ― Booker T. Washington

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